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  1. Hi,

    I just need a bit of clarity on how the plugin works on WordPress. We are looking to translate a website into a few different languages, am I correct in thinking that if we opt for the Multilingual CMS option then the translations could be done automatically meaning we would not need to provide for example a Spanish version it would just do it for us? Thanks

  2. Hello,

    I am using WPML Plugin. After installation of WPML media on my dashboard is getting cleared.
    Media is available in database. But it is not showing on dashboard.

    I have deactivated all the plugins and checked. But it seems to be problem of WPML only.
    Please give me solution for this.


    • Hello, please open a ticket in our support forum and one of our supporters will check what is causing those issues. Please note that you need to be logged in to open a new ticket. Thank you.

    • Hello Kenny,
      I am afraid we do not accept bank transfers. You are welcome to buy with PayPal or your credit/debit card.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Dear WPML we have installed the WPML plugin but since I am trying to update the site and we no longer work with our former website programmer / desinger, I can not understand whether we already have an account or not. If yes, would you be able to tell me the acount name holder or otherwise, we would like to purchase a pack from you.
    I would be very grateful to receive your help on this.

    Kind wishes

    • Hello Maria,
      I have found 2 accounts registered for your site. Let me contact you privately via e-mail about this.

      Kind regards,

  4. I have a question about word packages for WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor machine translation. Are these packages available only for one website or the package is available for all the websites of the account?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi
    Is the currency converter included in the WPML CMS package or is that a separate purchase?

    What I want to achieve is to have my WooCommerce multilingual and multi currency with EUR as the main currency, and USD as “Slave” along with SEK. Is this the prpoduct I want and how much would it cost?

  6. Hello,

    I need to get my word count to get an estimate of the costs for the translation of my page. However, I can’t find the Translation Management page (i do not see the dashboard).

    Kind regards

    • Hello,
      are you a user of WPML? If so, please install the Translation Management plugin first. Feel free to open a ticket in our support forum to get detailed instructions on how to use this plugin.

  7. Hello, I have received a payment by paypal that I have not authorized and I want the money back, I bought the plugin but I did not want to renew the support another year, they have not notified me from WPML and I have seen it without notifying in my bank and Paypal

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      if course we will refund your order if your intention was not to renew your account. Normally I’d ask you to follow this link and request the refund and then later to cancel your subscription by following this link (first part) but first let our account manager to investigate your case. We need to understand why you were charged if you don’t have automatic renewals set up. Could you please wait a bit and later on today I’ll get back to you with details? Thank you.

    • Hello,
      I’m sending you a direct email explain what happened in your case and why your account got renewed. I have some data from our system provided by the person managing accounts and subscription. You should get my email in a few minutes (I’m gonna use the address you used to submit your comment).

    • Hello,
      it turns out that you should be able to request a refund. Please try this link: https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

      Please note that without an active subscription not only you lose access to our support forum but you won’t get future releases of our plugins. Sometimes it’s about new features but sometimes it’s also about WordPress compatibility. In this case, please be very careful when upgrading WordPress itself (if you don’t update WPML plugins).

    • Hello,
      did you get any order number? I cannot see any records associated with your email address. If your order is in the “pending payment” statues indeed, it means it was not paid for. In that case please start the purchase process all over again.

  8. Hello,

    My site is bit community driven. There are several custom post types and lots of custom fields. Posts are generally in English and Bengali. What I want is to translate everything, except content (the_content and the_excerpt). I understand that I will have to get the CMS version. But will it cause any problem, if I don’t want to translate content area? I want to translate menu items, theme (and plugin) text strings, categories/taxonomies, post date, custom fields etc. Is this possible with WPML without hassle?


    • Yes, it’s possible. WPML is ready to handle the translation of your custom post types, custom fields, menu, and other stings and it’s already ready to handles cases when you don’t need to translate some of your posts. Sometimes you might have issues if your theme privides non-standard elements and for such cases better to choose a theme that was tested by our compatibility team: https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/

      • Actually, I won’t translate any post. Only pages and other items (menu items, theme texts etc).
        It’s a custom build theme. All english strings are coming from po file. I can edit them and they get changed on website. So, I guess that will work with WPML as well?

