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Ciao Alejandro ho un problema con i media AndreaB-8
Niente, ma preferisco Vincenzo. Renzo
Và bene anche Alejandro, ma preferisco Vincenzo perché mi sono sempre trovato bene con lui. Renzo
Alejandro was already dealing with this issue previously so it makes sense that they would take on this again ShaneB-8
Nothing. Want George, he helped me before on this matter. Kristian Adolfsson
He provide best of his knowledge, he don;t try to fool and also he help beyond the limits thats the best part. PrashantK-3
Hi Alejandro, I am experiencing a new problem: When I save a translation with 100%, it is not saving 100%. Are you able for that? Erich-alexander-constantinG
He just helped me great :) I'll submit the ticket and stay online for help by chat Xenomedia
He is good!! Joonkyul
Alejandro was fine, But I prefer to have Shekhar Bhandari if available because it write the answre to the post I refer too. AurelienB-3

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