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Pre-sales Questions

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  1. laurent says:

    When buying the CMS mutiligual, what happens if i don’t pay 39$ each year.. do all the sites that I’ve installed the plugin will stop being translated? or do I only lose the support and upgrade part?

  2. Alex says:


    I’ve heard your plugin is the best for translating the website. But before I’ll buy it, I need to clarify some questions:

    1. We use chatbox plugin. It shows a chatbutton with a message. We need that message to be translated. Is that possible? Cause it is inside a separate plugin.

    2. We want to use some modern WordPress theme with a page layout builder. You know things like that where you just add and drag and drop content, not using the original editor. So is that possible to translate pages created like that?

    We want to translate the whole site into English from Russian. So we need to be sure about those questions.


  3. TS says:

    I have opened a New Company and we are building new themes in wordpress.

    WPML allows clients to Translate themes into Multiple Languages.

    what are the Guidelines to convert my theme TO wpml Compatible and, importantly, is their any Plugin to test that the themes that we have developed is 100% wpml Compatible.

  4. Adrien says:


    I bought WPML in the past but didn’t renew my subscription as I now longer used the plugin.

    However I need to build a multilingual site again and I can’t see the renewal button in my account, only option is to Buy. So where do I renew?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Adrien, we have a special offer for our clients who missed renewal date ($116 instead of $195). Can you see a link to purchasing a life time subscription?

  5. Antoine says:

    I didn’t receive any notification to renew my account and missed renewal date. Is it possible to still get the 39$ renewal offer ? I don’t want the lifetime offer.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      We can offer you 2 options:
      1. Purchasing a life time subscription. We have a special offer for our clients who missed renewal date – $116 instead of $195. In order to do that you just need to log in to your account page and click on the relevant link that appears on the right hand site of the page.
      2. Buying again 12 months subscription for $79.

      I will check with our technical staff why the notifications are not working. Thank you for reporting this.

  6. Hi,
    I’m a web developer for an italian communication agency.

    First of all: WPML seems to be a great plugin and we’re so interested in using it!

    We would need to set a specific domain to a specific language in a wordpress multisite installation.

    I read this guide, http://wpml.org/documentation/essential-multilingual-plugins/multilingual-site-network-with-domain-mapping/ and I think WPML can do that.

    My questions are:
    1) Which version should we buy? Basic 29$ is adequate?
    2) Should we edit some WordPress file or WPML is able to do that without any modification?

    Thanks in advance

    • Amir says:

      Thank you for your interest in WPML.

      The document that you found for different languages in different domains on multi-site is correct. Please note that you need this only for a specific configuration, where each language has a completely independent URL on a network installation. If you run a network and you want a simpler configuration, such as site.com/es/ sites.com/it/, you don’t need this procedure.

      The basic WPML version doesn’t include the String Translation and is usually used on simpler blogs. If you build full websites with WordPress, you should get the full package. You will most likely need the core plugin, as well as the String Translation and Translation Management modules. They are included when you buy the full CMS package, for $79.

      You don’t need to change any file in WordPress, in your theme or in other plugins.

  7. Michael says:

    are the packages upgradable, lets say we start with the $39 and need more features is it possible to pay the difference or do you need to to purchase the entire package?


    • Amir says:

      Yes, you can upgrade from a yearly account ($79) to the Lifetime account. When you upgrade, we only ask for the difference, which will be $116. You don’t need to purchase from zero.

  8. Alfonso says:

    Hi, im interested in getting an ecommerce site from a client translated to english and spanish (if more languages are able, the better) but what my client needs is some sort of geolocalization where if a customer visits the website from the US, the ecommerce site will show everything in english and on the other hand, if the user visits from Mexico (or another) it will automatically show the spanish version of the site.

    Is this possible with WPML ?

    • Amir says:

      Yes, WPML can do this for you for e-commerce sites built with WooCommerce. Our WooCommerce Multilingual extension lets you run fully multilingual WooCommerce shops. WPML’s browser language detection allows to redirect visitors to languages based on their browser’s language preference.

      Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your products. It allows you to translate yourself or send content off-site to translators.

      Is this what you are looking for?

  9. rogerswain says:

    Hi WPML Team

    I previously purchased the WPML Multi CMS version for 79$. I did not renew this and would like to know if there is still a renewal discount price if I purchase again now. Please let me know as soon as possible as I need to apply the translation to a clients web page this week.

    Many thanks

    Roger Swain

    • Amir says:

      The reduced renewal option, at $39, is only available before your account expires. If your account has expired already, your better alternative is to upgrade to a Lifetime account. When you do this, you will only need to pay the difference between the yearly account and Lifetime. The difference is $116. This will give you access to WPML forever without additional fees.

      Of course, you can also buy another yearly account for $79, but if you plan to use WPML in the future, I think that a lifetime account makes more sense.

      Does this help?

  10. Alex says:


    Is that possible to change pictures according to language using your plugin?

    I mean, for example, I use file logoEn for English version of my website and the file logoRu for Russian version of the website.

