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Essential Multilingual Plugins

We work with other authors to ensure compatibility with WordPress plugins. These are major plugins that are multilingual-ready.

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields

Types-logoTypes is a one-stop solution for creating custom post types, custom taxonomy and fields. Besides defining custom data, you can also create elaborate meta-boxes and assign them to any post-editing screen. Types is the only custom-types plugin which is fully integrated with WPML. You’ll be able to translate everything related with your custom content, including field labels and content names.

When you translate content, non-textual fields will automatically synchronize between translations and text fields will appear in the translation editor.

Content Display

Views-logoViews works together with Types, to deliver a programming-free website creation experience. Web developers and designers, of all expertise levels, will benefit from this solution. Views queries content from the database, supporting detailed filtering. It displays it via user-editable HTML templates. With just HTML and CSS, users can create the most complex sites with Views.

Views is fully integrated with WPML. Any text that is rendered can also be translated.

Front-End Content Submission and Editing

CRED-logoCRED makes it easy to build forms that create and edit WordPress content. All CRED forms are connected to content types. When you build a form with CRED, you select what it will create or edit. Since CRED knows which fields and taxonomy every content type uses, it will automatically include the inputs for all of them. This means that you can build CRED forms without having to configure or define anything.

CRED is fully integrated with WPML. Any form label will be automatically registered for translation, making it easy to build multilingual-ready forms.

Access Control and Roles Management

Access-logoAccess is a simple, but powerful, role management and access control plugin. An intuitive interface will let you control what different user kinds, or specific users, can do on your site. You can also create your custom roles and group users in them. If you’re building any site that requires access control, Access will make it easy to implement.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress SEO by Yoast is an all-around solution for optimizing WordPress sites for search engines. The plugin lets you specify titles and description for any WordPress content and archive page and shows how each page will appear in Google search results.

It includes a language configuration file that tells WPML which strings require translation. This way, you can translate everything, without having to configure anything.


There are a number of great E-Commerce plugins that you can use with WPML:

Plugin WPML Support Notes
WooCommerce WooCommerce Multilingual Fully multilingual with WPML and actively maintained
JigoShop JigoShop Multilingual Has known issues.
MarketPress MarketPress Multilingual Has known issues.
WP E-Commerce WPEC Multilingual Has known issues.


While the built-in WordPress search leaves much to be desired, Relevanssi fills the gap beautifully. It lets users search and find what they’re looking for. You can download Relevanssi for free from the WordPress repository or purchase the pro-version from Relevanssi.com.

Both versions of Relevanssi run smooth with WPML and return search results in the current language.

Admin Page Order

If your site has hundreds, or thousands of pages, it may be a bit difficult to find them in the WordPress Admin. CMS Tree Page View presents your pages in a hierarchical tree, which you can expand and collapse. It works smooth with WPML and displays the correct tree per language.