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Type of work:

Add new features, Build a new site, Develop the functionality of the site, Give detailed consulting about a potential project, Help me develop something, Help writing content, Integrate with an external system, SEO, Troubleshoot and fix problems, Update or fix an existing site

Project size:
  • Personal
  • Small Business
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

Blog, Brochure, Directory, E-commerce, Education, Membership

Favorite WordPress themes:

JointsWP, _s

Project budget:

Minimum budget is 200 USD

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As one of the first official WPML Contractors I have helped hundreds of clients with their WPML related issues. Already for 10 years I am a trusted partner of WPML and you can rest assured that you are in good hands with BHI Localization for Websites.

Having done this for such a long time, you can imagine that I have vast experience doing WPML customizations, consolidations of single language sites into one running WPML, making themes and plugins compatible, building custom language switchers, doing WPML Setup and Configuration, Localization for Asian and Arabic markets, Localization for China and basically anything else you can think of.

Of course I also offer my expertise for websites running WPML as well as popular plugins like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) or WooCommerce.

Speaking more than a few languages often is a great advantage in working with multilingual sites and doing localization for clients.

When contacting me, please try to give as many details as possible, for example including the site url is a good idea. As an alternative to the messages system on this site, you can also send me an email directly.

I am currently operating from Lisbon, Portugal (same time as in London, UK), have been working remotely since 2010 and I am looking forward to helping you with any WPML (or WP) related issue.

Thank you for selecting BHI Localization for Websites!

WPML user since: June, 2009

Contractor since: January, 2011