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How WPML Works

WPML adds language information to WordPress objects. This includes posts, pages, custom post types, tags, categories and custom taxonomy.

With WPML, each object gets a language attribute. To maintain complete flexibility and high database-efficiency, WPML keeps this information in its own table.

When you’re translating with WPML, you’re actually creating new content and not adding translations to existing content. For example, if you’re translating a post, you’re actually creating a new post in the new language. That new post will have its own title, URL and custom fields.

WPML plays nice with WordPress themes. Many themes allow users to choose “special” pages or categories (like in home-page sliders). WPML will automatically modify these pages, so that the right ones are displayed in every language.

Benefits of WPML’s Architecture

The direct results of WPML’s architecture are:

  • Ideal for SEO – since each page in a different language resides in its own object in the database, it also gets a unique URL and unique SEO attributes. Search engines (a.k.a. Google) will immediately catch onto this and display results in the correct language. To Google, multilingual sites with WPML are completely clear and easy to index. WPML also sets the correct language attributes for different pages and even interlinks translations, to make it even easier for Google to understand your site’s structure.
  • Easily compatible with themes and other plugins – because WPML separates between content in different languages, themes and other plugins generally play great with WPML. There are few cases where any manual work is needed to make things compatible. We have dedicated support staff that helps with compatibility problems, making sure that all WPML customers enjoy full flexibility in choosing themes and using other plugins.
  • Robust and insensitive to WordPress versions – of course, we update WPML for every WordPress version, but generally speaking, these upgrades are minor and usually involve adding support for new functionality. Because WPML keeps language information in its own tables and doesn’t mix content-language, more WordPress changes are not relevant to WPML. When there are new API functions that WPML needs to filter, we always come out with new version, well before WordPress releases are ready.

WPML is Part of a Bigger Family for WordPress Plugins

WPML started by itself, but today, it’s a part of our bigger family of CMS plugins for WordPress. When you need to create fully multilingual-ready sites, you’re also invited to use our Types and Views plugins and easily create and display custom content.

WPML comes from OnTheGoSystems, a global company with staff from 6 continents, creating cool WordPress stuff from 2007.

Need Anything Else?

You’re welcome to contact us or connect on Twitter.

33 Responses to “Blogger Resources”

  1. Ho un problema, se attivo il plugin feedwordpress, entra in conflitto con wpml. Come posso risolvere ??

  2. Hello !

    We would like to know if we can develop a website using WPML which can be in English & Marathi language. Since we will have exact page contents for each language, we would like to use our custom translations for each page. Is that possible?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Best Regards,
    VaibhaV Shah

    • You can add any language to a site with WPML. Marathi is not among the list of built-in languages, but you can add it yourself. After you install WPML, go to WPML->Languages and click on ‘edit languages’. Then, add any language you like.

  3. Hello,
    we are debating whether to have multiple instances of our WP blog for various country sites, or have a single instanace with multiple languages instead using WPML.
    THere is also the dilemma for multi-domain urls and url re-writes that may be needed e.g. http://www.abc.com.mx would be http://www.abc.com/blog/mx or similar.
    We don’t want to have duplicate content anywhere on our blog, so I’m wondering with WPML can you select whether to have various selected articles appear on the various language sites or not? This way you can restrict the various content writers and translators to have unique content on their country blogs separate from the default English Blog?
    Tony U.

    • The approach that we took for displaying the same content on different languages is to duplicate it. WPML can do this automatically for you, so there’s no pain in this process.

      We experimented with other logic that would display the same content on different languages but it was too complex and too DB-intense.

  4. I purchased the WPML for blog @ $29.99. I receive a link to download WPML CMS I downloaded it installed it. After i did that i lost total control of my Admin panel. I had to access my C-Panel from the server side to delete your plugin. The problem may be because WPML did not grant me access to download the product that i paid for which was the WPML for blog translation or there is a compatible issue. The WPML installed successfully but when activated it denied me access to my Admin panel. I’d like to know how you can help me resolve this problem. Thank you


  5. I heard about WPML which can be used for translating WooCommerce websites but i have found that it has many bugs and problems that are not resolved even in your own forum. Are you sure this is gonna work out of the box? is there a functioning implementation i can test?
    Cheers Gianni

    • WooCommerce Multilingual works fine. We’ve had 2 rounds of enhancements and bug fixes and as far as we can see, it’s working great now. We are using WooCommerce on our own Toolset site too.

      The main issue with WooCommerce Multilingual is that it requires following lengthy instructions to translate everything in the site. It’s takes a little bit of reading and it’s easy to get confused. To resolve this, we are working on a unified WooCommerce translation dashboard, which will make things a lot easier.

      So, it works now and will be a lot easier to use in the near future.

  6. hello
    i want to develop a multilanguage site with membership functionality.
    I am deciding on the plugins to be used and my final lists is between Member Press and WPMUDEV.
    I am not an expert so would like to know if implementing this type of plugin (membership) in a multi-language website with WPML is possible/compatible? and how difficult it is. Does it require any advanced skills ?

    I appreciate any suggestions in case you know there is lack of compatibility with Member Press or WPMUDEV


    • We haven’t built membership sites, so I’m not sure which of these plugins will work well with WPML.

      Our own site (wpml.org) kind-of acts as a membership site too. People buy from us, receive accounts and then we continue the communication in their language. To set all this up we had to do considerable development. We wrote it all from scratch and it’s part of our system.

