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This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The client is developing a website in English using Elementor Pro and then installs WPML to translate it into Romanian and Greek. After setting Romanian as the default language, the page template breaks.
We recommend translating content from the default language set in WPML into other languages. If Romanian is now the default language, create content in Romanian first and then translate it into English. If the content was already created in English, the client can still change the default language, but this may cause issues such as broken links. To fix broken links:
1. Edit the template and update the link in the default language. If no changes are needed, make a small change and update.
2. Access the translation of the template and finish it again.
If this does not resolve the issue, the client may need to edit the template manually in the translation and change the URL manually.
For clients using WP All Import, we have a glue plugin that can assist with importing content. For more information, please refer to our documentation:

If this solution does not seem relevant, please open a new support ticket here.

This is the technical support forum for WPML - the multilingual WordPress plugin.

Everyone can read, but only WPML clients can post here. WPML team is replying on the forum 6 days per week, 22 hours per day.

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November 30, 2023 at 2:41 pm #14964095


Tell us what you are trying to do?
I am developing a website in English using Elementor Pro. Then I install WPML to translate it in Romanian and Greek. I translate the front page, header and footer. Then I set Romanian as default language.

The problem is that the page template breaks.

What is the link to your site?
hidden link

December 1, 2023 at 12:12 am #14968083


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)


Please review the following documentation on how to translate Elementor templates with WPML

Let me know your results and if this helps, please.

December 1, 2023 at 7:19 am #14969355


The problem is not the Elementor template.

The problem is the body of the page, which appear with some kind of margins in the translated pages. Please review the provided link to understand the problem. The correct version is in English.

December 1, 2023 at 10:33 pm #14976357


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

I see the issue, thank you Konstantine.

Looks like the page template is not full-width and uses a boxed one.

Try this:

1. Visit the page with the broken layout for example: hidden link

2. Click on "edit page" (not translation ) and dismiss any warning if any

3. review the page layout

I recommend also comparing it with a page that is showing the correct layout such as EN for example to see if there is a difference in the page layout option.

If the WP page layout option is showing OK, then edit with Elementor -> click on the settings and review the page layout

Let me know your results, please.

December 2, 2023 at 9:54 am #14977025


I have already tried this with no luck.
Please let me know if you need credentials.

December 4, 2023 at 11:53 pm #14991947


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

I would like to request temporary access (wp-admin and FTP) to your site to test the issue.
(preferably to a test site where the problem has been replicated if possible)

**Before we proceed It is necessary to take FULL BACKUP of your database and your website. Providing us with access, you agree that a backup has been taken **

I often use the Duplicator plugin for this purpose:
You will find the needed fields for this below the comment area when you log in to leave your next reply.
The information you enter is private which means only you and I have access to it.

NOTE: If access to the live site is not possible and the staging site does not exist please provide me with a duplicator package created with the duplicator plugin.

Thank you,

December 5, 2023 at 6:57 pm #15002113


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

Thank you for the access details!

Is there any custom CSS in effect?

I noticed the following:

The EN version is not using this CSS

@media (min-width: 922px)
.ast-container {
max-width: 1240px;

It also has the following CSS applied

.ast-page-builder-template .site-content > .ast-container {
    max-width: 100%;
    padding: 0;

When I comment out the first CSS for the Romanian page and also add the above CSS the layout shows correct.

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 10.51.00 AM.png
December 6, 2023 at 6:12 pm #15011351



I understand that this css comes from the Astra theme, so I replaced it with Hello Elementor and the problem is resolved.

However, I have used the same installation and plugins several times without facing such an issue and I suspect that I may have used a bad practice this time.

In fact, as I don't speak Romanian, I developed the website with English as the default language. Then, I installed WPML and changed the default language to Romanian.

At this time, I am also facing other issues (such as links to the header are not pointing to the correct languages), but I am not sure if they are due to the above practice or because there are translations missing.

Please let me know how I should handle the scenario, when the development and initial content comes at a language other than the default. Also, let me know if in the current case I should change any settings, due to the process I followed.

Many thanks

December 6, 2023 at 7:30 pm #15011811


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

Thank you for updating me!

It is generally recommended to translate from the "default" language (the one set in WPML) into the translation.

therefore if it is now set to Romanian I would recommend creating content in Romanian first and then translating it into English.

As the content was already created, you can change the default language but yes certain behaviors such as broken links might arise that could require attention. (does not always happen but there's a chance)

No settings need to be changed, but for the links I recommend doing the following:

Edit your template and update the link in the default language then update if no need to change, simply make a small change and update

Once done now access the translation of the template and finish it again.

-- Did that help?

If it did not help, try editing the template manually in the translation and manually changing the URL

Let me know your results, please.

December 7, 2023 at 8:43 am #15014169



I found a workaround: I need to edit the default language and set "this is a translation of" to "none". Then I need to do as you told, a small change to elementor and then translate to other languages. This duplicates pages in other languages and I don't know how to handle products. Generally speaking, this is a headache. So, I decided to build the website from scratch, following the best practice of developing on default language and then translate to others.

Just a quick question: Is there a way to upload products and translations simultaneously, from the same excel? I am using WP All Import, but I am open in other solutions.

Many thanks!

December 7, 2023 at 8:30 pm #15021005


Languages: English (English )

Timezone: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

I understand this was not ideal but I am glad you were able to get it working as expected now.

If you are using WP All import we do have a glue plugin for them, i believe for WooCommerce products you would just need their extension.

See the following documentation for more information:

Let me know if that helps.

P.S for importing the content in the default language as well as their translations see this part of the documentation:

This ticket is now closed. If you're a WPML client and need related help, please open a new support ticket.