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A completely different question. Takeshis-2
I prefer Paola because she is working on another case and she has access to our backend. RoelR-3
Nada. Prefiero a Andrés. :) JaimeF-5
Konrad Karpieszuk Martino
Parece ser que tiene muchos tickets a la vez Uzink-spain-sociedad-limitada-
Porque ya pasó con la web de desarrollo y lo solucionamos, conoce la incidencia. Alex
Nothing bothered me with his work... The message shows he has 10 cases ongoing and the average is 1.36 so i want to help out anyway I can. Also if I can get someone in a more practical time zone (communication wise), it would be appreciated. Jean-Francois
Might possible he is Busy with other support tickets, I got a delay response from him. MubasharI
Hi Carlos, after your support i cant get into the config. can you help? Christian

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