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January 21, 2022

For most clients, integrating your translation service with WPML is completely free, and Translation Partners never pay a commission for translation work from their own clients. WPML integration is affordable for any budget.

Fees for Integrating with WPML

All the integration work is done for free.

We charge a fee for integration only when you need us to build a custom API integration for you.

Fees for Translation Partners

Translation services who are integrated with WPML but not Translation Partners are not charged any fees.

If you are already an official Translation Partner or want to become a partner, we charge a small fee for every translation delivered from your service to a client’s website.

This commission fee only applies in cases where the client has no working relationship with your service, and they found you based on your listing in WPML or on

If the client buys WPML after already working with the translation service, we will not charge any commission. This means we only charge you for projects that you get through WPML.

How Do We Distinguish Which Clients Come From Your Recommendation?

Every time you advertise and recommend WPML to your clients, you need to add a tsid parameter (Partner ID) to all links pointing to pages. We will give you your unique tsid right after becoming a Translation Partner.

Here are two URL examples using a sample Partner ID:

Based on this tsid param, sets a ninety-day cookie to mark the user as your referral. If during those three months the user buys a WPML license, we will assign your service to that client’s account. Based on that information we will know that we should not charge you any fee for the translations delivered from your system to that client’s website.

What Happens With Your Translation Service Clients that Already Have a WPML Account?

If you know that a given client has bought WPML based on your recommendation, please send us their email address or WPML login names (not passwords) and we will mark them manually in our system as your referrals.

Translation Services Visibility in WPML

For all clients that used your Partner ID to download WPML (your referrals), only your service will be visible to them in WPML. This way, WPML won’t advertise competing translation services to your clients.


Fill out the form for starting the integration process of your service with WPML.

Do you have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to provide any details regarding the process of integrating your translation service with WPML.