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Pre-sales Questions

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  1. Aaron says:


    I am taking over production on a website that seems to have been affected by the ‘thousands of images on upload’ issue. Looks like they have WPML 2.9.3 installed. They are running WP 4.0.1. Will updating to the latest WPML release protect against this issue moving forward? If so, pls confirm that the “Multilingual CMS” $79 USD version contains: WPML CMS Nav, WPML Media, WPML Sticky Links, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management. Also, if you could let me know an efficient procedure that would allow for the removal of the extraneous image entries in the current system, that would be awesome. Many thanks.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Aaron,
      yes, this is a known issue (a WPML bug in an old version (fixed now)). Our support people will help you to handle this.
      Yes, Multilingual CMS” $79 USD version contains all the add-ons you are asking for.

      • Aaron says:

        This is good news, thanks for that! Regarding the update, do we just deactivate the old products and then upload the new ones into the wp-content plugins directory? I’m asking because we don’t see an update mechanism in the plugin section. What does this mean for the current configuration and data we have already?

        • Agnes Bury says:

          Yes, that’s right. Basically you have to options:
          1. Via FTP
          You upload the plugins manually.
          (you can create a separate directory first, upload the files – it will take a while and then renamed to folder)

          2. Via the admin panel of WordPress.
          First you disable and remove the old plugins and then upload an enable the new ones.

          You will not lose your translations.

          If you have any further technical questions, please feel free to ask them at our support forum.

          Once you have a new version installed, please follow these instructions:

          and future upgrades will be more easier.

  2. Sansation says:


    I have used WPML before and I’d like to use it again, but I stopped using it earlier because there was no support for country domains yet instead of language directories. I would like to know if this is already supported before I buy a license.


  3. LJ says:

    Hi there,

    If I would buy the Multilingual CMS for $79 Dollars and not renew the account after a year, would it stop functioning and rendering the website where its implemented useless?

    Or does the account renewal just affect the access to your updates and forums, but would leave the plugin working?

    Could you please clarify?


  4. karim says:

    i need to translate my website to work in tow languages english and (arabic which is RTL) , i need to know if this plug in will be able to add a button in the header to switch between arabic and english when user select arabic this switch button switch language to arabic and switch the website to RTL Mode ….only the website not the wordpress dashboard …if this plugin can do this i will buy a life time license

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Dear Karim,
      WPML supports Arabic and other RTL languages. But please note, that WPML won’t translate your content automatically. You provide the translations. You will also need a theme with RTL support because as you probably know, RTL support includes also special CSS for images, menus etc.

      For example Avada theme is a theme which comes with RTL support.
      If your theme doesn’t have a special CSS for RTL, you will need to provide it yourself. More reading:


      About the language switcher.
      You can easily add your language switcher in your widget or in your footer. You do this with a few clicks. But if you want to add your switcher in other places you will need to add a line of special code in your php file. Our support people can help you with this.

      • martin says:


        I’m still trying to do thr RTL setup in my WP. I copied “ALL FILES” from Arabic http://ar.wordpress.org by ftp in wordpress/wp-content/languages and in wordpress/wp-content/themse/convertible/languages

        Is this correct? As the tutorial is not giving the precise path.


        • Agnes Bury says:

          Hi Martin,
          if you want to copy WordPress core languages you should use wp-content/languages/ as your destination folder.
          The folder you used is for your theme translations.

          If would be best if you ask all your technical questions in our support forum:

        • Agnes Bury says:

          Marin, one more tip.
          If you install WPML String Translation module, in your WPML-> Themes and plugin localozation panel you will see an option:
          Select how to get translations for WordPress core
          – WPML will automatically download translations for WordPress
          – I will download translations for WordPress and save .mo files in wp-includes/languages

          If you check the first one WPML will add the files automatically for you.

  5. Konstantinos Galanakis says:

    Hi, after I purchase a version of WPML will it be easy to upgrade to another one if the previous one doesn’t suit my needs?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      it is recommended to stick to the recent version (both WPML and WordPress). The upgrade process with our new Installer is super easy:

      but if you need to upgrade from an old version of WPML which wasn’t using the Installer, you have two possibilities:

      1. You upload the plugins manually via FTP
      2. Via your WordPress panel.
      First you disable and remove the old plugins and then upload an enable the new ones.
      You will not lose your translations.

