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November 12, 2020

MailChimp is a popular online service that allows you to distribute automated email campaigns. The integration between MailChimp for WordPress plugin and WPML allows you to translate sign-up forms and related messages.

Getting started

To translate your Mailchimp forms, you need to download and activate MailChimp for WordPress plugin and then install our bridge plugin called MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual.

Additionally, you must have the following WPML plugins installed:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML Translation Management
  • WPML String Translation

You can download MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual from the following link:

Once downloaded, install and activate it just as you would any other WordPress plugin.

Translating your forms

Once MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual is installed, you can start translating your MailChimp forms.

First, you need to send your MailChimp forms for translation.

  1. Go to the WPML → Translation Management page and use the filter controls at the top to select Sign-up Form from the first dropdown menu. Then, click the Filter button, which will display a list of available sign-up forms.
  2. Select the forms you want to translate.
  3. In the Translation options section, select the Translate option for each language.
  4. Click on the Add selected content to translation basket button.
Sending MailChimp for WordPress forms for translation
Sending MailChimp for WordPress forms for translation
  1. Go to the Translation Basket tab and click on the Send all items for translation button.
Sending the jobs to translation - Translation Basket
Sending the jobs to translation – Translation Basket

You can then proceed with the translation of your MailChimp forms.

To be able to translate yourself, you must be added as a Translator in WPML. You also need to have the corresponding language pairs associated with your translator role. Learn more about this in the first section of our Getting Started Guide.

Once your translator role has been set up, go to the WPML → Translation page and translate your forms and messages.

  1. On the Translations queue page, click on the button next to the form you want to translate.
List of translation jobs
List of translation jobs
  1. Once selected, the WPML’s Translation Editor allows you to translate the form.
  1. Contents in the original language are on the left side.
  2. Translate the form elements listed in the fields on the left using the panels on the right, as shown in the following image.
Translating forms using WPML Translation Editor
Translating forms using WPML Translation Editor


  1. Be sure to mark the Translation is complete checkbox for each field as you translate it.
  2. When you are done, click on the Save & Close button.

Alternatively, you can consider a different workflow for translating your MailChimp for WordPress forms. You can go to the Mailchimp for WordPress page and use the language switcher on the top admin bar to switch to the desired language. Now you can proceed to translate your form and its messages into the newly selected language.

Translating MailChimp for WordPress forms - alternative workflow
Translating MailChimp for WordPress forms – alternative workflow

If you have previously used MailChimp for WordPress

Before creating the bridge plugin, we provided a workaround to allow clients to translate forms with WPML. If you used this workaround, you may find yourself unable to access the original form on the WPML → Mailchimp for WordPress page.

In this case, you will need to work through the following steps. Please create a complete backup of your site before proceeding.

  • Access the database and go to the wp_posts table.
  • Filter for the post_type named mc4wp-form.
  • Remove all newsletter forms except the originals.
  • In the wp_icl_translations table, find the original form by element_id.
  • Note down its trid value.
  • In the same wp_icl_translations table, filter by the trid from the previous step. You will see the form translations associated with it.
  • Remove these associated entries from the database.
  • Restart the translation process using the new workflow.

Known Issues

There are no known compatibility issues between this plugin and WPML.

If you experience any issues with our new MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual plugin, please open a ticket in our support forum. We will be happy to assist you.