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Professional Translation

WPML’s professional translation connects you with expert translators working at competitive rates. We’ll help you reach new clients faster and on a tiny budget.

We handle anything from single-page to corporate sites. You will find translators to over 30 languages, ready to get started today.

Getting Started How it works »

WPML’s professional translation overview (3:26)

Sites Using WPML’s Professional Translation

Executive coaching, conflict mediation and career transition programs

Archway technology partners

The Enterprise 2.0 Consulting

Exclusive guest house in South Africa

iPhone astronomy application

Poker Academy

Who’s Translating?

ICanLocalize employs only expert translators, writing in their native languages.

When you choose our WordPress translation service, you get 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our work, obsess over quality and make sure that you receive the best possible results.

How it Works

You’ll be controlling your entire site’s translation right from within the WordPress admin dashboard. This includes communicating with translators, sending content to translation, tracking progress and receiving completed translations. WordPress translation doesn’t get any easier than this.

Want more information?

To get more information about ICanLocalize’s professional WordPress translation service, please contact ICanLocalize. Our friendly, multilingual-speaking staff help you get the best translation for your site.