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Your payment method and details may change before the time of your yearly account renewal. This can result in a failed order. We will send you automatic emails for any failed and successful automatic renewals.

If you receive an email that your WPML renewal did not go through, you should change your payment method to a new one.

Where can I see my current payment information?

To see your current payment method, log into your WPML account and click the Modify link at the top of the sidebar. On the page that loads, scroll down to the Your recent payments section and click on the latest one. 

There, you will see all the payment information for that order. We don’t store credit card information, so if you need this information, please reach out to us.

How can I change my current payment method?

Use the following steps to change your current payment method:

  1. Log into your WPML account and click Modify to your renewal date.
The link to modify your current subscription
  1. You are taken to the page with the details about your subscription. Click the Change payment method link.
Clicking the link to change the payment method
  1. You are taken to the Change payment method page. Select the payment option you would like to use. You can use a credit card or your PayPal account.
Selecting the payment option

When you’re done entering all information, click the Change payment method button.

That’s it! Now, your subscription will use the new payment method you just switched to.

When should I change my payment method?

Here are some typical cases when you should change your payment method:

  • Your current payment method is no longer valid. For example, your credit card expired since your last purchase.
  • You want to use another way to purchase. For example, you might want to switch from using a credit card to using your PayPal account.
  • Your current payment method does not have enough account balance.

How can I change my billing details?

To change your billing details, log into your WPML account and click the Personal details and password link. On the page that opens, you can update both your personal information, such as your name and last name, and your company details. 

If you include your company information, you’ll see it reflected on your next tax invoice. If you don’t want to include company details on your invoice, simply leave the field empty.