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30,346 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. 2 last questions:
    -Are the translation credits reloaded every year when the subscription is renewed?
    -Does each translation require its own credits?
    -If I translate to 2 languages does it cost twice as many credits as translating to 1?
    -If I translate to 1 language, then later translate to another, does that impact anything?


    • Hi John,
      See below
      -Are the translation credits reloaded every year when the subscription is renewed? no, they are only included in the start-up purchase
      -Does each translation require its own credits? The credits can be used to translate to any language
      -If I translate to 2 languages does it cost twice as many credits as translating to 1? yes
      -If I translate to 1 language, then later translate to another, does that impact anything? no, you can add new languages at any time

    • Hi John again,
      I wanted to follow up with you and let you know about a little correction.
      Yes, the credits are renewed on the renewal date. We will top up your account with the credits you spent.
      So, for example
      – 90k credits with the initial purchase
      – user spends 10k
      – renewal comes – 10k credits added

  2. I built my site on GoDaddy and require the pages to be multilingual–Spanish (Spain); Italian; French (France); and German. Is WPML compatible with GoDaddy sites?

  3. Dear Agnes! We sell spirits and I need to use the age gate function. The website is multilingual and logically I would need to select the language on the age gate page. I cannot find a solution. Can you recommend an age gate plugin that allows me to select the language of the age gate and works with WPML?

    You can see what I mean, there you can choose between languages.

    Thanks for your reply

    • Hi!
      I don’t think we have tested any Age Gate plugins. If they were built following WP standards, they should work well.
      Let me check with the compatibility team and get back to you.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi,

    My client requires her website to be in both English and German. So I’m thinking of buying the Multilingual CMS package. I’m wondering that if my client makes changes to the English text on the website, does the plugin automatically update the German version of the text too?

    Also, the pricing states 90000 free credits between any language. Are these characters to be translated per month? Also, is this credit limit used every time someone new loads the website? Or does it translate it once and then serve that version to the user?

    Thanks, Alex.

  5. Hey there,

    I would love to buy your product. But I have some Questions so far. What happens after one Year in case I do not extend the contract? Does everything go lost then? Or do I just not get the newest update?


    • Hello Max, you won’t lose anything because the translations are saved in your WordPress database and you can still use the WPML plugins (the ones you have installed or downloaded) but you won’t get access to new versions and you won’t be able to open new threads on our support forum.

  6. Hello, I am trying to renew my wpml subscription.

    Yesterday i had access to my cart with the renewal price US 70 but the only option was to pay with paypal.
    I want to pay with my credit card.

    After contacting the assistance Agnes Bury coldly told me to pay the full new subsciption price US 99.
    I am eligible for renewal price and i find this gesture absolutlty not commercial from your parts.

    Can you please arrange my account and let me pay my renewal with a credit card ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello,
      your subscription expired on August 25, 2021 and that’s why you cannot benefit from the discount. Let me check with our admins if there is anything we can do here. I will keep you posted.

    • Hello again. I have discussed your case with our administrators again and they confirmed that your automatic renewal failed on August 25th, 2021 (when you could benefit from the discount and keep the old pricing).

      Yes, it’s a fact that our prices increased on September 29th, 2021. This action was announced to our clients by email and we had a banner on the purchase page with the notice of the upcoming price increase for some time before it actually was applied.

      Currently, the only option for you is to follow the purchase link from the purchase page for the account type you would like to renew with (CMS I guess). This will direct you to the checkout page where you will be asked to pay $74 (+VAT) as a renewal price (if are buying the WPML Multilingual CMS). This is currently the best option that you have.

  7. I have a “WPML Multilingual CMS” license and use one of 3 licenses.
    Do I need to purchase an upgrade to use the new major release WPML 4.5 or is it included in my license?
    Additionally, I would like to translate a webshop (WordPress/WooCommerce) into multiple languages. Which license is best for this – “WooCommerce Multilingual” or the 4.5 release? Sorry, am a bit confused with all these products and releases. Please advice. Thanks Jean-Claude

    • Hello Jean-Claude,
      good you are asking questions when you are not sure. If you have the “WPML Multilingual CMS” package you can access WPML 4.5 release. If your site already uses WPML, please go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab and click Check for updates. Then you will be able to update your site to WPML 4.5.

      If your site is not using WPML yet, you need to download the plugin from your account.

      If you plan to use WPML with WooCommerce, the WPML Multilingual CMS package is the one you need.

  8. Hello,

    I need to have the woocommerce email notification to be sent in the language of customer. How is that possible and which package do I need?
    And also I do not find your plugin through dashboard on my wordpress, I only find the following plugin, see below:

    WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML

    Can you explain what that is?

  9. Hello,

    does anyone understand what the below message means?

    Since WPML 4.5.0, the Translation Management plugin is part of WPML core. Please uninstall this plugin and delete it from your plugins folder.

    • Hello,
      Yes, this message is confusing and I have already asked our developers to change it to make it clear. This message means that you no longer need the Translation Management plugin and you can safely remove it from your site by clicking delete. We have added this plugins’ functionality to the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin (in version 4.5).

  10. Hello;
    I started a buying from your program large (199 dollar)
    Something went wrong by PayPal and the transmitting was cancelt
    Do I have to start a new order to buy??


