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  1. Hi,
    If I purchase a WPML Multilingual CMS will I be able to use the standard WooCommerce Product CSV Import to import into the default language ?

    I know that there is a WP All Import plugin available but I would like to know if the standard WooCommerce Product CSV Import would still work without having to purchase the WP All Import plugin.
    Thank you,

  2. I purchased the WPML plugin on Sunday, 4 Feb 2019 and paid by Paypal. I have thusfar not received any confirmation with a download link, and trying to retrieve my ‘forgotten’ password also generates no email. I am not happy that in this day and age of e-commerce this process has failed for your site. How to proceed?

    Thanks, Leo

    • Thanks for your further info. We are on it. As soon as I know something concrete, I’ll email you immediately. Thank you for your patience.

      • Hi Agnes, thanks for your answers. I have checked my mail box as well as my spam filter (which records every single email to my domain) and no messages from you have been received. That is why I left another message with an alternative email address. Maybe you can use that.

      • Hi,
        I’m giving you 2 additional email addresses where you can send my account activation and download details:

        Can you please try these if everything else fails and then delete this email so my details will not be published.
        As of now, 14:48 UK time, I still have received any communication from you other than on this forum.

  3. Hi, I’m using this alternative email address in case for some reason email to main other address is somehow blocked. I have purchased the WPML plugin yesterday but haven’t received any email with an order acknowledgement or dwonload link from you. Can you help please? My ordering email address is xxx
    Thanks, Leo

  4. Dear,

    I’m from Belgium and we have 2 official languages French and Dutch. My website is made in Dutch.
    – Is it possible with WPML to translate my website so, when people from French side visit the website they will get automatically french version of the website? It’s an e-commerce website.

    – I see that the most Belgian websites have their url example.be/fr… or example.be/nl…
    Is it also like this with WPML?

    – Will google index webpages and see that French is supported? How does this work?

    – I have Yoast plugin is it possible to correct SEO with Yoast for the translation?

    – What abotu hreflang, does it have to be done manually or does it happen automatically?

    • Dear Ame,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.

      – Is it possible with WPML to translate my website so, when people from French side visit the website they will get automatically french version of the website? It’s an e-commerce website.

      If you are asking about automatic redirections, these are also possible to be set up in WPML but we recommend providing good-quality translations. This way Google (and other search engines) will attract organic traffic to your website directly in the language the user performs his/her search.

      – I see that the most Belgian websites have their url example.be/fr… or example.be/nl…
      Is it also like this with WPML?

      Yes, it is.

      – Will google index webpages and see that French is supported? How does this work?

      Quickly after making your site available in other languages, your site should get indexed in Google for all these new languages. Just make sure you have the language switcher included.

      I have Yoast plugin is it possible to correct SEO with Yoast for the translation?

      Yes, WPML is compatible with Yoast.

      What abotu hreflang, does it have to be done manually or does it happen automatically?

      It will happen automatically.

  5. Hi,
    I typed my data to purchase plugin (stripe – credit card), but then site showed that such an account already exists – but it was not true. I did password recovery and managed to login to that account. Now it shows in my order history one order with pending status – money was never transfered. How can I pay for this order?

    • Hello Agnieszka,
      let me ask our admins to check the status of your account and the history. Most likely you will need to ignore that pending order and buy again (being logged in) but let me double check with our admins to be 100% sure everything is fine with your account.

  6. In terms of budget, the cost is $79/year, but I could choose to not renew: my existing site would remain bilingual— any new content I would have to update manually and I wouldn’t have access to updates, correct?

    • Hello,
      if you don’t want your account to get renewed automatically after the first year, simply cancel your subscription by using the “cancel” link which you will find in your WPML account. Yes, your site will continue working even without an active subscription and you won’t have access to updates and our support forum.

  7. Hello 🙂
    The amount that I am going to pay for the plugin, is it monthly or yearly?
    And my website is in Arabi, will the plugin help me translate it to English and French?
    Can I manage the translation? i.e.: Can I create my own terms for the menu items or is it translated automatically via the plugin based on pre-defined terms by WPML?

    • Hello,
      it’s a yearly cost. WPML helps you to make your site available in more than one language. By default, it doesn’t translate your content automatically. If you are interested in machine translations, there are also available, please read more about it here: https://wpml.org/2018/06/machine-translation-available-in-wpmls-advanced-translation-editor/ but they need to be approved manually as well.
      By default, you provide the translations. You can also send your content to one of the professional translation services integrated with WPML.
      Yes, you can adjust the translation of the menu manually. By default it will reflect the names of the pages.

