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  1. Hi, I already have a wordpress / WooCommerce website. Now I want to add in new languages. The online store is already set up. The site has been live for a while now. Is it possible to make the site and online store multilingual now? Also, if I do that, will it affect the already indexed pages and the SEO?


    • Hello Jennifer, yes, it’s possible to make your already existing site and your store multilingual. If won’t affect your already indexed pages and you won’t lose any Google traffic (actually your traffic will increase). The content for new languages will be separated (either in subdirectories or subdomains) – WPML will handle it for you.

  2. Folks, I just tried to purchase WPML Multilingual CMS using your “Alternative payment processor” which appears to be Stripe, but the page froze for 5+ minutes and now I’m not sure if our company’s credit card has been charged or not. Can someone please confirm and let me know if I need to retry.

    See https://ibb.co/3yMpgmf for the screenshot of the page

  3. Hi, with WPML, can you publish articles, pages, etc in just 1 or 2 of your 4 chosen languages?

    For example, can you publish a news article and just add the English and French translation, but not put in the Spanish and German translation?

    If that scenario is possible, what would it look like on the Spanish and German site? Would the news article be in the news listing, but just in English?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Claudia,
      yes, you can publish articles and pages in just 1 or 2 of your 4 chosen languages. That’s possible in WPML. In that case, the news archive pages for the other languages won’t show those posts (as if they’d never existed). That’s the default setting. You can change it if needed and show your primary language version instead. One more thing about the default settings. If you post a page in English (let’s assume it’s your primary language) and someone is visiting this post and clicks Spanish in your language switcher and Spanish version doesn’t exist, they will be redirected to the home page in the Spanish version. But alternatively, you can choose “Skip language” in your WPML settings and in that case, the Spanish language switcher won’t be shown in the language switcher. What I’m saying there are numerous options for how to handle different cases, I’m sure you will find a perfect one for yourself.

    • Hello,
      you need to do the following:
      1. Purchase WPML with your email address
      2. Go to your WPML account -> Sites and register your site. A key will be generated for you.
      3. Grab the key and go to your WordPress site -> Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab. Unregister the site and register it again using your key.

    • Hello Ken, I’m not sure if I understand your question. When you buy WPML you get access to WPML plugins, annual updates and our support assistance (you can open tickets in our support forum).

  4. Hi,

    If I purchase WPML and do not renew it again, did it have some impact on my existing website? Is renewal compulsory?


    • Hi,
      even if you don’t renew, your site will function normally and you can still use the WPML plugins (the ones that you have installed). After the first year, your WPML subscription will be renewed automatically but you can cancel your subscription anytime (please check this link).

    • I’ve checked your user and everything seems to be set up correctly. What do you do to download your plugins? Please log into your WPML account, go to the Downloads section and then download the plugin named WPML Multilingual CMS. Next, go to your WordPress site, Plugins -> Add new and upload the plugin.

  5. I can’t login to WPML with correct account info. I have lifetime licence. I have ordered new password several times and tried logging in at it will bounce me back to the login screen!!! Please help.

    • Hello,
      your account seems to work correctly, I cannot see any anomalies. I can use the internal function to reset your password and you will get a new email, please let me know if you want to do so.

  6. Hi guys
    we have web in English. Now we like to have 5 more languages. Fot new lang. we hawe .po files ( for theme and plugins ) can we import this files and have automatic new translated strings ?. Do you also help with setup ( go to wp-admin )or just on the forum ?
    thx guys and all the best

  7. Hello,

    Will the WPML plugin works after one year, if I have not renewed it. I will not get any support thats okay but i want my plugin working smoothly.

    I want to do one time investment only. So what i need to do while purchasing the plugin?

    • If your account expires, the plugin will continue working but you will not have access to updates and support. Please note that some updates are required. If WordPress updates and removes some logic, we have to update WPML to match that. If you are using new versions of WordPress, or themes and other plugins, with old versions of WPML, it may not work.

  8. Hi,

    Me and my dad purchased this plugin a while ago to use on our site, but now I cannot login and it says we have not made the purchase.

    Could you please check why?

