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July 15, 2021

WPML’s pricing for automatic translation is affordable for websites of any size and language. Whether it’s a one-page website or an enterprise site with millions of words, automatic translation will save you time and money.

Automatic translation pricing is based on the actual number of words you have used each month, which means if you haven’t translated any words, you won’t be charged! On top of that, WPML starts you off each month with free credits. Keep reading to see how it works.

Create an automatic translation account and receive 2,000 free monthly credits

WPML starts you off each month with 2,000 free credits to translate your site. To claim your 2,000 credits, sign up for an automatic translation account by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Translation Tools tab. The 2,000 credits resets each month.

Choosing a translation engine

Automatic translation credit values depend on your preferred translation engine. DeepL offers the highest quality and most natural translations, followed by Google Translate.

  • Microsoft Azure = 1 credit/word
  • Google Translate = 2 credits/word
  • DeepL = 3 credits/word

The default translation engine for new sites is Google Translate. You can set a preferred order of translation engines or disable the ones you don’t want to use.

Automatic translation is free for sites that use 2,000 credits or less each month! If you use more than 2,000 credits per month, you will be charged according to the following pricing table.

Monthly translation quota
Monthly charge
Up to 2,000 credits
Up to 5,000 credits
Up to 15,000 credits
Up to 50,000 credits
Up to 100,000 credits
Up to 500,000 credits

* This pricing is for websites registered on with valid accounts. Sites that are not registered or registered on expired accounts pay an additional $2.98 per month for automatic translation.

How WPML calculates payments

You are charged based on the actual number of words you translate each calendar month. When you first set up your account, we do not charge you anything because you haven’t used automatic translation to translate anything yet.

Billing cycles last from midnight UTC on the first of the month through the last day of the month. Please note that depending on your time zone, jobs you translate on the last day or first day of the month may be split across two billing cycles.

It doesn’t matter at which part of the month you first start using our automatic translation system. The billing cycle is always the same.

We send an invoice and charge you for your month’s usage on the 3rd of the following month. For example, you can expect to be charged on February 3rd for translations you did during January. You will then be charged on March 3rd for all translations done during February, and so on.

The system checks how many words you have used and charges you according to the pricing level it falls into.

For example, translating 2,000 words will use:

  • 2,000 credits with Microsoft Azure and cost $0
  • 4,000 credits with Google Translate and cost $2
  • 6,000 credits with DeepL and cost $7

To make sure you don’t exceed your preferred budget, you can set a limit for monthly payments.

You can also share your automatic translation credits between other sites.

Setting a monthly payment limit

To make sure you don’t accidentally go over your monthly budget, you can set a limit for the maximum amount you would like to pay each month.

When you first sign up, a payment limit is set at the $17 payment level by default. You can change this by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Translation Tools tab. Click Payment & Settings to view your current limit.

Viewing your automatic translation payment limit
Viewing your automatic translation payment limit

Click Change your limit and choose the maximum amount you want to spend you want. Then click Change Limit to save the change.

Changing your payment limit
Changing your payment limit

If you run out of credits before the billing period is over, you will be prompted to increase your payment limit to finish translating your content. This changes your ongoing payment limit moving forward.

Unlocking higher payment limits

You’ll notice the higher limits are locked for security purposes. If you frequently translate a lot of content and would like to use one of these higher limits, click the Enable button. You will then be prompted to pay for your original limit.

Enabling a higher payment limit
Enabling a higher payment limit

After paying, you will notice two things:

  1. The credits you paid for appear in your automatic translation account. As you translate content, WPML will use the credits you paid for rather than count them towards your next invoice. These credits do not expire.
  2. Your limit increases to the newly unlocked level.
Credits you paid for appear in your account Payment limit increases
Credits you paid for appear in your account Payment limit increases

For example, let’s say you have a new account that is set to the $17 default payment limit of 100,000 credits, and you want to increase your limit to 500,000 credits.

Click the Enable button to pay the $17 for the original 100,000-credit limit. These 100,000 credits are added to your account and will be used first as you continue to translate content. Your new limit is set to $72 (500,000 credits). You now have 600,000 available credits (500,000 in your set limit + 100,000 that you paid for).

Please note you can only unlock one level at a time, so if you want to unlock an even higher limit, please follow this process again.

Viewing your invoices

You can view your payment history and download past invoices at any time by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Translation Tools tab. Click Payment & Settings and scroll down to expand the Invoices dropdown.

Viewing past invoices
Viewing past invoices

Canceling the payment plan for automatic translation

Go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Translation Tools tab. Click the Payment & Settings button, and then the Cancel subscription link.

You’ll receive a final bill for your usage over the last month.