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Before we discovered WPML, we were struggling with the complex, tedious task of translating our English website into Dutch. It was error-prone and time-consuming, which led to confusion among our visitors and potential customers. We also had concerns about maintaining our visibility on search engines in both languages, as we didn’t have a reliable solution for multilingual SEO. The frustration was immense as we tried to manually translate our site, leading to potential customer confusion and a decrease in overall user experience. We were also worried about our online visibility due to SEO concerns, creating a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. The process was tedious, error-prone, and felt like an uphill battle. WPML was a revelation with its intuitive, efficient translation workflow, which made the process of localizing our content seamless and effortless. It also offered robust multilingual SEO compatibility, ensuring our visibility across search engines in both English and Dutch languages. Additionally, the exceptional customer support provided by WPML set it apart from any other solutions we tried. The moment of realization came when we saw our website flawlessly presented in both English and Dutch, with no translation errors or user confusion. We observed improved bounce rates, increased user engagement, and our site ranking high on search engines in both languages. It was a powerful moment, seeing the tangible benefits of WPML, which had transformed our website into a truly multilingual platform. Life after implementing WPML has been significantly smoother. We now have a seamlessly translated website that caters to both our English- and Dutch-speaking customers, improving their user experience and increasing their engagement. Our visibility on search engines has improved in both languages, leading to an increase in organic traffic. We’ve reduced time spent on translation and SEO issues, allowing us to focus more on our core business of providing quality pet care services.

Pavel Timofeev
June 30, 2023

I was facing so many problems until I found WPML. It was challenging trying to solve them. WPML is different because it is integrated with SEO and makes content translations easy to manage. There are also frequent updates. WPML is a great solution and I’m happy now that it has solved my problems.

Inbal Sher
June 12, 2023

Before we discovered WPML, we couldn’t translate right away, and it took too long. The frustration was horrible. The difference with WPML is on-the-spot translation without any delays. The moment when I realized WPML was actually working to solve our problem was when I saw how fast it goes now compared to our regular translation period. Life is so much better now that our problem is solved.

Martin Vermeer
May 15, 2023

The idea of translating our website into several languages seemed like a bit of a nightmare to me. I had no idea the process could be so smooth and easy. WPML did most of the work for me, and I love it. The moment I saw clients from abroad start to come and stay at our hotel was when I realized how great WPML is working. Now, I can spend more time on other important tasks.

Aleksander Grynis
April 11, 2023

Google Translate just wasn’t the slick experience we needed for a comprehensive translation solution. We needed something more robust, scalable, and also compatible with the custom-built WordPress sites we create. WPML is one of the best translation plugins available in the market today. It’s a powerful and user-friendly plugin that helps websites translate their WordPress site into multiple languages with ease. WPML offers a wide range of features, including an intuitive translation management interface, multilingual SEO support, and compatibility with popular WordPress themes. One of the best things about WPML is that it provides professional-level translation services, enabling website owners to connect with a network of certified translation professionals who can help them translate their site content with ease if needed. I highly recommend WPML to anyone who wants to create a multilingual website without facing the challenges of technicalities and managing translations manually.

Ben Foster
March 23, 2023

Before using WPML, developing a multilingual WordPress site was complicated and time-consuming. It was frustrating to continually find areas of the site that could not be easily translated. However, with WPML, everything has changed. I can now create a multilingual site in just a few hours and manage translations with language translation collaborators easily and intuitively. I realized that WPML would have radically changed the way we worked with multilingual sites 8 years ago when I was looking for a solution to a complex project that had to handle many languages. Thanks to WPML, the kind of service I can now offer is much faster and more comprehensive.

Emanuele Ricci
Emanuele Ricci
March 23, 2023

Before WPML, it felt like a gamble whether we could find a good copywriter in the right language or not. Sometimes it worked out, but other times it led to more time being needed to fix issues than what we started with. This could be incredibly frustrating, especially when even simple tasks couldn’t be completed. WPML changed our whole setup in a positive way that we didn’t think was possible before. Instead of countless hours spent solving obstacles, we now have a really smooth ride for all our sites. WPML is truly a champ. You can trust that you’ll have your hands free to focus on more constructive challenges, rather than endless translation requirements that don’t meet the mark. It felt like a new beginning when we realized that WPML works like a lucky charm.

