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January 21, 2022

Copying and pasting content between client websites, Word documents, and your system is time-consuming and can lead to mistakes. With WPML, your clients can send content and receive translations on the WordPress admin site in just a few clicks.

Your Service in WPML

Whether or not you are part of WPML’s Translation Partners Program depends on who will be able to find and connect to your service through WPML.

If you are not part of the Translation Partners Program, your clients need to add a configuration link to their wp-config.php file. This is how they will be able to connect with your translation service. 

If you are part of WPML’s Translation Partners Program, all WPML clients will be able to see and select your service without any extra configuration. Any WPML client can easily find and activate your service in their WordPress admin panel:

List of available translation services in the WPML interface


During the authentication process, WPML will ask clients to enter credentials required to connect with their account on your system.

Translation Service authentication popup

The authentication step is required only once, and clients can start sending content to translate from that site.

If you are a Translation Partner, before sending content, you can use WPML’s Translation Readiness Service to conduct a technical audit of the client’s site. This will ensure that the client’s site is well configured and free of issues before starting with translation projects.

How Clients Send Content to You for Translation From WPML

All content available for translation is on the WPML’s Translation Dashboard page.

Using Translation Management Dashboard to send content for translation

Clients simply select the posts/pages they want translated and add them to the Translation Basket. The purpose of the translation basket is to collect material for translation from different parts of the site and send it, in one batch, to translation.

In the Translation Basket, clients will see a final review of the content to translate, select the languages into which to translate the content, and have the option to name the translation batch before sending it for translation.

Starting Translation on Your Side

WPML will deliver the content to your system as XLIFF files.

Depending on your system configuration, your clients might need additional “job setup” on your side before translation can begin. This can include selecting the translation workflow or anything else unique to your service.

In these cases, after clients send content to translate, WPML will display instructions for a final job setup. Your clients will need to follow a link to the project on your system.

Delivering Completed Translations Back to Your Clients

As soon as the translations are ready on your side, your system should notify us to deliver them to the client’s site. Based on the notification, WPML will download XLIFFs  and create translated posts and pages.


Fill out the form for starting the integration process of your service with WPML.

Do you have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to provide any details regarding the process of integrating your translation service with WPML.

What’s Next?

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