• Web developers from every country in the world* depend on WPML.
  • Over 400,000 commercial WordPress sites use WPML.

This is why we think that you’ll like WPML too…

You can rely on WPML

Reliability is a big thing and we take it very seriously. WPML has been around since 2007, powers over 500,000 commercial sites and boasts unparalleled stability and compatibility. You will always receive WPML updates before WordPress versions arrive. We work with other leading plugin and theme developers to ensure smooth compatibility. WPML is our living. We depend on it and you can depend on us.

Our 30-days refunds policy shows how confident we are that you’ll like WPML too.

WPML is great for SEO

WPML lets you do SEO for each language separately. You can set SEO attributes for the homepage, internal pages and categories for each language. Translations appear in their unique URLs and you can even put different languages in completely different domains. WPML follows Google Webmasters’ specifications for multilingual sites to the letter, letting your sites rank high on local search results. Of course, WPML is fully compatible with SEO plugins.

If you enjoy SEO, you’ll love multilingual SEO with WPML.

WPML enables multilingual e-commerce

Running multilingual e-commerce sites with WPML and WooCommerce is a pleasure, not pain. Run one site, maintain products in one place and enjoy full translation and multiple-currencies for your store.

With WPML, running a multilingual e-commerce site is the same as running it in one language.

WPML makes content translation easy

Translating yourself? Want to offer a simple translation interface to less technical users? Working with a team of translators? WPML’s Translation Management allows individuals, companies and large organizations to maintain multilingual websites of any size and scale.

No matter what your translation workflow is, WPML has a solution for you.

WPML takes a few minutes to set up

A simple setup wizard lets you configure WPML and turn any site multilingual. WPML works with almost every WordPress theme and requires no coding from your side. Add languages, choose language selectors and start translating content.

You can use WPML without writing any code. If you love PHP, you’ll enjoy WPML’s API.

Reliable support, when you need it

WPML support is available 5 days per week, 20 hours per day. We give native-language support in 9 languages, by experienced and dedicated supporters.

When you need us, we’re there for you.

WPML saves you money

Yes, WPML is a commercial plugin and it costs money. With unlimited sites, reliable commercial support, amazing compatibility and stability and continuous development, you can only save money with WPML.

If you save just one hour per week by using WPML, how soon would it pay for itself?

Buy and Download

It’s risk free. If you buy WPML and are not totally satisfied, you get a full refund.

*We don’t have clients from Antarctica, but it’s not a country, so we’re OK with that statement. We actually do have clients from every country in the world.