    Order Number : 206379436214
    Merchant Order ID : WPML-1408120

  9. Hello,
    i wish to buy some kind of WPML plugin for my woocemmerce eshop.
    Let us suppose
    1.i bought and installed WPML Multilingual CMS, Woocommerce ML and all other ur ” ML ad ons”.
    2. i have bought enough credit for automatic machine translation (which was recently allowed for ur WPML) to translate all words on my web
    3. i have translated menus and taxonomies with WPML and other stuff except product titles and product descriptions

    Can i translate all our 750 products with one action at once via mass automatic machine translation. I mean mass product title and product description translation via ur machine automatic translation?
    Let us call it “one click” mass product translation with WPML – is it possible with ur WPML? Or i need to confirm automatic machine translation for each product separately?

    • We are completing now the development of batch automatic translation. This will be ready in WPML 4.3, which is scheduled for September. This feature will allow you to translate automatically groups of posts that you select. You can select these groups manually or select all the posts of a certain type (like WooCommerce products).

      If you buy WPML now and start setting up your site with it, you will be able to use this feature when WPML 4.3 is out.

    • In our checkout page, you can choose PayPal or “Alternative payment processor”. If the alternative processor working for you?

  10. we want to purchase the CMS product however our site is ecommerce site for hotels booking that has 100K of hotels, you mentioned the cms version can translate 2000 word, we do not understand it, is it 2000 per page or per time , because the content is dynamic and can be changed per each user and each day.

    what do you mean by 2000 work, per what ?

    waiting for your reply
    Thank you
    Ahmed Hassan

  11. Does there any older version should can support WooCommerce version 3.1.0 ?
    And also does WPML support the theme “Online Shop” ?

    • Hello Michael,
      it’s recommended using the recent versions of WordPress itself and all the plugins, mainly for security reasons. Even if you use an older version of WPML, in case you tun into any issues, our supporters will ask you to update to the recent one. The “Online Shop” theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team so you would need to check it yourself. Most features should work fine. In case of any serious issues, you can request a refund – our refund policy allows you to test WPML without any risk for 30 days.

  12. Hey there,

    I purchased a license in 2012 for unlimited sites for a specific price. Now I see my license has been reduced to 3 sites. Any ideas why?

    • Hello Cristian. We changed our pricing model more than a year ago. You must have missed our notifications or due to long inactivity from your site, you didn’t get any. From what I can see your WPML subscription expired in 2013. You can email us using this form https://wpml.org/home/contact-us/contact-form/ and we will check if there is anything we can do in your case but I cannot promise anything, I’m not sure if any exceptions are still possible (technical limitations after such a long period of being idle).

  13. I am trying to revive a dead site for a customer which is using older WPML plugins (version 1-ish). After upgrading PHP to 7.2, it has broken their site as the older versions of WPML are utilizing deprecated functions.

    My gameplan was to purchase the new versions of WPML and swap them out, but I suspect this may not be as easy as the db structure, etc, may have changed.

    Would you have any guidance for me here?

  14. Getting ready to install wpml to my site. I need some help… theme on my site is on english, content (blog) is on the other language. When I set up current content language – what language should set up? I guess so that it should be another language, not english. Thanks in advance

  15. Hi, I would like someone to get back to me with a quote for my website. As your free plan comes with 2000 words machine translated, i would like to know the extra charges for words more than 2000.

    I do not have any tool to count my website words, can you guys do the word count on my website and give me a quote. I would need the website to be machine translated into 4 languages. Arabic/ Korean/ Turkish/ and Russian

    I need the price quote soonest.


  16. I wonder if the plugin will work with wordpress site that serve one layout of content to Mobile and another to Laptop? We use user agent to distinguish the users’ device type.

  17. Hi,

    I want to use your affiliate program but I don’t want to buy a license of your plugin, I have a blog and I can send you buyers, there’s any way to work affiliate marketing with you?


  18. Hello,

    I have purchased WPML Plugin. Right now, I am working on sub-domain. Once the website is done then we will migrate it to actual domain, at that time should I need to generate new site key? Please let me know.
    Will it be considered as new site?
    In this migration process data of WPML will get lost or not?
    Please let me know if there is anything we need to take care while migrating to actual domain.

    Thank you

    • Hello Sucheta,
      Thanks for your purchase. You are welcome to register the development site and when the live one is ready register the new url to generate a new key. Nothing will be lost while you do this.


  19. Hi there,

    I am designing a website for our company(presentation, not an eshop) and I want to set 2 languages…

    Will the first Multilingual blog plan work for me?

    Thank you!

    • Hi!
      The Blog version gives you access to the core plugin only to translate posts and pages. You are welcome to start with this version and if needed upgrade to CMS for the difference. Remember our refund policy allows you to get a refund until 30 days of ourchase if you don’t need it in the end.

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