Professional Translation

WPML’s professional translation option allows you to translate your WordPress sites in the most convenient, cost effective and accurate way possible.


What’s the Professional Translation Option in WPML

What’s the Professional Translation Option in WPML

When you buy WPML, you get the capability to create multilingual WordPress sites. WPML doesn’t translate your content. It lets you translate or send content to translators. If you need help translating your content, the professional translation option is for you.

Using WPML’s Professional Translation, you enjoy:

  • A simple and convenient process for sending content to translation and receiving it back
  • Access to leading translation services, completely integrated with WPML, who can translate the content for you
  • Competitive pricing
  • Outstanding translation quality

How it Works

How it Works

To use the Professional Translation option, you need to install WPML’s Translation Management module. You also need to register your site to enable professional translation.

Once Translation Management is installed and activated, go to WPML->Translation Management->Translators.

There, under Available Translation Services select the translation service that you want to use. Enter your credentials for the translation service that you’ve selected.

Sending Content to Translation

Sending Content to Translation

Once you’ve selected a translation service and authenticated with your account information (for the translation service), go to the Translation Dashboard (WPML->Translation Management).

Select the content that you want to send to translation. Scroll down to Translation options and choose the languages to translate to. Then, click on Add to translation basket. The Translation Basket is a temporary place to keep track of documents that you intend to send to translation. Adding to the Translation Basket doesn’t trigger actual translation (or payment for translation).

When you are done adding content to the Translation Basket, click on the Translation Basket tab to review them. You can still remove items from the basket before sending to your translation service.

Finally, select the translation service and send the jobs.

Now, the documents that you have selected are going to your translation service. If you need to complete any steps in your translation service, do that now. Some services don’t require any manual steps after sending jobs to translation. Other require making some choices before translation begins.

Receiving Completed Translations

Receiving Completed Translations

When translation completes, you don’t need to do anything. The newly translated or updated content will appear in WordPress for you.

You can always review the status of your content’s translation in WPML->Translation Management->Translators->Translation Jobs

Payment for Translation Work

Payment for Translation Work

Payment for all professional translation work is handled directly between you and the translation service that you’ve selected. WPML doesn’t take part in this payment or in the cost of getting your content translated.

Partner Translation Services

Partner Translation Services

WPML team is working with leading translation services on the technical integration into WPML. Right now, the following translation services are available for you to choose from:


ICanLocalize provides a hassle-free and safe environment for getting translation work. All translators are qualified and hold an academic degree in translation. ICanLocalize translation technology enables translators to work 50% faster and the savings are passed on to to you.


Cloudwords offers quality translation for both small and large websites. In-context review guarantees that all published content meets high standards and you can work with your favorite translation service or locate a translation service in the Cloudwords Marketplace.


TranslateMedia provides a professional website translation service for small, medium and large businesses. They help businesses go global by translating website copy and applying SEO to their web pages, blog articles and other digital assets. is a leading provider of enterprise localization services and technology solutions. From offices in 90 cities on six continents, offers a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide. More than 3,000 global organizations employ's GlobalLink® Product Suite to simplify management of multilingual content.


One Hour Translation, considered by many the fastest professional translation service in the world, specializes in providing business translations in various fields including legal, technical, websites, applications and software, and marketing.


The SDL integrated language platform provides the technology and services you need to deliver local language content for each step of the customer’s journey. The quality of translation is ensured by their intelligent machine translation technology and over 1,000 in-house ISO certified translators.


Gengo is a web-based human translation platform headquartered in Tokyo. The platform currently draws from a network of approximately 10,000+ pre-tested translators working with 34 languages.

Wordbee Beebox

Wordbee Beebox is a Translation service connector. Send content for translation to your preferred language service provider (LSP).


Lionbridge is the global leader of translation and localization solutions. With 26 offices in 46 countries, our highly-tested linguistic assets provide quality translations in more than 250 language pairings around the clock. Lionbridge can handle any content, including legal, technical, life sciences, software, and more to provide the solution you need to manage your multilingual content.

Pre-selecting the translation service for client sites

If you like to set WPML to use a particular Translation Service use the Preferred Translation Service account option

Adding translation services to WPML

We are always open to new cooperation with translation services. If you are representing a translation service and want to connect with WPML, read how to add translation services to WPML.

Disabling Professional Translation

Disabling Professional Translation

Sometimes, you may not want the site’s admin to see the professional translation services that WPML offers. To completely disable the ‘professional translation’ section in WPML, add the following to the wp-config.php file:


Add it before the text:
/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */