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  1. Hi,
    I want to buy that plan with 3 sites. Will I be able to change my sites or once I apply the plugin to particular domain it is set in stone?

    • Hello,
      yes, you can change the sites anytime (register and unregister and register a new one in that place). No problem at all.

  2. Hello

    I plan 1 site with 3 environments (development, testing, production). Does this count as 1 or 3 sites from your licensing point of view?

    Kind Regards

    • Technically, it counts as one since with the Multilingual Blog ($29) plan you will be able to register only one domain but since registration is required only to receive (and do) automatic updates directly from your WP dashboard, you can always unregister your production domain for a few minutes (the time needed to update your plugins), register the dev/testing one, update the plugins and then register the production one again. You can always upgrade from the Multilingual Blog to the Multilingual CMS package later for the difference in purchase price.

  3. Hello,

    Can I use a registration for my localhost and when I understand the plugin use the registration key again for a live version?


    • You can create keys for any domain that you choose and you can later remove these keys, so you can create new keys for the correct domains. At any point in time, we limit the number of keys that you have, but you can definitely remove keys that you no longer need and use your account to create new ones.

  4. I am redesigning this site for a non-profit organization in Canada. I am currently working on a development site which will be migrated to the domain when finished. Can I get a free version for non-profit and what is the procedure for this? Thanks.

  5. I have a multi-language website, created using Elementor Pro, and the multi-language part was done using TranslationPress plug-in, which were recommended by Elementor. The plugs works okay, however, it does have the media translation featuer, which I sorely need for my website.

    I am ready to switch to WPML, but I would like to know if I simply deactiveted the TranslatePress plug-in, and install WPML and do the text translation and the media translation with the old translation database left on the website. Would this cause any problems for WPML to work properly?

    • I think that TranslatePress mostly uses automatic translation. WPML allows you to translate yourself. With WPML, you have an option to start with machine translation, but it’s not fully automatic translation. Are you looking to translate the site’s content yourself or have it all translated automatically?

      When you switch to WPML, you should deactivate TranslatePress, activate WPML and start the translation from scratch. WPML will not be able to read the translations history from TranslatePress.

    • I already open both links you send.
      In support it appears for me this sentence:
      {(This technical forum is open to paying WPML clients. Buy WPML to gain access.
      If you are already logged in, please refresh your browser.)}
      How come if I already have bought !!
      – In guidance page I follow the steps and appears for me in my WP this sentence:
      {(Subscription expired. You need to either purchase a new subscription or upgrade if available. Revalidate subscription. If you have already purchased or renewed your subscription and you can still see this message, please revalidate your subscription_)}
      How it is expired? and it is the first time used.


      • Hello,
        are you logged in when you visit the links? Have you registered the WPML plugin on your site? You need to generate a key for a specific site (in your WPML account, https://wpml.org/account/sites/) and then put this key into your WP website (Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab).

        In the meantime, let me check the status of your subscription.

      • You have a Multilingual CMS account with no subscription (meaning no automatic renewals) configured. It was started on February 10, 2019 and is valid until February 10, 2020.

        In order to be able to post on the support forum, you need to be logged in.

  6. Hi,

    I want to buy your software Multilingual Agency (159 $) buy I want to buy from my company credit card which is Europe registered VAT located in Romania, so I do not must to pay VAT!

    But your form do not cancel the VAT! It redirect me to PayPal and the price is with VAT even I put my VAT ID!

    How to pay without VAT as long as my company is Europe VAT registered?
    See image:

    • We send VAT numbers to the EU VAT server to validate them. That server works 99% of the time, but sometimes it’s down (very frustrating situation). Can you please check again and see if it works now? If it’s still not working, please make sure that the VAT number you’re pasting in is correct and that you haven’t entered any leading or trailing spaces. When it works, you should not see a VAT amount in our checkout page. Instead of VAT, the checkout should say “reverse charge”.

      Let us know if this problem continues. If so, please use our contact form, give us the VAT number and we’ll check it manually with the EU VAT server. Our contact for is:

  7. Hi,
    I would like to know if wpml can translate Porto theme for wordpress 5.x
    If yes, I need to translate wordpress, porto theme, woocommerce and the products.
    What I need and what will be the total price?
    Thank you

  8. Hi,
    Some weeks ago, I purchased WPML but asked for a refund afterward. Today, I rebought it, but I got no site key to getting upgrades or support. My password isn’t recognized and when I choose “forgot your password?”, my e-mail address isn’t recognized.