    • Hi Anton,
      Yes, if you don’t see the charge on your PayPal acocunt, it is 100% safe to start the purchase all over again.

  11. I have two question to confirm before buy it.
    1. What will happen if I don`t pay annual renewal fee from second year?
    2. Is it possible to translate WooCommerce products without multiplying them? Actually whatever language we use, product is product. It need to be unique with single stock management. If I add product in English and again add product in Other language, same product (SKU) will have 2 products and two stocks. How to avoid from this one?

  12. Hello/
    I can see in the Faq that there is no need to renew your account and the website is supposed to keep working. But i have a lot of error messages, and received a severe notification alert telling me i have to update wpml because this file is not up to date :
    Can you please tell me how to proceed ?
    Thank you

  13. Hi,

    Does WPML Plugin support WCFM plugin , i am looking for the best multi language plugin which allow the vendor himself translate his products from inside his dashboard
    Please advise urgent 
    Thank you.

    • Hello Anton,
      Yes, I see there was a PayPal payment processed today for the renewal of an Agency subscription. The account is registered with this email address
      You can find the subscription and payment details when you log in to your WPML account.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  14. Hi there !
    I have an account with a subscription that just expired.
    I had the Multilingual Agency, but this is too much right now for me.
    I want to purchase Multilingual CMS

    But i transferred the licence to clients with my previous plan.
    Do I keep the advantages of the transfer I made even when switching too Multilingual CMS?

    Thanks for your answer !

  15. Hi WPML,

    I am to have the above mentioned website available in a total of 3 languages – Danish (the current one), English, and Swedish. Can you please advice on how to move forward, what package I need, costs etc.?

    All the best

    • Hello Andreas,
      I visited your site. To translate your theme and other plugins, you will need the CMS version.
      If you prefer to start with the Blog (which includes WPML core plugin only), you can then upgrade to the CMS version for the difference
      If you are looking to use automatic translation, you will need the CMS version.

      Hope this helps. Let me know?

  16. Hello there

    How are you doing?

    I am wondering if you have any sales representative or agent in Iran, to buy your product from them, cause we are not connected to the international system. thanks

    • Hello,
      Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry but we don’t have any sales representatives in Iran. We are selling our plugins online as other WordPress plugin/theme authors do. I’m not sure what you mean by saying that you are not connected to the international system. Could you please explain? Thank you. To buy WPML plugin you can use PayPal or a credit card.

    • Hello,
      thank you for purchasing WPML. Please let me know what you are doing that makes you think you cannot download the String Translation plugin. You have two options to install this plugin – when installing the main WPML plugin and after activating it, the WPML wizard will ask you if you want this plugin and you just need to check a special field or another option is to go to Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab (when WPML is active) and you will see the String Translation plugin on the list. There is even one more option: to downalod this plugin directly from your WPML account and then go to Plugins > Add new and upload it to your site.

  17. Hi,

    I want to know if I have the active license of WPML on my website?
    Why did I ask? This is because I cannot update the plugin so I understand that it needs to be renewed.
    I don’t know how because the first time it did it for a web agency.

    I have a question.
    If I pay, would you know it’s for my site? How do I link this renewal to my site? Can you help me because I don’t want to lose all plugin configuration?

    Thank you

    • Hello Sara,
      I have checked your email (the one you posted this comment with) and I didn’t find any WPML account with that email which makes me think you don’t have any WPML subscriptions from our system point of view. When you buy WPML from us, a WPML account is created for you from where you can download WPML plugins and register your sites. Is it likely that you bought WPML with a different email address? If so, please let me know which one and I will check again.

      If your site already uses WPML, you won’t lose your current configuration even if you buy a new WPML account (actually we can it a WPML subscription) but you will need to register your site to be able to update your plugins. I hope it helps.

  18. Hello
    when I go to my download page, the “string translation” plugin is upgraded while “WPML Multilingual CMS” is activated!
    please tell me how to download the “string translation” plugin for free.

    • Hello,
      you have the Blog type of subscription for which the String Translation plugin is not available. This plugin is optional but it’s not free. You need the WPML CMS type of subscription to be able to download this plugin. You would need to go to your WPML account and upgrade your account.

      But let me better understand your situation. Do you need this plugin because you saw a message telling you that this plugin is needed? If so, where?

  19. Hello

    WPML came highly recommended.

    Do you have a demo site with admin login so I could see how this plugin works?
    Also, the website we need the translations for has been build with Divi. Does WPML play well with this page builder?
    We don’t want automatic translation because of a dialect – so pages will be translated manually by us. Does WPML support this? Which versions / plugins do I need? (we will have 3 languages in total)

    Many thanks

    • Hello Tessa,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML. We don’t have a demo site where you could log in and see how WPML works.
      WPML works well with Divi but currently we have four issues:
      Yes, you can use your translations, when you activate WPML, please choose “Translate some” instead of “Translate everything”.

  20. “Do you need this plugin because you saw a message telling you that this plugin is needed? If so, where?”?
    yes I have this message for elementor

    and I just have a plugin to translate “WP HOTEL BOOKING” and I have to go through “elementor”

    • Thank you for your message. If your site uses Elementor, the Blog package won’t suffice. You need to upgrade it to the CMS package (you can do it from your WPML account). Then you can translate Elementor pages and you will have access to the String Translation plugin.

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