  8. Hi,
    I bought Multilingual CMS for Life in March 2018 (INV1547269). Can you confirm that I don’t need to renew this? I’m assuming not but just want to doublecheck.
    Best wishes,

    • In our checkout page, when you select “alternative payment processor”, are you still redirected to PayPal? You should see a form to enter your credit card details.

  9. Hi,

    I am interested to renew my account (purchased last time for unlimited sites) but I found that it showed: “Use WPML on three sites”. Would you please extend my account for unlimited sites in the old price?


    • Hello,
      before we switched our subscription model we had sent a few emails to customers in the exact same position as yours with new options. I guess you must have missed it. Please use this form to contact us and explain your situation. The person in charge of accounts will try to help you.

  10. Hello WPML,

    I will like to know if you have any discount for non-profits organizations in United States. We are a Catholic church that is building a multilingual page for the community. We can provide all the information as a non-profit.


    • Hello Félix, I’m sorry but we don’t have any special offers for non-profits organizations. But thanks for checking.

    • You can get the Multilingual CMS package now, which costs $79. This package allows you to build up to 3 sites with WPML. You can install on instances of a multisite. If you need more sites, you can upgrade to the Agency account later and only pay the difference.

    • Hello Tiago,
      could you please use the contact form to contact us directly (from the email address you’ve used to register WPML account) and we will try to help. We could reset the password for you but if the mail() function is disabled on your server, automatic resetting won’t help much but let me double check with our admins.

  11. Hi,

    We’d like to translate our website in American English and British English. I’ve heard great things about your plugin, but have a few pre-sales questions:

    a) Is this possible with WPML or do you recognize only one version of English?
    b) If you can set up both languages, can we automatically set 2 hreflang tags for American English (these will be the en-us and the x-default tags)?
    c) Is browser language based redirection available between these two versions of English?

    Many thanks,


    • Hello Nick,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      a) I’m not sure what you mean by “recognize”. Please clarify.
      b) You can set up both versions of English (you would need to add the second one manually) hreflang tags are handled automatically in WPML but let me check with our developers if we’ve added support for the x-default tag. If not, you will need to handle this one manually. I’ll check and keep you posted.
      c) Yes, it should work too (the language redirection feature works for any language set up in WPML).

  12. Does the “Multilingual Blog” option have these 3 plugins: WPML Multilingual CMS + WPML String Translation + WPML Translation Management ?

  13. Hi WPML, I have activated WooCommerce Multilingual before to puchase WPML.
    But this plugin corrupt my product pages of my theme (SOBER theme): descriptions and additional informations are completely out of position and misaligned.
    If I will buy WPML the problem will be fix or not?

    • WooCommerce Multilingual shouldn’t modify anything in your site without WPML.
      I checked this and you are right, I will address this to our developers.

      To answer your question, installing WPML will bring things back to normal.
      It is also fixed by deactivating woocommerce-multilingual.

  14. I have rtl wocommerce website.
    i need it in english too.
    do i need the Multilingual CMS or the Multilingual Blog will be fine too ?

  15. Hello,

    I’m thinking of purchasing WPML for my portfolio wordpress site. Before I buy it, could I know if this plugin allows for the site to automatically change its language depending on where the user’s IP Address is located?


    • Hello Alice,
      WPML has a feature that allows redirecting the user to his/her language version but this is determined not on the IP but the language set in his/her browser. But please note this feature is not so important at it seems to be since most of the traffic to your site will come from the search engines and if your site provides good quality translations, the user will land on the pages in their languages.

  16. Hi, I’m thinking on buying this plugin. I worked previously with a client in the past but now I need to buy a new licence for a new client.
    I was wondering if this plugin can satisfy our requirements. We need a multi domain, multi language site. Example:

    domain.com (English version)
    domain.com/fr (French version of .com site)

    domain.es (Spanish version)
    domain.es/en (English version of .es site)

    Thanks for your support

  17. http://www.hvergang.com Hi I think I have made at least two big mistakes. I bought an install of WPML from one guy at Fiverr and at the first small problem he dissapeared and then when I checked with WPML I got the message “ask the developer”. Well, I have no developer! The theme is made by designinvento and called classifiedpro and they refuse to take any responsibility at all. Do I after I paid Fiverrguy and two more guy to fix the error have to pay full licensee? It´s as you can see not only a blog. The error I get:Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/hvergang/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/classes/seo/class-wpml-seo-headlangs.php on line 56

    • Hello, the owner of the WPML subscription is the person who bought WPML from us and only that person can open tickets in our support forum. If your site is registered and you can upgrade WPML plugins (on your site please go to Plugins -> Add new -> commercial tab and check if your site is registered), please do. If you cannot, you will need to buy WPML to get access to recent releases of WPML and our support forum. I hope it helps.

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