        • By posts, I mean posts in WordPress terms, which is both posts, pages and posts based on custom post types. After a second thought, I get the feeling that maybe you don’t need a multilingual site and you just need to translate your strings a different language. If so, you don’t need WPML. You can use the Loco Translate plugin. So my question to you is: will your site be available in two languages or in just one? If in two (or more), yes, WPML can help you to handle post and pages that don’t need translation (and you can display their content in the same language for both language or simply not provide translations. If the second option applies to your case (only one language), you can still use WPML but it would be a kind of overkill but it should work as well but this is a very rare case and I cannot give you 100% warranty that everything will work as you expect epecially that you use a custom theme. You would need to check it yourself keeping our refund policy in mind. https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

          • Ok, sorry. My previous comment was confusing. My site will be in two languages. Front-end users will have option to switch language. All pages, menu items, categories, custom taxonomies, custom fields will be translated in two languages. Only one custom post type is community driven, and it won’t be translated. If users post in English, it will remain English, and if they post in Bengali, it will remain Bengali – this will be the_content and the_excerpt of this single custom post type. Everything else will be translatable. So, I guess, this is where WPML will help me big time?
            About the them, yes I understand, it might not be fully compatible. But it’s already using pot file and using gettext for theme strings. So, I guess it should work. If not, I can make necessary changes!

  9. Hi.
    I have a subscription/license which is valid 1 year from now.
    Now I want to change my company’s contact person (my self) to another employee’s login, name and email address. How can I switch contact person / administrator of this license?
    Morten Moa

  10. Hi,

    You say that I can pay via Credit Card or other payment method using Paypal.

    I do not have a credit card.
    I have a paypal account linked to my bank account, with funds available via ideal.
    I have a paypal account with cash funds available (paypal balance).

    I have attempted to make payment now 4 times, and there is no option to pay except via credit card with paypal, or pay by credit cart by stripe…. there is no other paypal option.

    How do I complete my purchase please?

    • Hello Rick,
      if you use PayPal you either need to have the credit card associated with it or your bank account so that our system can establish a subscription (which of course you can cancel anytime). You say “I have a paypal account linked to my bank account” so something doesn’t feel right. I’m gonna ask for our developers to have an in-depth look into your case. Can you please let us know what kind of error/message are you getting?

    • Hi again,
      One of my colleagues just went back to the original conversation he had with PayPal about this. Basically, when it comes to subscriptions, any client needs to have a credit card linked to the account. This is a backup funding source. It doesn’t mean that the card will be charged. If the client has funds in his/her account, the funds will be used obviously. But the credit card needs to be linked in order to set up the subscription. This is the PayPal policy, it’s not something we can change. I hope it helps.

      • Hi Agnes,

        Thank you for looking deeper into this.

        Your first response suggested an error (a lack of payment options is not an error), however you have now indicated that this is a paypal requirement (which is not what your online documentation says – during your checkout process).

        I do not have a credit card – and I have no intention, desire, or interest in going through the application process etc etc just for one $59 plugin.

        How can I renew my WPML license using PayPal (which is linked to my bank account….. and I already have $59 credit on my PayPal account)?

        How can I give my money to you (I really really really want to), so that you can give me access to your software?

        What other payment options do you have please?

        Thank you 🙂

  11. Dear Support Team

    I’m just a bit confused about the following facts:
    I bought the “Multilingual Agency Package” for $ 159 on August 7, 1818 (order number 26190000) with 3 licenses for 3 websites.
    The first website I created in 2018 and registered with you and the other websites then in January 2019 and now I just wanted to register the 3rd website and had to realize that the subscription has expired !!!!
    What can I do now? How can I extend it?
    Do I have to pay $ 159 again?
    Request for a quick answer.
    Best regards Diana Steib

    • Hello,
      didn’t you get any email notifications from us before your subscription expired? We send at least two with the next steps to take. I’ll ask the person who manages account to check your history but let me answer your questions now. You can register new websites as long as your subscription is active (you don’t need to have an active WPML subscription to use our plugins but to register new accounts, yes).

      Please check what renewal option you have available in your account. Please log in and see the options available for you. If you renew before your account expires you should be able to use a discount (pay $59 instead of $79 or pay $119 instead of $159) depending on the package.

      If you are satisfied with what you can see in your account you can renew your subscription. In the meantime let me check with the team if we sent you any reminders that you can do so. If we didn’t we might adjust your account manually so that you can use the discount. Let us look at your history and check the possibilities. I’ll get back to you.

    • Hello,

      our system shows that we sent you two reminders (emails):
      2019-07-08 02:00:19 “Renew your WPML account to save $100 now and $60 every year”
      2019-08-04 03:00:10 “Hurry, last chance to save $100 on WPML renewal”

      We can also see that you manually canceled the automatic renewals the same day that you bought from us:
      August 7, 2018 at 8:27 am -> Payment received.
      August 7, 2018 at 8:44 am -> Order cancelled by the subscriber from their account page.

