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We are happy to announce that U-Design theme now is compatible with WPML plugin.

This tutorial shows how you can fully translate sites built with U-Design theme and WPML : Using WPML with U-Design theme.

U-Design is simple, lightweight and adaptable WordPress theme for bloggers and professionals. It comes with the theme options panel, so it’s easy to customize. It also includes 11 widget areas, over 500 fonts, unlimited combinations of colors, background images and built-in SEO.

15 Responses to “U-Design theme now is compatible with WPML”

  1. This is my favourite theme, however the translation method for the c2 and c3 sliders is pure cr*p. The person which usually takes care of updating the website(s) shouldn’t have to go mess with string translation each time s/he wants to modify a slider text

    • You have a good point, but this is how WPML works. The String Translation is a generic interface for translating everything that’s not ‘post’ or ‘taxonomy’. How would you envision this working?

      • Well, I think it’s the theme’s fault, not WPML. Hopefully the author will rewrite the sliders management.
        Otherwise, it would be nice to have “language shortcodes” for example
        [eng] text in english [/eng]
        [ita]text in italian[/ita]

        This could become handy to solve also other problems. I’m not sure if this can be done, though.

  2. I have a problem with installing the plugin I keep getting errors. I use the u-design theme maybe this has something to do with the errors?
    I tried installings it trough ftp and trought the pluginuploader.
    please help?!

  3. thanks i resolved the installation problem. My second question is I bought the WPML plugin and it works great with U-design. But I do not know how to change the text in the slider. I use 4 slides in cycle 3 slider.. hope you can help me!

    thanks in advance,

    from holland

  4. Amir – great work. Now using WPML on the Udesign theme and all well except for one thing. We use the side “feedback” button and “page peel” function. Our feedback page is translated fine, but the url attached to the persistent feedback button points only to the English language version. Is there a way of getting this variable to change according to the language of the page it is linking from?

    Any help much appreciated

    • Yes, actually there is. Go to WPML->Languages and scroll to the language switcher options. Then, look for ‘Preserve url parameters’. Enter the GET arguments that you want to preserve in the language switcher.

      Does this do the trick for you?

      • It might Amir if I knew what a “GET argument” is :o)

        I have “Different languages in directories” set in language URL setting, and I have changed the two feedback pages (original and translated) to the same name, and I have changed the URL of the feedback page link to a relative one rather than absolute

        Still no luck.

        Bizarrely if I switch the original feedback page to draft, and have only the translated version published, then the feedback button finds the translated page!

        Oddly I can find loads of references on the Udesign forum to clever coding tricks to change the feedback button, which is an image, to a language dependent image but no one else seems to have my problem of routing the button to the relevant translated feedback page

        Completely confused

  5. How would it work with widgets such as “U Design: Recent Posts”? These widgets have a box where you manually enter a title to display above the widget on the site. How would you go about making sure the titles matched the site language?

    Other such widgets:

    U Design Login
    Search widget
    and many more.