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33,617 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. I’ve taken over the website from a previous web designer. He has a lifetime license for the site and has given me the key. I’m redesigning the website from scratch so will be deleting all content. Where can I download the WPML CMS plugin to use with the license key that he has provided?

    • Hello,
      yes, you can use the key but in case you want to reinstall the plugin or install it on a new site you would need to download the WPML installer plugin

  2. I bought WPML plugin, but how long i have to wait for login info? 
    I received email “Your WPML order is now complete” but there is no second email with login info?

    INVOICE NUMBER:ORDER DATE:12518961November 23, 2022

  3. Hello.

    I have a question. If I buy package for 99$ and create my website with 2 languages. After one year will plugin stop working and my website crash? Also I would like to understand do you have any black friday discounts?

    Have a nice and lovely day!
    Best, Lily

    • You can still use WPML even if you don’t renew your WPML subscription for the next year and it won’t crash but we cannot anticipate what will happen if you update WordPress and won’t update WPML. Sorry, but we don’t have any black friday discounts.

  4. We are testing several plugin-options to create a multilingual website. Is there a possibility to test WPML before purchase? How do you make sure that the website is not slowed down? Are automatic translation stored in wordpress or is the website translation in time?


  5. Hello
    I am thinking about a translation solution, I have just discovered you, I know “loco translate”.
    I want to translate a template + taxonomies that comes from Crocoblock.
    Is it compatible, easy and very precise?
    Moreover, in your licenses, if I validate the “Multilingual CMS”, it tells me: “3 production – 9 development”. What does that mean exactly?
    Last question, do you intend to offer “black friday” prices, this being very important with regard to my choice of translation.

    • Hi Chris,
      CMS subscription allows you to register up to 3 production sites: live published sites; and 9 development sites: 9 staging sites, so that you don’t have to use the keys on the staging urls while you are still building the sites.
      We don’t have any Black Friday or any other promos. Our prices are the same all year long.


  6. (This is a reply to comment 6615795)

    Thanks for your answer Agnes.

    How would WPML work with a wordpress multisite? I’ve only found a page telling it’s possible for WPML to work with WP multisite but i would like to see a demo or a video or explanation of how it works.

    • For your case, I didn’t mean to combine WPML with a WordPress Multisite but to consider using WordPress Multisite instead of using WPML. If your goal is to have different sets of products for languages and easily manage the same plugins please consider creating a WordPress Multisite with two subdomains (or two subfolders), each per language. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the concept of WordPress Multisite. If you are not, please google the topic. WPML is a translation plugin and it makes sense to use if you do plan to translate products.

  7. Can I use WPML to translate dynamic content like:
    product description
    short descr.
    product tabs
    product custom tabs (created with Yikes product tabs plugin)

    Can WPML auto translate above mentioned content?

  8. Hi!

    I’m considering buying your plugin but I have an important question.

    The website will be available in 10+ languages but outside of the main articles that should be translated into all versions, each language version would have its exclusive articles that shouldn’t be published in other languages. Is that an issue at all?

    Also, in some language versions, I’d like the header’s menu to skip some navigation links. That is fine as well?

    Looking forward to your answer!

    • Hello,

      each language version would have its exclusive articles that shouldn’t be published in other languages.

      Yes, that’s possible but if you select the Translate Everything mode, all of your posts will be translated. So exclude some post from the translation you would need to select the “Translate some” mode but this affects your workflow. It means, that you would need to manually select the posts to translate and perform the so-called “bulk automatic translation”.

      Please note that translating your site to 10+ languages will consume a lot of translation credits. The 90 000 credits you will get in the package won’t suffice.

      I’d like the header’s menu to skip some navigation links.

      Do you mean you need to show a different set of items in your menu for the other languages? If so, it’s also possible. By default, WPML will keep the navigations in sync but you can disable this feature and create a custom menu for each language.

  9. Hi,

    I’m using a plugin which shows a floating button. The text on the button can be entered by the admin.
    I want this text to change based on the active language of the page.

    The plugin author told me that the text supports shortcode and asked me to use WPML shortcodes.

    Does WPML actually support this? what is the right way to translate texts like this?

    There are many user text fields like this.
    I would prefer WPML if there I can type texts which change based on the active language.


  10. Hi,
    I’m redesigning an website and a lot of pages are no longer necessary, so will trash them.
    How does the automatic translation see this pages? I don’t need them translated

  11. Hi Agnes,

    I’m trying to use this plugin –

    My site is not open to the public yet.
    But you can see the screenshot below.

    There are fields like “title of the widget box”, “text” etc.

    I want these fields to change language based on the current language.
    That author asked me to insert WPML shortcodes in those fields.


    • Thank you. It helps.
      I cannot provide you a Yes/No answer. Let me explain.

      If this screen is from a PLUGIN options screen, then the right way to translate these is to have the “shortcod” registered in the WPML > Settings > Custom XML Configuration.

      If this screen is from within a post edit ….and this means it is most likely a custom field….then the right way is to make sure that the such custom fields are marked as “translate”. And as long as the plugin is using get_options() call, and the options are being stored in the wp-options table, the call will pass through WPML filters and get translated.

      And as long as the plugin is using get_options() call, and the options are being stored in the wp-options table, the call will pass through WPML filters and get translated.

      The possible issue is that some plugins/themes use this function EVENTUALLY, but it is in their own “customised” get_option() function. In this case, sometimes this is not working as expected. The WPML hook is specificall on THIS function.

      Since we didn’t test this plugin and cannot say if it will work or not, we can provide you a sandbox site where you can upload their plugin/theme and test it out. Please let me know if you are interested.

  12. Should I setup WPML before I start creating the site content, navigation, mailing list, etc. or can that be done after everything and it will just integrate properly?

  13. We have in our website your plugin (WMPL), now we are going to create a new website, and the agency recommended us to use another plugin, because your plugin has problems, we have received this email:

    WordPress 6.1 comes out on Tuesday and introduces breaking issues with WPML. Before updating your site to WordPress 6.1 you must update to WPML 4.5.12 and String Translation 3.2.3. Otherwise, your site’s front-end won’t work correctly.
    and our website already had translation problems, I would like to know why this happened. And if it can happen again.

    What should I do to prevent this from happening again?

    best regards


    • Hello Erika.
      WordPress introduced last-minute changes (in one of the release candidates) that conflicted with WPML’s previous versions and we provided the fix on time. We cannot anticipate WordPress moves. Yes, it can happen again. The only solution is to update the WPML plugins on time. We released the fix a few days before the official WordPress release so users who read our emails and our blog were prepared for that.

  14. Hello,

    I need to translate my Real Estate website to more less 5 languages, can I use “Multilingual CMS” for this?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Kind regards.

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