      If you have any further technical questions, our support forum will help.

      • Konstantinos Galanakis says:

        What I meant was that if I buy the Multilingual Blog will I be able in the feature to upgrade my subscription to the Multilingual CMS by just paying the price difference?

  6. Dainius says:


    Can you write invoice to company in EU? I will buy plugin through my personal paypal account (not company). I need this for my accountant.

  7. Dario says:

    Will WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter allow me to disallow all sales to any country I choose?

    In other words, I need to prevent sales to the EU due to the upcoming VAT rules regarding online courses.

  8. Marcus says:


    My client has a lot of domains and now wants to make a brand new concept. We are wondering if it is possible to translate titles, headings, meta description, key search words and alt. image titles with WPML. The option is to build different web pages/WP-installations for each domain in each language/country. The Swedish site already has good ranking but is going to be redirected to the new one. Now, question is if we can reach the same level of optimization for all the languages with wpml or if it is still better to use different domains, and focusing on different key words in the different languages. I hope I described it clearly.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Marcus,
      WPML supports image translation (you will need Media translation module for this, it is included in the WPML CMS package) – it means you upload your pictures once and then you can translate img titles and alternative texts. WPML is also fully compatible with the famous WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and with its help you will be able to translate all meta data. No doubt it is easier to maintain one WordPress installation than a few separate ones.

  9. John says:

    Would it be possible to purchase the Multilingual CMS version (yearly license) and then upgrade to the lifetime license say within one month of purchase?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi John, thank you for your question. Yes, this is possible. You can upgrade to lifetime anytime and if you do before your yearly subscription expires (within a year) you will pay only the difference. You will find a link for this in your WPML account.

  10. Caroline says:

    Want to create a site english with Mandarin translation.
    How good is this plugin at translating english to Mandarin?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Caroline,
      WPML doesn’t translate your contents automatically. Here you will fin out the reasons why:

      WPML provides you an interface allowing to translate all your WordPress elements: posts, pages, menus, tags, categories, custom post types, custom fields, different strings etc. So WPML makes you WordPress site multilingual but doesn’t translate your contents. To translate your texts you have to possibilities:
      1. To provide the translations yourself
      2. To send a post/page to our professional translators from ICanLocalize service. This is integrated with WPML so you can do this directly from your WordPress admin and you also receive it directly to your WordPress.
      Here you will see a video how it works:

  11. Martin Randerson says:

    If I purchase the full package of plugins can I install it on a development wordpress install for testing before moving it to a live environment using just the one license?

  12. Adan says:

    Hi, Somebody recommend wpml woocommerce for this site I am building for some friends, however I see I need extra plugins so it work as it should, my question is, the only feature they need in the store its to put the prices in one currency and show another in the product information.

    For example the store main currency will be US Dollar, but the prices visitors will see will be as MX pesos. What version of WPML recommend I buy? I don´t need other languages translation the site will be only in spanish.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Adan,
      thank you for your interest in WPML and eCommerce.
      To achieve what you need you should purchase CMS licence.
      To make your multilingual store with different currencies you will basically need 3 plugins:
      – WooCommerce (a free plugin made by WooThemes)
      – WooCommerce Multilingual (a free plugin made by us)
      – WPML CMS subscription

      Here you will find the details:

      As you will see there are more required plugins listed there but most of them are WPML modules and you will find them all in your WPML account when you buy WPML CMS license.

  13. Fdo says:


    I write because I have seen on other websites selling the WPML plugin, however sell it for a single license. He wanted to know if I buy the Lifetime license I can do the same, ie sell the plugin to my clients without notifying WPML you’ve sold or used my plugin in different websites or clients. Is this possible?

    Greetings and thank you very much

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Fdo, reselling WPML is illegal. We are the only legal WPML providers. Wouldn’t you mind if I ask where you saw someone selling WPML? If you buy your WPML license you can use it for all the site you are building but it cannot be used for resell.

  14. bardT says:

    Hi, I am now a Multilingual Blog user, it mentions to upload to upgrade to “Multilingual CMS Lifetime” will need 166 which is result of 195-29. I like to know if it is 116 upgrade from “Multilingual CMS” to “Multilingual CMS Lifetime”?

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