If you’re using WPML’s Translation Management, WPML will enforce some access restrictions, which prevent people from accidentally editing translations, where they shouldn’t.

The site admin will send content for translation, normally, from the Translation Dashboard. Once sent to translation, documents will be in ‘being translated’ state. At this time, editing is possible through the Translation Editor. It’s not possible to resend to translation or edit the destination pages when translation is in progress.

If you see grayed-out translation controls like in the following image, it’s because WPML is blocking the current user from translating.

Blocked translation controls

To translate, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • You are registered for translation to the target language(s).
  • Translation is not currently in progress.

Site admins can go to WPML->Translation Management->Translation jobs and abort translations, while they are not yet complete. This will enable to resend the document to another translator or edit it manually in the standard post-edit page.

If translations are complete already, the translator who did the job needs to resign and then the site admin can re-assign it.

Additionally, the + and ‘edit’ icons let translators who are approved in certain language pairs to edit translations. Even the site admin will not be able to edit translations, unless approved.

To give users translation privileges, go to WPML->Translation Management->Translators. Choose the language pair and the user name.