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Resolved in: 4.0.5

Overview of the issue

Translated content is missing when you view the translated version of pages built using the Avia builder on the front-end.


To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to the defualt language content editor.
    2. Use the admin bar language switcher to navigate to the secondary language content editor for the page that is not showing on the front-end.
    3. You will see a warning pop-up about editing a translation using the standard WordPress editor. Click on the Edit anyway button.
    4. In the publish meta-box click on the Update button.
    5. View the secondary languge page on the front-end. The translated texts should show normally.

7 Responses to “Enfold translated pages not showing on the front-end”

  1. Hey there,

    It doesnt run. If I switched to default editor (standard) I become no warning pop-up.
    Only the portfolio item doesnt run since yesterday from a new update.

    The reason is the new update from yesterday I mean or?

    Thx for help

    • Hi Vincend,

      If you can’t see the warning pop-up, this means that you are using the manual translation mode. The pop-up only shows when you are using the Translation Editor mode in WPML. To check that, on your WordPress dashboard navigate to WPML -> Settings on the Multilingual Content Setup tab, check the How to translate posts and pages section.

      I am not sure what the issue you are encountering is! Could you please open a ticket in our support forum. Our support team will be more than happy to help you in resolving it.

  2. Hello Mohamed,

    Thanks for helping my problems.

    Have not I already opened a ticket?

    I suspect that WPML has been causing these errors since the last update.
    The English page of Enfold Portfolio has not been shown since.

    Can I downgrade the plugin to the last version?

    • Hi Krestin,

      I was wondering if you tried the solution that we are offering in this errata?

      In case it didn’t work, I can see that you have already opened a ticket on our support forum. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. I apologize for any delays replying to your ticket due to the longer support queues.

      Please bear with us!

  3. This errata works fine, but as already announced by another user on your blog as for me too

    not for the Logo/Partner element out of the avia layout architekt in the enfold theme.

    The modules are visible in the backend translated page but not visible in the frontend. no way.

    I opened already a ticket for your suggestions. cu cb

    • Hi Christian,

      This issue is resolved in WPML 4.0.5. Could you please update your WPML plugins and check if the issue is still there?