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33,686 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

    • Hello, Have you tried this:
      On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it

  1. Good day,

    We’re struggling to find the right solution for adding a new domain/country to our online store. Currently we run an online store in Holland with .nl as our domainname. We want to expand to Germany and bought a .de domain for that. We would like to have the same online store in terms of plugins, theme, standard settings etc. but woocommerce products or some plugin settings may differ. We would also like to make translation and managing the two websites as easy as possible, ideally from one back-end.

    So as a recap: what would be the best solution/setup for running two seperate online stores, that can be easily managed and translated, with in general the same setup but the possibility to have different products?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to your reply.


    • Hello Thomas,
      yes, with WPML it’s possible to have products in language X without their counterparties in language Y and vice versa. But we consider this an exception. If your plan to have diffrent sets of products WPML is not the best fit. Please consider the WordPress Multisite solution.

  2. I’m thinking of purchasing this but jsut making sure this is doable.

    I’ll need my website to change from UK English to American English based on user location/
    I’ll also need all pound prices to change to dollars.

    Let me know if I can do that.

    • Please try the following:
      On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  3. Hello, I bought the Multilingual CMS pack but I wrote down the wrong email, so I don’t know how to find my purchase. Can you help me?

  4. Hello,

    Re: edited

    A client who has access to the WP-admin section of who has recently purchased a renewal of WPM, via the link provided in the WP-admin section of the WPML (invoice nr edited), and received an email with username and password.

    Account info is:

    (data edited)

    But now he nor I am able to reactivate the WPML subscription!


    • Hello,
      I will reply directly to you via email, not to share sensitive data in public comments. Please expect an email from Agnes Bury in a few minutes.

  5. We would like to use WPML for translation at one of our client website which is under development right now.
    The website requires only arabic translation and it is a woocommerce solution . We are expecting the website may have up-to 50,000000 words in production environment.Can you suggest a feasible plan for us?
    Can we translate manually using WPML?
    Also what if we don’t update the subscription after the support period ? can we continue using WPML translated strings?

  6. We have a lifetime subscription for 3 installations from 2016. We are using WPML on 3 live websites. For one of these websites we are building a replacement. In the process of preparing the new website for going live we need to install WPML. Does this count as a 4th installation? What is the best solution?

    • Hello,
      you have the Lifetime type of account so you can install as many sites as you want. If you want, you can install WPML on a separate domain or on your local host and then move the site to production and overwrite the existing site (for example with a migration plugin like Duplicator or similar). But in this case, please be careful with automatic translations (if you plan to use these) – feel free to open a support ticket on our support forum for more details.

  7. Hi Agnes,

    I thought we had the 3 websites lifetime solution. Our new website is on an active WP installation. We want to install WPML on that today and fill all English translations before changing the URL to the existing URL of the old website. Do you think this is possible with our WPML subscription?


    • It’s also possible to register the 4th site even with the 3-site package (Multilingual CMS) because you can register 9 additional websites if you mark them as development sites. But I double-checked and your user (janS-38) has a Lifetime subscription, so you don’t need to bother about being limited by the number of sites.
      You say “fill all English translations” – if you want to do this manually (using manual translations), you should do the following:
      when installing WPML, please select “Translate some” mode instead of “Translate everything”. You might also need to disable the WPML translation editor if you plan to copy-paste these translations from docs or somewheere else.

      But if you want to use automatic translations, please open a ticket on our support forum to consult your case. Please make it clear that you will be moving your site later on to another domain. It matters when you use automatic translations. Our supporters will tell you what to do and in which order in this case.

    • You can use a credit card. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  8. One of our customers is rapidly expanding and needs extra websites. Their websites run in WordPress and are built with Elementor. They need automatic translations, that can be edited manually if needed.

    They have had a go at Weglot for translations (they are running one site with it), but they are not fond of the commercial approach of Weglot. Technically it works very well, no issues there.

    We have been charged with looking at alternatives, and have been testing with a few plugins that come highly recommmended (Polylang/Lingotek on WordPress for example). The tests run on an abbreviated copy of one of their websites that runs already (it is currently in Dutch only), have shown Polylang/Lingotek does not live up to its reputation; pages are translated but all formatting Elementor uses, is gone.

