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Pre-sales Questions

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  1. Dhananjay says:

    We would like to go for WPML Multilingual CMS, as we are registered in India how we will get the delivery and what all payment options are available. Is there any tax implications? do you have channel partner with whom we can liaise with?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Thank you very much for your interest in WPML and your questions.
      Please press a buy button at this page
      and you will see what are the possibilities to pay, namely:
      1. 2Checkout (card processing)
      2. PayPayl

      There aren’t any tax implications. On your invoice you will see the same amount you chose.

  2. Carl Gross says:

    Where is the documentation regarding how many sites can use WPML? I have purchased WPML and am running it on my site. I would like to now install it on another site of mine (http://thailandproperty-hh.com/).

    Thank You,

    Carl Gross

  3. Jay says:

    Dear WPML Team:
    I wonder is it possible to add/hide some content/pages based on the language selected? Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    • Amir says:

      WPML allows you to hide entire languages from visitors and make them available for yourself only. This is useful when you translate the site, content in new languages is still under construction and you don’t want visitors to see it. Is this what you are looking for?

      • Jay says:

        Hi Amir,
        Thank you for your response! I wonder can WPML also do partial hiding? For example, we sell 10 products on our website; then, when the customer switches to a different language, we only show 5 of them (because some products are not available in certain regions). Thank you again!


  4. We need to translate this recipe blog to French. Just this one blog. I see that the CMS version translates widgets but the blog version does not. We will need widget and menu translation; as well as categories and tags. Should we get the CMS version?

    My client will be doing the translating; perhaps the CMS interface will be helpful as well so she can tell which posts are translated. The blog is huge.

    • Amir says:

      I think that you will enjoy the full CMS version better. As you noticed, it will allow you to translate widgets and other free texts. WPML CMS version also comes with the translation management module, which makes it much easier to translate content and keep track of what’s translated (and what needs translation).

      In any case, if you only buy the Blog version, you can upgrade to the full CMS version and only pay the difference.


    Where do I need to install WordPress to have two different domains? Do I only need to install it normally and then associate the new domain with the instructions you provide?

  6. Jason says:


    We need to just display different currencies for our products. Will your plugin allow this without the need to translate the actual content?

    Also, if the user selects a different currency to the standard is the complete checkout procedure carried out in the selected currency?

    Many thanks

    • Amir says:

      WPML, together with WooCommerce Multilingual, lets you display different currencies for products, but it’s really meant for multilingual sites. You can somehow do this without translating, but it’s going to be cumbersome.

      Payment is made in the selected currency. WPML will set the currency for WooCommerce and WooCommerce passes the currency code to the payment processor.

  7. what does the account renewal per year involve? If my client does not renew, will the plugin stop working or is the renewal for the support and updates?

    • Amir says:

      If your client doesn’t renew the account, the site will continue working normally. A valid account is needed to access our support and updates only.

  8. Daffy Hazan says:

    hello WPML team, not sure if this the right place to ask this question. so sorry if im wrong but i need this. last week i registered another go global account for my upcoming theme. while I received the confirmation email i didn’t get the account that i can use to log in here. so I’ve been emailing WPML compatibility project team leader since last week but still got no response. so i don’t know how to start in this project because in the confirmation email it said that there will be a test site and wpml account but i still yet to receive them. please help me with this because we’d like WPML to be one of our main feature. thanks in advance


    • Agnes Bury says:

      I just consulted your case with Vuk Vukovic from our WPML comparability theme and should use the same account you used for your first theme. Please feel free to contact Vuk for more information.

  9. Mesha says:

    hello WPML team, not sure if this the right place to ask this question. so sorry if im wrong but i need this. last week i registered another go global account for my upcoming theme. while I received the confirmation email i didn’t get the account that i can use to log in here. so I’ve been emailing WPML compatibility project team leader since last week but still got no response. so i don’t know how to start in this project because in the confirmation email it said that there will be a test site and wpml account but i still yet to receive them. please help me with this because we’d like WPML to be one of our main feature. thanks in advance


  10. Edward says:


    Looking to purchase the site. So what I’d like to ask is that, my site is in Traditional Chinese now, and I also have some Simplified Chinese users. i was wondering if it’s possible to have the site auto translate Traditional Chinese to Simplified automatically via detection of browser or ip? Traditional and Simplified are basically the same, except for the way how the characters look like.


