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November 30, 2020

We think that multilingual should be a basic feature for any WordPress theme or plugin and we’re willing to spend every effort to make it happen.

WPML’s Go-Global helps turn WordPress themes into fully multilingual-ready. When we’re done, your clients can use the theme on multilingual sites, easily and smoothly.

WPML Compatibility Means More Sales and Less Support

Multilingual-ready themes get more sales. Many European, South American and Asian sites need to be multilingual, so offering it to them opens a huge market for you.

By helping you turn your code into 100% multilingual-ready, we make it easier for all of us. When your clients run multilingual sites, they require less support from us and from you.

It’s a win-win-win situation. You get more sales, WPML sells more, we all spend less time on support. Most importantly, clients receive better products and are happier.

We Promote Multilingual-Ready Themes and Plugins

Once your code is compatible with WPML, we announce it to all WPML clients on our social media channels, we also add to the list of multilingual-ready themes or multilingual-ready plugins. We will ask you to do the same so our clients know that your theme or plugin is compatible with WPML, when we see the need we’ll also write a short tutorial about your theme or plugin.

Who WPML’s Go Global is Intended For

  • Original theme or plugin authors can register to WPML’s Go Global program.
  • Public themes or plugins are welcome. Anything that you distribute (not “work-for-hire”) can be accepted to WPML’s Go Global program.

Note: This is a program for theme and plugin authors. If you need help with a specific website or with a theme that you are using (or bought), please visit our technical support forum. If you want to report a public or upcoming change to a theme or plugin please visit Compatibility related changes

How do I Get Started?

Contact us and apply. We will provide you will the guides you might need to make your theme or plugin compatible with WPML. We will also provide you with a WPML account to test the compatibility. Of course, we are happy to help you with any issues that you might encounter while testing the compatibility.

Step-by-Step Description of WPML’s Go Global Program

  1. Contact us and apply.
  2. We will provide you with all the guides you’ll need to make your theme or plugin compatible with WPML.
  3. We will create a free WPML account for you to test the compatibility of your theme or plugin and for testing themes compatibility, we will be providing you with detailed testing instructions to help you identify which parts of your theme are translatable and which parts aren’t.
  4. In case you encounter any compatibility issues, please feel free to report them to us. We will be glad to help you fix them.
  5. Once you are done fixing the issues – if any were found – we will ask you to announce the compatibility to your clients and write documentation for it.
  6. We will be happy to share the compatibility news of your theme or plugin with our clients.