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36,969 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi

    I am interested in the premium version of the plugin for the multi currency. However to test it I installed the free version.
    But it does not seem to work. I activated it. but don’t see anywhere the currency selector on my website.

    Please check the product page. Where is supposed to be the multi currency dropdown?

    • Hello Kaion,
      Have you installed any of the options available in WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual in order to display your Currency switcher?
      If that’s the case and it still doesn’t display, please open a ticket in the WP support forum. In that way, one of our specialists will check this issue.

  2. Thank you Andrés!
    Actually we’ll need it to interoperate with our maps and calendar as listed in your compatibility section, so the CMS package is looking like the best fit.
    Thanks for clarifying that! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    Understanding the dynamics between the default language and translated pages is hard for me to understand. We want to make an English website and then localize it to new markets each with it’s own domain with cc tld. If we do this would we be able to have a separate google analytics and search console, be able to do A/B test, have promotions in a specific language/domain? Would we also be able to customize pages on certain language a little differently, have different images, layout, links and text, and can we create new pages and landing pages for specific languages only. And last question – our website is currently in Romanian, but we plan to make an English version and then make it the new default language, would that work smoothly?

  4. Hi team,

    I am currently the process of developing a website in WordPress and planning to use your plugin for translation. Question: does the WPML plugin translate from English to Sorani (Kurdish)?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I am exploring what plugin to install for a few of our websites. Would this plugin allow certain pages and blogs to not be translated but be in their unique language URL?

    For example:
    We have a client that sells real estate. Most of his clients are hispanics in Texas. Their website is already in english but now we want to also make it in Spanish using it’s own unique ending in the URL that represents the Spanish site. We want the domain to be the same just end with /es

    We are only interested in a plugin that can be a one-time cost. Is this something you offer?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      Yes, WPML allows you to leave some of your pages and blog posts not translated at all. In this, you cannot use the “Translate Everything Automatically” mode but the “Translate what you choose” which allows you to select the pages that will be translated. Of course, with this mode, you can still translate using machine translations. And automatic translations can be edited if there is a need.
      Yes, if you add the Spanish language to your website, WPML will add es to your URLs. As it’s done on this website (see
      Now when you mentioned it’s a real estate site. Can I ask what plugin or/and theme do you use for it? I’d like to check if these are compatible with WPML because not all real estate plugins are compatible.

  6. Hi,

    From last 3 days, plugin is not translating the new posts from English to Portuguese, is there anyone who can guide me, so I can solve this problem.

  7. Good afternoon,

    Preamble: I am running Wordpreess and Woocommerce for my webshop

    I am interested in a multilingual version of my webshop, but have a particular issue/question.

    My webshop is al about games (boardgames / roleplaying games / card games / miniatures / paints). My website (generic pages) are in dutch since my website is hosted in Belgium and Belgium/Netherlands make up 90% of my customers. However, my products (geeky as they are) are all described in English. I have about 1800 SKU’s, so a lot of articles.

    Due to a change in Google Merchant Center rules since 2024, my entire website needs to be in Dutch if I want to advertise in my home country, Belgium. They recently suspended my account and all ads in Belgium.

    So, can your solution help me with this? I would need to create two language versions of the website, one in Dutch and one in English. Normally, I would just use your solution on the entire site and have it translate everything to Dutch and to English. But with the mixed pages (10% in Dutch and 90% in English) this won’t be automatic.

    How do I approach this? Use your solution to specifically translate my generic pages (max 100 pages) to English and then save as a English version (since all products are already in English? Then hopefully start from the original (blended) pages again, translate 1800 pages of products from current English to Dutch and save as Dutch version?

    Then add the language buttons manually and assign pages to each language? (or does your solution do that part automatically?)

    Additional questions: how do I generate two feeds (one Dutch, one English) for Google Merchant Centre? I am running WordPress and Woocommerce by the way, as outlined above.

    Will your solution create a new landing page (with new permalink) per product? for example: is the current page. Will your solution make an _EN and _DU (dutch) link on its own or how does that work?

    Finally, how do I ensure products are “linked” in the feed so that the above example of Frosthaven is an identical product in the feeds and in the online advertising (regardless of langguage). This is important for google ads in terms of positioning as you are aware.

