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Roman Tomko

Greetings! I am Roman, a graduate of Central European Studies, endowed with five years of academic rigor. Throughout my scholarly journey, I’ve been entrusted with the translation of diverse literary works and excerpts from numerous languages, adeptly navigating both the intricacies of expression and cultural nuances.

My language skills allow me to facilitate smooth communication in both directions, effectively bridging linguistic gaps. Having been graced by residences in the homelands of the languages I’ve mastered, I harbor an insatiable thirst for knowledge, relentlessly refining my craft. A connoisseur of language, I am fluent in Slovak, English, Polish, and Slovenian.

Furthermore, I boast a distinguished track record of fruitful collaborations with esteemed entities such as Energizer,, Amana Trust, and a renowned cybersecurity firm. Presently, I am honored to serve as the personal assistant to the esteemed Ambassador at the Embassy of Slovenia in Bratislava.




English to Slovak
English to Polish
English to Slovenian
English to Czech

Waiting time

4-7 days