      To be honest, I would imagine that any membership plugin that you want to combine with WPML will require some work. Some features that have to be added for minimal functionality are:
      – Displaying sign-up forms in the right language
      – Remembering the language of members
      – Communicating with members in their language

      This is not super-complicated, but would need some work. If you like, we can hook you up with some contractors who can take a membership plugin and add that functionality. To me, this looks like the shortest path towards a successful project.

  7. I am wondering how to translate Member press and all the front end content only, of my site, like account pages, sign-up pages, etc

    I don’t need or want to modify the wp admin interface into multi language.

    Only the content, pages, posts and all the strings that show some type of information at the front end for the user, in the respective language. There is content generated by the plugin that is not accessible through a generated page, like some sign-in buttons, sign up forms, automated membership notification emails.

    Will WPML do ? In previous response you tell me that maybe i would need to be hooked up with some contractors and that you could do that.

    Since I am low budget and little late in my launching, I would appreciate if u can suggest which way to go so I don’t make unnecessary investments like getting WPML and then realising it does not work 100% and I need to hire some contractor to add some specific functionality.

    The actual plugin offers me the possibility of editing strings using Poedit. Don’t know if this can be of help .

    • I don’t know. We’d have to talk with the MemberPress team and work on this together. We are interested and I think that this has a big market. Do you want to ask them if they want to cooperate with us on multilingual member sites? If so, we’d be very happy to work together and make MemberPress and WPML compatible.

    • Hello
      the guys of membership are trying to contact you.
      Hope you can respond and decide quickly some type of collaboration. I am stopped in my project since I can proceed with the translation.

  8. Before I write my question, I want you to know I am age 77 and know nothing about coding.
    I am learing via a webinar to build a wp weblog with a theme fron Studiopress about the family history which took place in 3 different parts of the world. My site will be mostly written in american english and the dutch language. But the other language I grew up with is the Indonesian language.
    Can a person translate a page or post that is written in english, read it in Indonesian or dutch and visa versa?

    • Thanks for contacting us Ronny!
      Our plugin allows you to set a default language for your WordPress site and then add as many secondary language as you wish. Then, you can create content in the default language and translate it to the other languages (which is the most common situation) or create content in the secondary languages either alone or translate it back into the default language.

      • Thank you, Mihay for your advice.
        But one more question.
        Can a visitor/reader read an english written post or page in the Indonesian or Dutch language and visa versa by just clicking on a button on my site?

  9. Hi,

    I’m a web designer and was hired to develop a travel agency website. I am currently using Voyage by Theme Fuse (http://themefuse.com/demo/wp/voyage/) which is a theme with a lot of bells and whistles (more than I need to be honest) and was wondering if there’s a way of knowing if your plugin will “play nice” with their stuff.

    I like what I’ve seen so far about your plugin, but if I’m asking the client to invest some more $$ on their project, I want to know for sure it won’t break something else.

    Thank you!

    • Sorry for being late to reply. The developer who works on our compatibility with Templatic is away until after New Year (Thursday). I know that this is work in progress, but I’m not 100% sure about the status. It might be working and there may be little things remaining. Anyway, I’ll have a reply after the holiday and will post here.

    • Sorry for the slow response. I see some ongoing compatibility issues with ThemeFuse theme in our forum. Specifically, I’m looking here:

      Another client quoted some source from the theme, which shows hard-coded texts in Voyage, without a gettext call. This will make these texts untranslatable. It doesn’t matter how you try to translate them, even in separate WordPress installs.

      I suggest to get ThemeFuse developers involved. It should be a very simple thing for them to handle and it’s required to make the themes run in languages other than English.

  10. Hi Amir,

    My question is: I want to use WPML to translate my website into Portuguese. However, I want the European Portuguese and not the Brasilian Portuguese mode. Will I be able to adjust the translation manually? What would be the procedure?

    Thank you!

  11. Can I place a tab in the menu so when you press it it will take you to the translated page?

    I have two domain names, one in english and one in spanish. Can I use the domain in english for the translated version?

    Thanks for your help in advance, I ´m looking forward to install it soon.


  12. Hi I start a new website, I want to buy and add wpml to it, my question is what is the good process I do my website in one language and when it is done I add wpml or it is better to add wpml from the beginning ?


  13. I want to set up this plugin on my client site. They want Indian languages on all subdomains like


    What are the exact steps to be done ?
    Is there any cname to be set on subdomains ?

    Or is there any extra file to keep in the sub directory that points to the sub domain.

    I would have appreciated it if there was a trial version. I have tried Gtranslate plugin, result was good but translation was slow.

    • Hello,

      WPML allows you to set your language versions on subdomains. During the setup process you select your languages in the first step, then you will be asked to choose either subfolder or subdomains.

      Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your contents automatically. You insert your translations yourself or you can use one of the profesional translation services that are integrated with WPML.
      More details here:

      Usually I answer such questions in the pre-sales section:

      so if you have more question, let’s continue there.

  14. Hi,
    I haven’t find the following info here on the WPML website: if I have content in one language only, and want to add another, that will be possible, right? That’s a lot of content going back to the past and I want to make sure translating it all will not be useless. So I wouldn’t be building a site from scratch, but (hopefully) adding another language to the site, old content included. Thank you!

    • Hi Tihana, thanks for your interest in WPML.
      Yes, no problem at all. You can add WPML to your site anytime. You can translate your posts gradually. You can get started with translating the pages that appear in your main navigation and a few most popular posts.

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