    Many thanks and sorry for the million questions. I got blindsided by the almight Google and the suspended ads are really hurting my business…

    • Hello Philip,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      If your products are in English (and they use English slugs/URLs) I would keep all your products in English for two reasons:
      1) you have 1800 products (and 90% of your site)
      2) SEO (to keep your current organic traffic – the URLS of those products won’t change)
      and I would translate (actually recreate) all the other pages (10%) to English content and let them use English slugs.
      and make English the default language of your site (set your WordPress language to English).
      Only after you could add WPML, select English as your site’s primary language and translate products to Dutch.
      WPML allows you to translate your content both manually and automatically and mix those two methods.
      WPML allows you to change/set the primary/source language of existing pages too but I’m not sure if that’s worth in your case. Why: When you translate from the primary language (say it’s English) to another language, WPML keeps track of these translations in our Advanced Translation Editor (which is recommended) and allows you to use the so-called translation memory and keep your original and translated pages in sync. So in your case it would make more sense to manually recreate these pages in English and copy-paste your existing (Dutch) content into the editor. In other words, to save time, in thoery you could keep your existing Dutch pages in Dutch and change the source language to Dutch (WPML allows this) but if you do so, you might not be able to benefit from automatic translations and use the WPML Advanced Translation Editor conveniently for such pages. That’s why it’s better to start with English for all of the pages. But you might try out both approaches on your test site.

      Of course, you would need to test all this on a staging site (a copy of your production site).

      WPML is compatible with this plugin:

      Will your solution create a new landing page (with new permalink) per product? for example: is the current page. Will your solution make an _EN and _DU (dutch) link on its own or how does that work?

      After installing WPML and setting up the primary language to match your WordPress language, all your existing URLs will be kept untouched. So the will be the same. If you translate it to Dutch using WPML, you will get a new URL with the nl prefix and Dutch keywords (you can change the slug manually if you like).

      Please check some of the websites translated to Dutch from our showcase

  8. Hello,
    I’d like to know how many products the Multilingual CMS package can translate. My store will have around 300 products, each with 100 variants.
    Thank you

    • Hello,
      please contact us directly via the following form: and provide the following information:
      1. what is the email address you used when buying WPML (I cannot find you in our system by the email you provided when posting this comment)
      2. what is the website you are using WPML (the website you shared cannot be found in our system either)
      3. where exactly you see this message – what do you do and where
      Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    is it posible and if so, how, that i translate my page into another domain like I already own this domain. Because i would like a seperate website in English so it is easier for Google, Facebook, Klaviyo marketing and SMS and all this things. I could just transfer all the products to the domain, but all the product names and discriptions are in slovene language and would take forever to translate.

    Can i somehow export all the Slovene text, and translate it with WPML? And then import it, so the backend names and descriptions wont be in Slovene any more, but in English?

    Thank you for your help,

  10. Hi, I have a life-time licence for WPML (purchased 2016), and I can’t make it work within the WordPress update 6.4.3.
    Each time I reactivate “WPML String Translation”, my WP websites are crashing.
    I have a message on the back-office saying : “Multilingual Tools plugin is enabled but not effective. It requires WPML String Translation plugin in order to work.”
    But I cannot work with WPML as it is written :
    “You are using an unregistered version of WPML and are not receiving compatibility and security updates. Register now.”

    When I try to register it is asking me for a key” : but I cannot fond any “key” within my WPML life account.

    • Hello,
      indeed you have a lifetime account at If you have issues with your current key, please try to unregistered your site and register it again. Log into your WordPress site and the do the following:
      1. Go to Plugins
      2. Add new
      3. Switch to the Commercial tab
      4. Unregister WPML
      5. Click the link to register it again
      6. Grab the key that will be generated and paste it into your site
      Then you should be able to update your WPML plugins.
      You can also use our technical support if your are stuck:

  11. Hello,

    im using WPML Multilingual CMS and i want to buy license for 1 website

    I have to buy Multilingual Blog or Multilingual CMS ?

    Best regards

    • Hello, does your site use any other WPML plugins? For example the String Translation plugin? If so, you need to buy the Multilingual CMS package.

    • Hello Simonas,
      Both licenses will work for 1 website, but choosing one would depend on your website structure. For a classic blog, the first would be enough. However, if you have a website with custom fields, theme options, page builders… you will need the Multilingual CMS.
      I hope it helps.

  12. I am unable to login, i bough the plugin last year in May 23 and since than did not logged in
    when i try to use forget password it says invalid email
    can you help?

    • Hello,
      your website is registered with a diffrent email address than the one you used to post this comment. I will send you the email directly.

  13. Hi,

    We are a research team at a public university in Canada. Our funds are also public so we need to keep pour costs as low as possible. Living in a country with two official languages (French and English), we’d like to be able to offer our research in both. Do you offer an acadmic license that could be cheaper by any chance?

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Team,

    We have some question before purchase WPML Plugin, as we need a website in English and Arabic so,

    1 – How we will manage Left to Right for Arabic, will WPML support for this? Can you provide any video link in support.

    2 – We want to developed all Arabic conversion self instead of automatic, is it possible with custom theme and ACF also?


  15. Hi !

    I have a french site for guide on MMOs and i want to translate it in English.

    I’ve built my site on Elementor, The translation works fine on Elementor ? like it wont have blocks untraducted or not supported or things like that ?

    I believe i have to pay the multilingual CMS at 99€ because 39€ doesnt have automatic translation, this is very expensive for a small website who doesnt make any profits (only guides for mmo ahah) i didnt understand if it’s a lifetime purchase or if i need to buy it every years ?


