To get the Translation Analytics plugin, you need to go login to your WPML account, click on Downloads and purchase it from that page. You will then be guided through the steps to activate it.*


  • Currently WPML 3.2.x is not supporting Translation Analytics. We will integrate it into the module WPML Translation Management in the future versions.
  • This document is still valid for WPML

Setting up Translation Analytics

Once you have activated the Translation Analytics plugin, click on WPML->Translation Analytics to set it up.

Setting up Translation Analytics 2
Setting up Translation Analytics

Translation Analytics  is a free service.  Enter your name and email, choose a nickname and a password, and an account will be created for you.

Just after you use Translation Analytics to assign your account to your website or create a new account, you will be redirected directly to the overview page of your website.

Your full progress Translation Analytics data is not going to be available in the progress graph format for a period of 6 days (accumulation period). This means that Translation Analytics will not display the progress graph until we have statistics for 6 days. The other graphs are available normally. You will also receive this on-screen message for the progress graph only:

We are still collecting the translation history for this project. We should have the first stats ready on “Relevant date”. Display for the first 6 days.