Stefan Persson
March 9, 2023

I have previously tested Polylang and Loco Translate for a few clients and found them to be frustrating and limited, especially when it came to SEO and sitewide translations. I found that many other translation extensions also had limitations, and trying to find relevant documentation or appropriate coding solutions was extremely time-consuming. The first time I used WPML was for an e-commerce project. My client had previously tried a free WordPress plugin, but when they needed a sitewide translation solution, I suggested WPML. Within just 48 hours, I was able to learn enough about WPML and implement it on my client’s website to solve any problems that arose. WPML is a comprehensive translation system that allows users to work on every aspect of their website, from pages and articles to menus to any translatable metadata. It is also an excellent tool that enables collaboration with my clients. Whenever I encounter a client looking for an easy website translation solution, I always recommend WPML integration. It saves me time and greatly reduces stress for my clients.

Sébastien Teitgen
Créateur de site internet | webmaster dévelopeur web
February 28, 2023

I was looking for a 100% reliable translation plugin. I tried several solutions before WPML but I didn’t find any of them to be satisfactory. WPML is the only solution with which I could configure all the translation options I needed. Now it is the only plugin I use for my multilanguage projects.

Marketing Médicos
February 10, 2023

Finding a system where I can easily translate existing pages and add new content was very difficult. I wasted huge amounts of time just working out bugs with other translation systems or translating sites built using child themes and having to translate each site individually. WPML on the other hand has a nice interface, good support, and options for manual and automatic translation. The most important is that it was 99% bug-free and made my life much easier! I remember clicking the last button of the installation process – it worked! The amount of working hours saved is not only good for me, but also for the client. Money saved!

Gareth Simpson
December 12, 2022

I had trouble finding a simple solution to translate my website. After trying all other solutions, they have proven to be extremely time-consuming to set up. Then, I discovered WPML and it turned out to be very easy to set up. WPML means more visitors and satisfied customers on my site. I was so glad to finally see my website in more languages.

Michael Luron
December 5, 2022

Before switching to WPML my sites had SEO problems, the support I was getting was bad, and there was no documentation. Now, I have been using WPML for 6 years, and the plugin and support are amazing. I felt the difference literally 2 days after switching to WPML and the whole translation workflow is much better!

Alexandros Kontinopoulos
November 28, 2022

In terms of SEO, it was challenging to manage multilingual WordPress sites. Machine translation is not indexed and automatic solutions that enable indexing risk not being localizable. Updating content was time-consuming as changes had to be made to each language version. Thanks to WPML, it is possible to keep track of the status of translations. With WPML, it is possible to achieve indexing on various search markets, enabling fast and effective updating.

Paolo Margari
Digital Strategist
November 8, 2022

We were having trouble managing our multilingual content before we discovered WPML. We had to manually create and manage translations for each piece of content, which was time-consuming and error-prone. WPML alleviated our pain points by automatically creating translations for us and delivering them to the correct language versions of our site. This saved so much time. WPML is different because it is a complete solution for multilingual sites. It includes everything you need to manage your translations, from creating the translations to delivering them to the correct language versions of your site. We were really impressed when we saw how easy it was to use WPML. It was so simple to set up and manage our translations with WPML, saving us a lot of time and hassle. Now that we’re using WPML, our lives are much easier. We don’t have to worry about managing translations manually anymore. WPML takes care of everything for us, and we’re very happy with the results. Thanks, WPML!

Nate Zuzemberg
Content Manager
November 7, 2022

I was looking for a translation plugin for a very long time and in 2015 I found WPML. Before using WPML, it was so hard to translate all the pages, menus, etc. It is the most complete translation plugin I have ever used. I have been using WPML for 7 years now and this is the best translation plugin I have ever seen.

November 3, 2022

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