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LAT Multilingual

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Founded in 1999, LAT provides translation services in most languages, including French Canadian. LAT works for a wide variety of clients across multiple industries such as tourism, education, food and health, engineering, pharmaceutical and retail.

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Getting started with LAT Multilingual

To send the content for translation to LAT Multilingual, please ensure that you have the following plugins installed on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS – the core plugin
  • WPML Translation Management – this plugin will allow you to connect to LAT Multilingual
  • WPML String Translation – this plugin will allow you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new one by choosing WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plans.

LAT Multilingual will be available on the  Translation Services tab found on the WPML -> Translation Management page. This page is available only after registering WPML. The entire process takes a few minutes.

If you need any help with the WPML plugin configuration, go through our getting started guide or simply ask a question on our support forum.

Connecting your website to LAT Multilingual

To connect WPML to LAT Multilingual, all you need is the API Token.

Go to WPML -> Translation Management to select your translation method. Click the button Yes, show me the available translation services.

Selecting translation method

Find LAT Multilingual on the list of translation services and click Activate.

In the next screen, select whether you already have a LAT Multilingual account or need to register.

If you have an account, click Yes, I already have an account and enter your token on the following screen.

Requesting an account

If you clicked No, I don’t have an account, you can request an account and your API Token by contacting LAT directly or by using LAT’s account request form on the LAT Multilingual website.

Once you have your API Token, go to the Translation Services tab on the WPML -> Translation Management page. There, enter your API Token to authenticate LAT Multilingual.

Congratulations! Your LAT Multilingual account is now connected to your WordPress website.

Sending content for translation

Now, you are ready to send content for translation. For detailed steps, please visit our dedicated documentation page.

Receiving a quotation and authorizing your translation

Once your translation basket has been transmitted, LAT Multilingual will be notified immediately and will proceed to carry out detailed analysis and quoting of the batch.

LAT Multilingual will email you a detailed quote for the batch, with terms and conditions of business and simple instructions on how to authorize the translation.

Receiving completed translations

As soon as a translation job is finished by LAT Multilingual, it will be ready to be delivered to your website.

Depending on your configuration, translations will be delivered automatically or can be manually fetched from your WordPress admin panel.

To check your configuration, go to WPML -> Settings, locate the Translation Pickup mode section and verify the selected option.

Select translation delivery method
Checking translation delivery method

When automatic delivery is selected, translations will be delivered to your website automatically as soon they are complete. At any time, you can check the status of translation jobs.

If you choose the option to fetch translation manually, you can download completed translations from the WPML -> Translation Management page. Click the Check status and get translations button at the top of the page.

Canceling translation jobs

If for any reason, you want to cancel the translation of the pages sent from WPML to LAT Multilingual, bear in mind that:

  • You cannot manually delete or cancel jobs from the Translation Jobs tab on your website.
  • The project can be canceled only by LAT Multilingual. To do this, please contact LAT Multilingual directly.

Depending on your Translation Pickup mode configuration, the cancellation request can be sent to your website automatically through XML-RPC. Otherwise, you must click the Check status and get translations button on the Translation Dashboard tab to refresh the status and see the changes.

As a result, WPML will remove all canceled jobs from the Translation Jobs tab.

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5 stars rating for the translation of AECOM Benefits - Canada

Extremely helpful and thorough

We recently worked with LAT on our first large-scale website translation project, and they were very patient and helpful with us throughout the process.  They answered our questions quickly, kept us abreast of their progress, and provided us with excellent-quality translations.  Our client had no qualms with LAT’s work, and absolutely nothing required editing or re-translation. We are confident about continuing to work with LAT, and would definitely recommend them.

5 stars rating for the translation of Harlequin Floors (Americas)

Valued Translation Partner

LAT Multilingual is a valued partner. The team at LAT is responsive, they work fast and always deliver high quality translations when we need them. I highly recommend them for your translation needs and integration with the WordPress platform through WPML.