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Preferisco Vincenzo Immobiliare-del-montes
he is not willing to solve my issue Edn-4
עברית... Kfarr
because I dont speak english :) Viajes-flandriaS
I wold like to Konrad Karpieszuk help me, because last time he was very clear and helpful with detailed answer. And this question is related to previous. So i wait when Konrad Karpieszuk to help me again. Not Itmar please. SergeyS-14
מבין בעברית... Kfarr
ישר ולעניין... Kfarr
מבין עניין... Kfarr
He is dedicated and patient. PaulL-22
I got the feeling that Itamar seemed a bit condescending and instead of directly helping me with my problem, he questioned weather the issue was at all related to WPML and strung me along for two weeks by giving me tutorials and sandboxes to play around with in order to proove that WPML worked with Sensei on his end. I ultimately had to resolve the problem by myself by reseting all of my WPML's relations which took me 15 hours to fix as my website is quite big. I only have a finite amount of time to work on this issue as I have a family and run my own business. What's more, I've already wasted a lot of time on this problem before submitting a ticket and expected to get support not extra activities that would not help my situation. WojciechR

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