WPML features a page for managing your translations, which allows you to get your site translated by others by sending contents to be translated. This includes users of your site or one of the professional translation services integrated with WPML.

Setting up translators

Before sending contents to be translated, you need to select your translators.

To set up local translators, which can be any registered user of your site, go to the WPML -> Translation Management page and clicking on the Translators tab.

Adding Local Translators
Adding Local Translators

Besides selecting users that will be translating, you need to select the languages that they will be allowed to translate contents from and into.

To use a translation service, go to the WPML -> Translation Management page, select the preferred one from the list and click to activate it.

Selecting a translation service
Selecting a translation service

For more information, visit the page about setting up translators.

Sending contents to be translated

Sending of contents for translation is performed in two steps.

1. Selecting contents to be translated

What to do Screenshot
Go to the WPML -> Translation Management page. This is the Translation Dashboard and you use it to select contents that need to be translated.
Use the controls at the top of the Translation Dashboard to filter the contents and find what you want to translate.
In the list of contents, select the contents you want to send for translation.
Use the controls at the bottom of the Translation Dashboard page to select the languages into which you want to translate the contents, and then click on the Add selected content to translation basket button.

2. Assigning a translation job to preferred translator

What to do Screenshot
Still on the WPML -> Translation Management page click on the Translation Basket tab.
Review the contents selected for translation and select the translator for the job.

Click on the Send all items for translation button.

That’s it! You successfully sent your contents for translation.

For translation jobs to be done successfully by a translation service, you will need to make a payment to them.

For more information, visit the page about sending content for translation.

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