    So were keep looking, and WPML comes into view. We want to test all plugins on our test site. It looks like you do not offer free trial on your system. We could bring a lot of paying customers your way. We standardize on Elementor as a page builder, allowing our customers to easily maintain their websites. If we recommend a translation plugin, we need to get this right.

    Can you offer us a trial solution (even if it is for just a fortnight)?

    Kind regards,

    Wouter Pinkhof

    • Hello,
      thank you for the detailed summary of what you already tried and what didn’t work.
      The only way to test WPML on your site is to buy it keeping our refund policy in mind. You can request a refund within 30 days after the purchase price and we will refund your order soon after.

      WPML works with Elementor.

      I cannot share the zip files with you because the last step of the WPML setup is site registration (you need to provide a unique key that matches the key generated on your account) and this is why you need your account.

      I could create a demo site for you on one of our test servers but the demo content I have (with real texts so that you could check the quality of machine translations) comes from Gutenberg blocks not Elementor.

      Please let me know if that’s an option.

  9. Thank you for your reply about cost of automatic translation. Our website has approx 15,000 – so I am just checking – if 6 people view every page of our website that would be our allowance gone with Microsoft translate? Is that how it works – it is based on how many translated words you put in front of the user? Please advise – thanks.

    • WPML doesn’t charge you for views. It doesn’t matter if a page has been viewed 10 times or 100 000 times. You will pay the same in either case because you pay only when the translation is done for the first time. The translations are saved in your WordPress database.

    • Hello James,
      No, we don’t have any discounts on Black Friday or any other. Our prices are the same all year long.

      Kind regards

  10. Hi,

    Is it possible to have different versions of the website with different copies for the same structure (template) using the WPML plugin?
    Also, how does the WPML plugin work? Does it translate like Google translator or any other translator app?


    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. I’m not sure I follow. You say different copies for the same structure – so what is different what is the same? How do you create your templates? Are these Elementor templates? Custom templates? Do you use ACF? Please help me better understand your case. WPML is flexible and allows you to create pages with different layouts for languages but I need to understand your requirements better to answer this part of your inquiry.

      WPML uses Google Translate or DeepL (default) or Microsoft translation engine API to translate your content automatically.

  11. Hello, is there any black friday promo for Multilingual CMS WPML PLugin? If no – why?

    Do I have to pay every year to keep translations active or I can give up subscrbtion and use older version of a plugin?

    What are credits for? Is there any limit in translations or views?

    What are automatic translations?

    What is better in WPML than in PolyLang? Apart some thems are compatible with your highly overpriced plugin.

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.

      is there any black friday promo for Multilingual CMS WPML PLugin? If no – why?

      No, there isn’t. Why: we used to have these offers in the past and clients who would normally buy WPML didn’t do so to wait for BF. Then we had too many sales resulting in heavy support load around BF. WPML subscription allows you to use our support forum for any questions.

      What are credits for? Is there any limit in translations or views?

      You need translation credits to translate your site automatically. As soon as your site is translated it can be viewed many times and you won’t need to pay again. This is because the automatic translations are saved in your database (and also in the translation memory) so you need to translate a piece of content only once. When you buy WPML you will get 90 000 credits for free. It will allow you to translate 45 000 words (if you use DeepL or Google Translate engine, DeelP is the default). If you need more credits, you can buy additional ones. Please check this page for deatils:

      If you click on How much does automatic translation cost? section you will see an interactive calculator that will help you to estimate your costs.

      What are automatic translations?

      Instead of translating manually (which is also possible with WPML) you either click a button (Translate automatically) or you set up your site using the “Translate everything” and your content is translated automatically using DeepL or Google Translate. DeepL is the best translation engine.

      What is better in WPML than in PolyLang? Apart some thems are compatible with your highly overpriced plugin.

      WPML provides a translation editor and Polylang doesn’t. WPML allows you to translate automatically. Not sure if your site uses Elementor but some clients told me that they weren’t able to translate Elementor pages with Polylang.

  12. Hi,

    I mistyped my email when trying to purchase so I believe my card was charged a couple of times. Can you please check and issue a refund?


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