    • Edward says:

      Sorry I meant, looking to purchase the plugin.

    • Amir says:

      WPML lets you run a WordPress site with several languages. You can include both Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages. Please note that WPML doesn’t automatically translate your content. It lets you do the translations.

      Once content is translated, you can enable browser language detection. Then, visitors will immediately see the content in their language.

      Does this help?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Edward, thanks for your interest in WPML.
      WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically. WPML supports both Chines and Simplified Chinese in terms of providing you an interface for your WordPress sites to insert your translation easily but it is you who translate the texts. Or you can also use professional translators from our ICanLocalize service as well and ICanLocalize is fully integrated with WPML (you just send specific posts to them directly from within WordPress dashboard). From a visitor point of View WPML can detect the visitor language based on their browser’s setting.

  11. olofs says:

    A very serious question. I submitted a question before and since WPML quality has decreased significantly lately it was impossible to read any answer………
    But now, Templatic is a well known fraud supplier of themes but they say they are certified and show the WPML certified logo at several themes they are selling (and WPML do nothing about it). Since I had a “WPML certified” theme from them before that did not work at all and WPML refused/delayed/no action etc and I have to decide if I should continue to subscribe to WPML or not (last day to decide tomorrow after all the spam mail about renewal I received from WPML). No idea to continue subscribe if I get NO SUPPORT from you.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with WPML and your theme. Can I please have the name of the theme you are having issues with? I’ve just discussed your case with our compatibility team leader and he will reply to you directly.

      • olofs says:

        The theme I have been using and installed at approx 10 sites was Templatics RealEstate Note Have deleted them all since I got no help from Templatic or WPML, but Templatic still say it’s WPML compatible.
        The theme I would like to use now is Directory and Templatic say it’s WPML compatible but it’s not in your list, so I guess Tempatic is lying so they can sell more crap.
        If I buy it I get no help from WPML (and no help as usual from Templatic)

        • Agnes Bury says:

          Thanks for the details. Amit Kvint, our complatibility team leader will contact you with details.

          • olofs says:

            And who the f is Amit Klint??

            • olofs says:

              Hey I wanted to have an answer before the time limit runned out But I guess that’s too much to hope for. The 19th I will definitely not buy a new full license.
              Thank’s to you Agnes

              • Agnes Bury says:

                No worries. We are about to extend your licence manually for two more weeks. In the meantime we will check the status of the issues we have with Templatic team. Amit Kvint will contact you soon, directly with all the details.

                • olofs says:

                  Extend the licence is good news, but the bad news is that I get a message it has expired even though it’s still the 18th and will be so a couple of hours more.
                  Closing early on saturdays huh?

                • Agnes Bury says:

                  Hi there.
                  I got a message from our site admin that your subscription has been extended for next two weeks. In the meantime we will clarify the issues you have with the theme(s).

  12. Kevin Ng says:

    I have made a purchase with invoice number 493994 and transaction number wc_order_54407417ef8a7. I have received the invoice from paypal but did not receive my account details to log in and download the plugin from you yet.

    Could you please send me the details asap? Please let me know if you require additional information from me.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Kevin, we have just checked your case in our system and there is no order with the invoice number 493994. We didn’t find your order searching by your email either. Could you please provide us with the email address you purchased WPML with? Please also check your spam folder or use the password recovery link: https://wpml.org/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi again,
      we found your order under a different invoice number and our records show that the activation email was sent to you. So please check your spam folder use the recovery link.

  13. My site is still very much a work in progress but as I’ve learned more about developing a website for my fledgling company I’ve come see that WPML is the way to go for my multilingual needs. My question is, what is your policy if someone wants to upgrade from Multilingual CMS to Multilingual CMS Lifetime? Do they have to pay the whole $195 or $195 less the fee already paid for Multilingual CMS?