    And I have a slider on the main page. I’d also like to change the pictures and headlines there according to language.

    Maybe if that’s not possible out of the box, you could help with customization?


    • Alex says:

      Also, I’d like to use different images for the same page in different languages. Cause mainly I plan to use some slogans on the images. So I can’t handle the slogans like texts, right, and your plugin can’t create a translation for that text cause it’s basically image. So I need just different images for different languages of the same page.

      • Agnes Bury says:

        Yes, you can handle it with WPML Media translation module (it’s included in CMS version).

      • Agnes Bury says:

        To be precise: with Media translation module you can use the same image but with diffrent translations (alternative text, tiles) for your post/pages. You can always upload a totally new image and include it in a page/post. Where exactly on your site do you want to use your images?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Alex,
      yes, with WPML it is possible to handle different kinds of pictures. These kinds of pictures you talk about (logo, used in sliders) are usually theme dependent but can be handled as well and finally they will appear in WPML String translation panel. It will work out of the box with WPML compatible themes, for other you should create so called wpml-config.xml file. You can read more details here:

      Yes, with easy cases our support team can help but since the complexity of this issue depends on a specific theme, sometimes it is required to ask the theme author to join our theme certification program

  11. Emil says:

    Hi Sir,
    As I understand MPML does have Multi-currency supported. But does the final check-out and payment will effected the payment if we only hope to accept one currency e.g US Dollar?


  12. Adsulting says:

    HI! I can translate arctic theme from umbrella. Which version of wpml i need? Here is the link of theme http://themes.umbrella.al/?theme=arctic

  13. Kat says:

    I’m thinking to go for the economic solution right now and have some questions:
    1. If later I’d like to upgrade, is that possible?
    2. is it only for 1 site or more with the same price? I mean can I use the product for both my sites?
    Thks in advance for your time

  14. Sharon says:

    My site was written in classical Chinese. Are there any functions in WPML that can help me to translate it into English automatically ?

    Thanks !

  15. stefanoK says:

    why not buy WPML.

    There are a lot of incompatibilities with other plugins and the media is not able to help you solve problems.

    Concrete example:
    WPML does not work with “product bundle” and “Woocommerce Order Limits”.

    is more than a week that I ping-pong with the support.
    At the end I discovered that the problem is already known from other users.

    If the support will does not undertake to find a solution, I will write this to all forum I can!


    • Amir says:

      This problem is with our developers right now and they are working on it, so that your site can be completed ASAP.

      How would writing this in multiple forum pages help you? Would this allow our developers and support people to concentrate on the solution better?

      • stefanoK says:

        thanks for the reply.
        finally after more than a week of back and forth, the case has gone to development.
        it was really hard to convince your support that this was a bug and not a configuration problem.
        I am unfortunately convinced that the pressure through these messages, it helped to give proper attention to the case.
        We now hope that the problem will be resolved quickly
        with regard

  16. Martin says:

    I have been considering refreshing my license. I had a big issue with WPML after upgrading so I went to the support forums where I left site details for the staff. They started publicly posting the URL of my site and I had been asking to remove it. I didn’t want this to be public. I was told it was going to be removed but nothing happened after months now. How do I get one of your staff members to remove my posts in the support forums?

  17. Julia says:

    Hi, I designing a site for someone and need a translation plugin for the first time. A stupid question maybe but is it a truly accurate translation or, like Google, is it a bit hit and miss? If it is like Google, is there an over-write facility to correct errors?

    • Amir says:

      WPML doesn’t automatically translate content. It allows you to translate the content yourself, or send it to off-site translators.

  18. Hashim says:

    Hi there,

    Your solution might be just what I’m looking for. But I’ve got a few questions just to make sure.

    I’m running a blog and am also planning to offer e-courses on my website. So I’ll be needing a content, membership and billing solution for that. Is it possible to offer all that in different languages using WPML?

    Also, I’m looking for a way that visitors from my country will be directed to my website which will be in our native language, and that visitors from other countries will be directed to the English version of my website. Preferably, while both language versions of my website having their own sets of pages. Is that possible with WPML?

    Finally, this pesky little problem has been bothering me a lot. Some plugins solved this problem for me, but also translated parts of my website which I didn’t want translated, like the Admin interface, for example. I’d like the Admin interface to stay in English. So all translations should only be visible on the front-end. With the use of simple shortcodes, I’ve been able to translate everything I want to, except for two things:

    1. The date in the Post Info field (prior to the main content of the blog which contains info such as date, author and comment)

    2. This one little word ‘at’ at the top of each comment where the name of the comment author is and which is between the date and the time which I haven’t been able to translate and the word ‘reply’ at the bottom of each comment, along with the texts in the comment form, such as ‘Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked’, ‘Name’, ‘Email’ and so on.

    Is it possible to translate those and leaving all else, especially the back-end, in its original state? If so, your solution really is what I’m looking for.

    Thank you in advance!