    • Hello Thomas,

      If you are using Elementor, WPML should be able to translate your content:

      And yes, for using the automatic translation or translate a website created with Elementor, you will need our Multilingual CMS license which is renewed on a yearly basis.
      If you don’t renew it, you won’t receive more updates and you won’t have access to our support, however, WPML and its translations will remain active.

      I hope it helps.

  16. Hi there,

    I was able to add sub-spanish languages, but for some reason, the cart on some of them it’s showing up on English instead of Spanish. Is there a way to see why this happens? Thanks.

    • Hello Diego,
      what you are experiencing seems ot be abnormal because the cart should appear in Spanish for all the pages even if you use custom Spanish languages (what you call sub-spanish languages). Please log into your WPML account and use our technical support forum to report this issue. Someone from our technical experts team will check your site to find the reason. Thank you.

  17. Hello guys, i have an italian website that sells Beauty courses online trough Learndash. Now, we want to expand our business outside the country. Here what i need to know: of course i need to translate the website, but not the courses, because i need to differentiate italian courses from english courses, so basically i need that the english version of the website has different contents from the italian one. Is it possible?

    • Hello Deny,
      In that case, I would recommend you to manually translate your Learndash website, in that way, you can create independent contents per language.
      You can also create independent courses per language, in case you are not looking for a translation but totally independent courses.

  18. Hello,
    I wanted to know in which file, where you store the translated content?
    And doess goolge index the translated content?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello,
      when WPML creates a translation of a post, pages, product etc. it create a new WordPress post, page, product etc. but in a diffrent language. It stores them in the same database table as regular WordPress posts and pages. A similar process happens for categories and tags and for the menus. Some of the translated strings are stored in some extra tables WPML creates, usually these are some special strings coming from your plugins or theme (e.g. forms strings or page builder strings). Yes, Google will index the translated content. For each translated post, WPML will add some special hreflang attributes for all the languages you translate your site too and these attributes are used by Google to index your site in other language. For example, visit this page:, display the HTML source of this page and you will see the hreflang attributes in the top part of the source.

  19. Happy day. I am interested in buying your Multilingual CMS (99 Euros) option in order to use the Currency Switcher on my website. But I have a few doubts.

    1. Will the price of my product automatically get updated when the customer switches his currency? I would like to have different prices according to their currency. (eg. INR 700 for Indian clients, but $15 for my US clients)

    2. Will their preferred currency (or geolocated currency) get displayed across all further pages – like shopping cart and checkout pages?

    3. Will taxes get updated according to their country’s current rate?

    4. Also I am planning to sell courses through a membership Plugin like Paid Membership Pro or Restrict Content Pro. Will the Multi Currency feature work with those plugins as well?

    Your clarification and guidance would be very helpful. Looking forward for your reply.

    • Hello Aru,

      Let me answer your questions in order:
      1. Yes, prices should be updated automatically once you switch your currency.
      2. Yes, once a currency is selected, it should be keep for the rest of navigation.
      3. This is more a WooCommerce feature, but WooCommerce should act accordingly.
      4. In the following link you can find a list of the plugins already compatible with WPML:

      I hope it helps,

  20. Happy day. I would like to use your Multi Currency feature on my upcoming website. I would not require the translate feature though. Please let me know about the following :

    1. Whether buying the Yearly License will enhance my experience of Multi Currency
    2. If yes, then whether to proceed with the Blog or CMS option.
    3. Whether adding Multi Currency feature will slow my site down.
    4. Whether Multi Currency is compatible with other non-Woocommerce apps. Plus your recommended integrations.

    Your guidance and clarification would be very helpful. Waiting for your reply.

  21. Thank you so much for your support. In the second comment, I have asked a few more questions. I will paste them down here and add one more :

    1. Whether buying the Yearly License will enhance my experience of Multi Currency
    2. If yes, then whether to proceed with the Blog or CMS option.
    3. Whether adding Multi Currency feature will slow my site down.
    4. Whether Stipe Payments (International Payments permitted) will work well with the Multi Currency feature.

    It would be very nice if you could clarify them as well.

    • Aru, if you are not planning to translate your site, you may not need WPML. In that case, you can try our WCML standalone version that can be find in the following link:

      Now, to answer your questions:
      1. All our licenses works on a yearly basis.
      2. Choosing between the Blog or CMS license depends on the kind of content that you are planning to translate. As it is a WooCommerce website, you will need the CMS option.
      3. No, it shouldn’t slow down your website.
      4. Yes, the native Stripe option that comes with WooCommerce should be compatible.

      I hope it helps.

  22. Hello,
    I have custom page templates in code and each template has many custom fields. My many pages are based on custom page templates. I use your plugin for multiple languages. But the issue is that who content shown by Elementor or Gutenberg that’s content easily translated but my custom field data is not showing on the translation page or is not showing as segments (line of contents in wpml translation page).

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