  14. diana says:


    I would like to buy an WP pluggin from you, but i can find the fields where i can put my enterprise legal dates (VAT, etc)
    Wolud you help me pls?

    Thank you,

  15. Wojciech says:

    Hello WPML Team.

    Sorry, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.
    I’m looking for a plugin which let me have a WooCommerce Shop in two languages, English and Polish and two different currencies the € and the PLN for the products.

    Correct me please if I’m wrong.
    Would I have two places to put the products description, for example English and Polish versions, which would show up automaticaly depends on which language is set? The same for the prices?

    What about all the rest of the website. I mean menus, categories, header, footer, pages like ‘My Account’, ‘Checkout’ etc. generally the whole content of the website?

    I work on Mystile theme Version: 1.3.3.

    Would the Multilingual CMS version be ok for my expectations?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Wojciech,
      this was the right place to ask your question. Thank you and I’ll be happy to help you with.
      In general the answer is ‘yes’ for all your questions: everything you are asking about is possible to be done with WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual plugins:
      1. So you can have your store set up in Polish and English.
      2. You can use two currencies. To set the prices for your product in these two currencies you have two possibilities:
      a. you can use automatic converter and you set up the prices only in the original language
      b. you can set each price manually for the second language
      3. You will be able to translate all product information including product images, description, title, attributes etc. in different languages.
      4. You will be able to translate menus, categories, header, footer and pages with WPML.
      5. For strings coming from WooCommerce plugin (used in the My Account management and Checkout) you can use either po/mo files provided with WooCommerce Plugin or you can translate them through the WPML panel.

      Here you can find additional instructions for the start:

  16. Ian says:

    I have 2 questions if I may:

    1) Is it possible to translate content for some languages using translators I work with, and send other languages to be professionally translated through ICanLocalize from inside WPML? Or does all the content have to be translated one way?

    2) I intend to use a product called JReviews (reviewsforjoomla.com) which has recently been released for WordPress. The JReviews reviews are stored somewhere in a MySQL database, one database field for the title and one field for the review text. Would it be possible to pay WPML to develop a plugin to take the text of these reviews and feed them into WPML’s translation management system? Or could I employ a developer to do this myself? Is the WPML code viewable or is it encoded? I am mainly trying to get a sense of whether this would be possible and how I would go about doing it.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Ian,
      thanks for your interest in WPML and your questions.
      1. Yes, it is possible to translate some contents using our ICanLocalize service and professional translators (it’s fully integrated with your WordPress site once you install WPML) and some contents by yourself. It’s totally up to you.
      2. For WPML and plugins compatibility here you have these possibilities:
      a) first check if your plugin is on our Plugins Compatibility list:
      b) if it’s not, you can ask encourage the plugin author to join our Go Global program (for free).
      c) if you want some custom changes to be done for money you can contact one of our WPML contractors:

      WPML is distributed under the GPL license so it means that you are free to see and change the code.

  17. Alexander says:


    I am wondering how the process of translation is working, do I translate everything myself or what does WPML does exactly?

    If I have in Swedish language original, how does it translate into english? norwegian? for example

    If you have like 500 articles, it will take quite a long time to translate this..

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Alexander,
      Thanks for your interest in WPML and your questions. WPML doesn’t translate your texts automatically. It is you who provides the translations or you can use send your posts to our ICanLocalize service to translate directly form your WordPress, you will also received transplantation back to your WordPress site. Please watch your video to see how it works:

  18. Alexander says:

    And also, how do my wordpress site know if the person are speaking swedish or english or for example french?

    Will it show swedish as first language or will it automatically choose the language of that persons browser?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      If you provide the site with good quality content, Google and other site engines will index your site well and you will get a lot of visitors from search engines. Your potential visitors will be directed from search engines results to these pages of your site which were covered in they language (since they would put the keywords in their own language and Google will find the match in the language they type).

      For these of your customers who type the URL of your site directly, here you have two options:
      1. you should always include a language switcher to your site so they could easily spot their language in the header and switch to it themselves
      2. additionally, you can let WPML to detect their language based on their setting of their browser. You will find an option to enable this in WPML panel.