    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Hashim,
      thank you for your interest in WPML and your questions.

      1. about e-courses
      WPML integrates well with the famous wooCommerce plugin.
      With WooCommerce you can create downloadable and virtual products

      and you could use them to sell your e-courses

      to make your WooCommerce store multilingual you will need a separate plugin made by our company
      it is free and you will find it in wordpress repository
      it’s also fully documented here, at wpml.org site

      so you can consider using this solution for your e-courses when you want to offer them in different languages

      2. about redirections
      WPML support redirections based on your visitor’s language preferences set in his/her browser
      But it is recommended to create a language switcher also and make it to stand out.
      This way your visitors will find out quickly which language version to switch to.

      3. About the admin interface
      WPML let you decide whether to translate your WordPress panel or not. You set it yourself in your WPML settings.

      But if a plugin provides its own panel(s) and the translations, it’s a separate issue. When you want to translate plugin dependent strings you play with so called po/mo files. They are usually provided with your plugin. You will usually find them in a language or lang subdirectory of your plugin. You can also translate them with WPML.

      4. translation of date, author and comment etc
      These strings come from your theme source files but you can still translate them. There are two way how to do this:
      - to create so called po/mo files I mentioned above (the same method is used for plugins and themes)
      - or to let WPML detect them automatically and provide the translation directly in your WPML panel

      I hope that helps.

  19. Rasmin says:

    If I want to build a WordPress site using X Theme with woocommerce and WPML, which WPML version do I need to purchase?

  20. Anne says:


    I would like to know if with the WPML plugin also the URL of the Blog changes according to the language. For example: I am creating a blog http://www.blog.com in Spanish language and a link goes from the website (in Spanish language) to the blog. I would like that if a user is on the English version of the website and clicks on the blog he will be led automatically to the blog in English language. Is that possible?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks for your question. First, let me make sure if I understand what you want to achieve. So in your case, your blog is something different (separate) than your multilingual site, right? And you want to connect your site and blog together with links, right? And both your site and blog are supposted to be multilingual, right?
      If so, in this case of course you can put a relavant link to your blog into a menu for each language version.

      Normally, you have your blog integrated with your site. Which means that you create a static WordPress page (give it a name for example ‘blog’) and then in your WordPress stetting (Settings->Reading) you set this page in ‘Posts page:’ field. So for these standard cases you can of course handle it with WPML also.

      The ULRs will be as follow:
      myexamplesite.com/blog (English, if the English lang is set as your primary language in WPML)
      myexamplesite.com/es/blog (Spanish)

      When a visitor clicks on Blog item in your menu, he/she will be moved to your posts achive view in the relavant language, depending on what language version he/she is currently visiting.

  21. Frank says:


    I am seriously considdering buying your ML plug-in, but have a pre-sale question.

    My company is based in The Netherlands and I have international site visitors. I want my site to be shown in English by default. The visitors should be able to select the other language (Dutch) from the top menu. It would be nice if Dutch / Belgium visitors are shown the Dutch site pages by default.

    When setting up my site and installing WPML, what should I be taken care of to make this possible? E.g. should I start with the ENG pages first, then install your plug-in (select ENG as the language of the pages already created) and finally make the Dutch pages? Do I have to make a special setting in the plug-in?

    Hope to hear from you soon so that I can start off with the plug-in.
    Regards, Frank.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Frank,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.

      Yes, WPML plugin will ask you for the site primary/default language. In your case, you have to select English and then you can add more other languages.
      Yes, you can start with some content in English first and then you can activate your WPML plugin. But not necessary. You can always change your mind and set a different language as the site primary language.

      WPML also let you redirect your visitors to a specific language based on their language preferences set in their browser. You set it in WPML setting pannel. You can always switch if off/on. It’s disabled by default.

      • Frank says:

        Hi Agnes,

        Thank you for your -very- swift reply. I have some Dutch and English pages already made. Do I understand well that I do not need to delete one of the two languages before installing WPML? But, if so and select English as the primary / default langauge, how do I tell WPML which page is Dutch and which is English?


        • Agnes Bury says:

          Hi Frank,
          you mean, you already have your WordPress post/pages in two language mixed up together? OK, so your steps will be as follow:
          1. Install WPML
          2. Choose your primary language
          3. If you chose English, all your post/pages will be set as English for WPML. Now you have to change the language for the ones which are not ‘real’ English. To do this:
          a. pick up your non-Ensglih post, open it for edit, change its language to Dutch
          b. additionally, if your Dutch post already has its English equivalent, you should select ‘connect with translation’ and find its English version

  22. Javad says:


    I need a multilingual plugin for making a site in English and Persian. As you might know Persian is RTL so the Persian site needs a custom CSS which is separate from CSS of English site. I would like to know if your plugin will allow me to translate the site into Persian and also use separate CSS file for that language.


  23. Dion says:


    I bought the WPML Multilingual CMS 8th of July, but still haven’t got any account information mail.

    Please contact me.

    Regards, Dion

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