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Bought WPML to build sites for clients? You can transfer the renewal payments to them.

Watch the following video to see how great this works for you and your clients.

For every website for which your client pays renewal, you receive:

  • €20 credit on your yearly account renewals
  • Another free site that you can build with WPML

For example, let’s say you’re paying €74 each year for renewing your Multilingual CMS account. This allows you to register 3 production sites. If you transfer sites to two of your clients, your next yearly renewal goes down to only €34. These two transferred sites will still display in your account but will no longer count against your total of 3 production sites. In other words, you will now be able to register 2 additional, production sites with your account.

When your credit is higher than your yearly renewal cost, we will pay you the difference. If you have a Multilingual Agency account with the usual renewal price of €149 and 10 of your clients are paying their own renewals, you won’t have to pay for any account renewal. Instead, we will pay you €51 every year.

To receive the discount on your renewals:

  • You must have automatic renewals enabled
  • Your client must take ownership of the renewals on the site you transferred to them

Which WPML Accounts Can Transfer Renewals To Their Clients?

WPML clients with Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Agency accounts can transfer renewals to their clients. Additionally, we even allow clients with the WPML Lifetime accounts to do this and earn money for each transferred renewal.

How Much Will My Clients Pay and What Will They Get?

Your clients will pay €39 for the yearly renewal of one site. They will have access to all of WPML’s components, as well as our downloads and support.

Please note: Their one-site account will only be valid for the URL you registered. They will not be able to register new sites, generate new site keys, or change the URL associated with their license.

For this reason, please be sure you migrate any site that is still in development or at a staging URL before you transfer the site to them.

What Happens If Your Own Account on Expires?

This is one of the best things about your clients taking ownership of their own sites. If you’re no longer using WPML and your account expires, your clients will retain access to updates, downloads, and support as long as they continue paying for their own renewal.

This is why it’s important to explain to your clients what happens if they don’t renew their accounts.

How To Transfer Renewal Payments To Your Clients

To receive all these benefits, you need to invite your clients to take ownership of their sites.

  1. Go to your WPML account and click on Register WPML on your sites.
Click Register WPML on your sites
  1. Click on the person icon next to the site you want to transfer to invite your clients to pay for the renewal. This icon only appears for sites using a production site key. You can move a development site key to production by clicking the gear icon.
Transferring the site to your client from the account’s Sites page
  1. You’ll see a dialog with a URL to share with your clients and a list of facts you can share with them.
A pop-up dialog with information for inviting your clients to take over renewals
  1. Write an email to your client inviting them to take over their own renewals.
  2. Once your clients have accepted your invitation, you will see that you have transferred ownership of the site to them.
List of your sites after a client started paying
  1. When you pay for your next yearly renewal, you will receive a €20 discount. You will continue to receive this discount as long as you have automatic renewals enabled on your own account and your client continues to pay for the renewals on the site you transferred to them.

Please note: if your client does not take ownership of their site before your own account renews, you will not see the €20 discount on your renewal.