  19. Cris says:

    I have a need to produce multiple subdomains that are translated versions of our main domain yet I have no experience doing this with WP. Would you be able to assist with this or with any other questions about which method is best for creating translations? We want to try to have our site rank highly in Google in other countries where our products are available and currently our site is only English so that hurts us in other markets.
    Do you support the theme The7?

  20. demoM says:

    I was feel disappointment & Nothing to say for your support Colleague Mr. George Botzev, Please see my account ticket and comment to your company.

    Also, I have to recommend your company’s tutorial not much user friendly,
    And why need support? to solve the problem, right? Please note your client also waste the time to send out the help message and your support Mr. George Botzev provide such support service to us.

    I believe that WPML.ORG is great company that can provide professional service and technical support. Would you please assign other Colleague to fixed those small problems.

    Thank you!

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Thanks for contacting us and the feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had some issues with one of our supporters. We will do our best to help you to solve your problem. Could I have the link to this forum thread please? Thanks.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Also, I have to recommend your company’s tutorial not much user friendly,

      Could also please elaborate more on this? What specific tutorial do you have in mind and what’s the issue?

  21. pedro says:

    We no longer have an active subscription. In our javascript doesn’t work with wpml/woocommerce multingual, in some displays, like google nexus ( http://www.marianoshoes.com/the-journal/ ).

    If we buy wpml and get the most recent updates, will javascript compatibilitty problems be over?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Pedro,
      thanks for your question. First of all it would be good to make sure if it is WPML plugin which has something to do with your js issues. Have you tried to disable WPML plugin and check the effect?

      If it turns out that it has to do with WPML and you need more you have two options:
      1. to renew your subscription to ask for hep in our support forum.
      2. to ask for help one of our consultants:

  22. Adam says:


    I would like to buy a plug wpml, but I would like to pay by bank transfer – no card or paypal

    Is it possible?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Adam,
      I’m sorry, we don’t support payments by direct bank transfer. Cards or PayPal only. Are there any particular reasons for direct bank transfers instead of using cards?

      • Adam says:


        I have a Paypal account, but I can not pay, the system asks me to enter the card details. I have money on paypal account, but still asks me to enter the card.

        Why paypal does not take money from my account, only asks for a card?

  23. Minerva says:


    We are adding a blog to our Foundation’s webpage and have been looking into options to maintain a multi-lingual wordpress blog (specifically English and Spanish). We were very excited to see that this solution has a program for non-profits!

    We are based in Mexico, so I just wanted to double-check that you accept applications from Mexico, and if there is a specific type of certification which we have to present? does this certification have to be translated?

    Thank you for your help and thank you for supporting the work of non-profits!

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Dear Minerva,
      thanks for your interest in WPML. Yes, we accept applications from all over the world, including your country. Since each country has different regulations and certifications we don’t have any standard/universal format to expect.

      You don’t have to translate it to English, we have people here who speak different languages.

  24. BZ says:

    i want to buy your product, but before i need to know:
    – If i buy the 195$ version (lifetime) also these products are included ( WPML String Translation 2.0 or above, WPML Translation Management 1.9 or above, WPML Media Translation 2.0 or above) or i have to pay also for them?
    – When i buy that i can use it for every website i want to do? or i have to buy everytime for a new website?

    Thanks and best regards

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest in WPML.
      Yes, all the plugins are included in the 195$ version (lifetime) version.
      Yes, you buy only one license and you can use it for unlimited number of sites you build.

  25. Felipe says:

    I had a problem with the transaction with my credit card and could not choose another card or method (paypal)
    Now the order is market as wc-pending. What can I do about that?

  26. Amir says:

    No problem at all. Your site can load any font needed. You specify the font in the CSS file and it’s pretty easy to load the right font for the right language. You can achieve this using a single CSS file if you prefix the CSS rules with the language name.

    After you buy WPML, create a support ticket about this in our technical forum and our developers will guide you through this. You can refer them to the answer here for guidelines.

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