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Pre-sales Questions

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  1. Philippe says:


    Are text on SQL tables also translates?


  2. Philippe says:


    Why don’t have you a search engine in this page! I wanted to ask if SQL texts are also translated (categories e.g.) and I cannot post this request. I received the information “same question already posted”


  3. Philippe says:


    Can all texts in different sql tables be translated and used in a multilingual website?
    I didn’t find any information related to that in your documentation.


  4. Michael says:

    hi guys,

    any chance to test WPML prior buying it?


  5. Tommy says:

    Can I find a list with the languages you translate to and from? Also, I am making a budget. How much would a translation of 100 words be and are there different prices for different languages?
    Kind regards
    Tommu Gjedde

  6. haytham says:

    Hello ,
    So if I bought a wordpress theme that doesn’t support RTL and then i’ll buy the WPML plugin .
    it will help me to make the theme in Arabic ?

  7. Damla says:

    Hi there ,
    I bought Multilingual CMS more than 1 hour ago and still don’t get the activation mail from (edited) Can you help me. Here is my detailed information


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Damla,
      please make sure that the activation email is not in your spam folder. You can also try to recover your password using this email:


      If it doesn’t help, please let us know. Maybe you misspelled your email address. If so, let us know, we will adjust it manually in our system.

      • Damla says:

        Hi, Agnes,

        I still don’t get the mail. I checked my spam and its not there unfortunately. And also I clicked the link that you sent, it not accept my mail address.

        Please help me, I have a limited time to finish the web site..

        • Agnes Bury says:

          Hi Damla,
          you should have received emails from Mercedes Barreda. Please check your spam folder in case you didn’t get them.

  8. Djordje says:


    I have one question before purchase: my theme is using several custom post types (portfolio, team…) and that custom posts are displayed on pages with specific template.

    Can you tell me is it possible to limit query to specific language? For example, Portfolio page in German to display only portfolio items created in German language?

    Thank you,
    – Djordje

    • Agnes Bury says:

      it is not only possible to limit query to specific language but also recommended. The idea is to keep different languages on different pages and not to mixed the translation on a single page displayed. This way your site will be easier to index by search engines bots and will be more friendly to your visitors.

      WPML allows to translate custom post types.

  9. Willy says:


    I would like to does “account renewal” mean by your side.

    On your purchase page, the two first packages have an “account renewal” option, while the third don’t.

    If we don’t pay for account renewal, will the plugin still work?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Willy,
      if you don’t renew your license after one year (it refers to Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS), your WPML will still work. You just loose access to future upgrades and support. If you purchase Multilingual CMS Lifetime you will get unlimited access to WPML upgrades and support, in other words it means that you pay only once if you buy the third option.

  10. I have a corporate client who require a multilingual facility for one of their websites. In this case it is an upmarket hotel and will need to have both Chinese and Japanese versions available. We are using a bespoke theme template specifically designed for the client with multiple plugins and external services available. Before purchasing the lifetime version of WPML can you suggest any complications that might arise.

    Richard M

  11. Sofian says:


    i would like to build the website URLs without any language additions as /en/ or lang?=en or en.domain.com.

    But these three are the only options i can choose.

    But i want to have clean, translated URLs, so german should be e.g.:
    and the english translation simply as

    Is this possible with WPML in another way even if it is not available in the options? (at least not in the version that i have from when i was customer already. if in the actual version this is possible, i would consider an update)

    Thank you

  12. olofs says:

    OK This is really not a presale question, it’s more like an aftersale or should I really continue? I received an email if I should renew my WPML subcsription and I am not really sure. Konrad released a version to early that (close to) completely sinked 10 of my sites. Took me several days to fix, and the release after that was bad too. Andrea never really answer the support questions, but prefer to have some kind of philosophical discussions delaying the problems several days, some support questions are opened by WPML support but then nothong happens for a month or so……etc etc., My question, how will WPML compensate for all this? Lifelong free subscription or…………….

    • olofs says:

      Ohh, and I was close to forget to tell that I lost my first customer where I should have used WPML………………

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Dear Olofs,
      I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with WPML. I consulted it with the people here who knew your case and it looks the the main cause of your problems was your theme incompatibility. If this is the case indeed maybe it would be best to start using WPML with different themes?
      I’m sorry but we don’t prolong to lifetime as a compensation. We have a Refunds Policy
      it says about 30 days of your purchase date but we can consider your specific case individually.

  13. fdeflint says:

    Good Morning. The other day my father sick and had to go into hospital, just when I had to renew my subscription. I am a member for years and now I see that I must pay otravez 79 $ instead of my $ 39 renewal. Can this be solved or have you consideraciós after so many years?

    Thank you and wait in expectation.
    A greeting,
    David Barragán

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, I’m sorry to hear that news.

      For our customers who missed the renewal you offer lifetime license with a discount. You will see the details in your WPML account. If you are a member from years wouldn’t it be more beneficial to consider lifetime license instead of paying each year again and again?

      However if you still considering the yearly renewal, please use this
      and describe your case.

  14. Ted says:


    What I am looking for is an English and Chinese website. I hit one button on the homepage and everything is translated into English or Chinese. All Widgets, etc. Is this hard to accomplish with your plugin?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Ted,
      thanks for you interest in WPML. WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically, it extends your WordPress site with the possibilities to translate various WordPress elements, including widgets. By the way it is recommended by search engines to provide human made translations. If you don’t have access to professional translators, you can use our ICanLocalize service which is fully supported and integrated with WPML.

  15. Riduan Salim says:

    Hi, are there discounts for students?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, i’m sorry there are not :-(
      But please note that you can use one WPML license for all the sites you are building for your customers so the investment should pay off quickly.

  16. Stanislav says:

    Hi Agnes

    I like to buy your plugin but first i need to ask you to find out if your plugin is compatible with ZeeTasty pro theme. I bought this theme and i like to use it with your plugin.

    Thanks in advance

  17. Edwin says:


    I am building a website using woocommerce and their bookings plugin and I found out that your plugin doesn’t work with booking plugin and that the currency wont convert if its a booking product. I need it urgent if you guys can fix this problem asap i will make the purchase right away..


  18. Fons says:


    Can the WPML plugin be used on a one page, parallax site?

    The homepage is build with different “pages” and some of these “pages” are build with several custom types, templates, …

    regards, fons

  19. Marcin says:


    we are a company planning to purchase the WMPL plugin and we will need an invoice for this purpose (something with our corporate data, not just first and last name). Can you provide us with an invoice?


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