    • Hello Jean,
      If you have a WPML account that you what to renew, you need to log in first and then purchase WPML. I’ll ask our admins to check the status of your account and why you cannot reset your password.

    • Your account looks good, confirmed by our admins. You should be able to get a password reset form our system by using your email. Could you please give it one more try? And let us know what message you are getting. We can force a password reset for you but it will reset your current one. Please let me know if you want us to do so.

  9. Login is only a problem when trying to get technical support. Is probably because I don’t have subscribed yet with the (missing) site key.

    • Yes, to generate the site key you need to have an active subscription. I’ll ask our admins check the status and to reset your password. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. Hello,
    I want to buy the “Multilingual CMS” but I do not want to Renewal my account every year.
    I want only to pay once the $79.00. It is posyble, because when i go to order, it appears that my account will renew every February 12, starting 2020.

    • Hello, That’s correct. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Simply locate the cancel button in your WPML account. Please note that you can still use WPML plugins even you don’t renew your account.

  11. Hello,
    I want to by the product “Multilingual CMS”.
    When i go to by this item displays that “my Your account will renew every February 12, starting 2020.”
    I want to buy this item with $79.00 and pay only once, because I’m not interested in yearly renewals.
    It is posible to pay $79.00 only once whithout Renewals?

  12. Hi,
    Can I use the Multilangual CMS if I’ll have different domains for every language of my website? (I want to have my website in 5 different languages, so I’ll have 5 different domains…)

  13. Hi,

    We plan to use WooCommerce subscriptions on a website that will charge in dollars, however we want the conversion (i.e. $5/month -> £4.80/month) to be the same every month, regardless of conversion rates, is this possible with your plugin?

  14. Hey, I’m looking to add Catalan and Hebrew to a site that’s running on a relatively complex WordPress theme (semplicelabs.com) Are you able to tell me if the plugin will work okay on this theme please?

    Thank you in advance

  15. Hi, i paid the suscription 3 days ago, but the state of the order is pending. Any problem? How long it takes? Where can i download it?
    thank you

    • Hello Manuel,
      if your order completes successfully we send the activation email immediately. Our admins will check the status of your account and we will send you further instructions.

    • Hello,
      We’ve checked and we haven’t’ found any payment records (no PayPal translations) with your the pending order associated with your email – the one you’ve posted your comment with. So form our point of view, it looks like you haven’t been charged by us so it’s safe to purchase again. But if you think otherwise, please use this form to send us anything that proves that you’ve actually paid:
      https://wpml.org/home/contact-us/contact-form/ and we will sort it out. Thank you.

    • Hi Lucas,
      Thanks for your interest. You will the need the String Translation module for this, which comes included in the CMS version.

      Kind regards,

      • ok Thanks…but I need to know if its included on the BASIC PLAN (29 dollars plan), is the string translation module included in the basic plan, yes or no? Thanks again.

        • String Translation is not included in the Multilingual Blog ($29) account. It’s only available in the Multilingual CMS ($79) and Agency ($159) accounts.

  16. Hi, I have an expired license (basic), and now I want to renew and also upgrade, from basic to multiple (3) sites.

    How do I go about it, since I don’t see that option in my account settings.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Rob,
      you have two options:
      1. Renew your Blog subscription first and then you will see the option (you will pay the difference)
      2. When being logged in, visit the buy page and purchase the CMS subscription – ttps://wpml.org/purchase/

  17. Hello! Is it possible to test wpml for a certain period of time, e.g. 2-4 weeks, free of charge? Or do we have to straight away buy wpml, then test?
    Thank you for your answer.

  18. thanks, i’ve figure it out.

    now, if i wanted to remove the “Translation Services” tab, how would I do that. I don’t want any of this on my website…… thank you!

    • Hello,
      you will be able to register only three sites with the Multilingual CMS package. But you can upgrade to the Multilingual Agency anytime for the difference in purchase price. There is no limit in terms of the number of sites you can register with the Multilingual Agency ($159). Both packages include the same set of WPML plugins. I hope it helps.

  19. Hi, I have a lifetime account for the WPLM plugin, installed on (edited), but I have lost my password to the account. I do not have access to the account (edited) connected to the account anymore. It has been cancelled as I do not own the domain (edited) anymore. Can it be connected to (edited) instead? Thanks
    Annie Christiansen

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