      So in this case, the action is on you. You would need to purchase again by following the link in your WPML account. If you want to use WPML on up to 3 sites, the Multilingual CMS package will suffice. If you need to register more sites, please consider the Multilingual Agency (if you cannot see the option to buy Multilingual Agency, please purchase the Multilingual CMS ($79) package first and then upgrade (our system will charge you proportionally, meaning you’ll pay the difference in that case).

  12. Again my post: I looked up and in the last questions there was a mistake:
    Dear Support Team

    I’m just a bit confused about the following facts:
    I bought the “Multilingual CMS Package” for $ 79 on August 7, 2018 (order number 26190000) with 3 licenses for 3 websites.
    The first website I created in 2018 and registered with you and the other websites then in January 2019 and now I just wanted to register the 3rd website and had to realize that the subscription has expired !!!!
    What can I do now? How can I extend it?
    Do I have to pay $ 79 again?
    Request for a quick answer.
    Best regards Diana Steib

    • Thanks for more details. I have just replied to your previous question, please check it. Let me consult your case with the person who manages accounts and I’ll know more soon.

  13. I would like to have a multilingual website and currently using Generate Press + Elementor. If I buy ”Multilingual Blog” option, will I be able to use all YOAST SEO settings for different languages?

    • Hello, thank you for your interest in WPML. No, the Blog version won’t suffice in your case. You will need the Multilingual CMS package (both for using Elementor and Yoast settings).

  14. hi , I am having E-commerce Website , now i need that in multi languages in English , Portuguese & French , & also i have three Domains , based on that domain , appropriate language should be displayed & i have an Android & iOS app , i using Woocoomerce Rest API for getting all data , now how can i get that data in preferred language..

    for all these functionalities , which plugin i need to buy ,Let me Know as soon as possible..

  15. Hello,
    I´m doing web design for a new customer and ‘inherited’ his old page.
    With WPML – that has been configured from what it looks like a while ago.
    The old web agency is in the wind and it might be nearly impossible to get in touch with them and ask about the former registration (keys/pw/account/mail…). Is there a way to check if the customers url is in your database? I´m pretty sure that your product has already been paid for. I´d like to send you the URL via private mail or message. Sending from an email with the customers domain is although possible. Maybe you got some other idea, but we´re quite stuck here.

    kind regards

  16. Hi,
    I have multiple environments — I purchased a license for 1 site but for dev and uat environments that uses the same installation, am I allowed to use the same license key for all the sites? Only one site is production.

    • Hello,
      yes, you can use WPML plugins for your dev sites as well but please note that WPML won’t let you register more than one domain but registration is required only to receive (and do) automatic updates directly from your WP dashboard. You can always unregister one of these sites (for the moment you need to do the update) and register again.

  17. Hi there,
    I am interested in your plugin WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML.
    I haven’t found in your website what is the cost of the plugin (and if it’s a one time payment or a yearly subscription).
    I’ll appreciate your kind response,
    Thank you

  18. Dear WPML team,

    A new client of mine asked me to refurbish his website: consulentia.sk (created by someone else), the other website consulentia.cz (mentioned in website field) is planned to be remade later. Both websites run WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.6 which is obviously outdated and both state that theres no valid subscription, obviously we need to renew it, to update it. The .sk version is being slowly updated theme wise, plugin wise, WP wise (both used to run on on PHP 5.6.X 2 weeks ago, so u can get the idea what a mess they are).

    Thing is, I cant get in touch with the guy who made both websites, nor do I know, when the sub expired (heck, if there was one in the first place), if theres a user account or smth, to give me a lead, whether to renew subscription on existing account, if there is one or set new account. The client does not know as well.

    Could you please check, if its possible, if theres an account with these domains attached to it?

    Best and hugs,


    • Hello Tom,
      I am afraid I have not found any account registered for consulentia. Do you have any possible name or e-mail address?
      In any case, you are also welcome to buy a new subscriptino and register the site through the new account.

      Let me know please if you have any other questions.

              • Hello Agnes,

                Thank you for your response and no worries, it happens.

                I will get in touch with original web creator today, next day latest. Anyways, I will be buying one license today, since the client and I need to get to your tech gurus for some serious troubleshooting. Two new copies in near future. So I am looking forward to fruitful coop 🙂

                I have another quest directly linked to sales:

                Since the client is on vacation, I will be buying his license on my credentials and newly created account in order to troubleshoot asap (meaning the invoice will be on my person). Later on, I will need to cancel this sub (hopefully within 30 days) and resub on his credentials with new invoice and their info (they are tax payers, they can exclude VAT and put the whole purchase into Ltd. expenses/disbursement). How can I proceed with this in most fluent way so we both are ok with it?

  19. Hello, we are a LSC, and a potential client has asked that we purchase WPML (Multilingual CMS version) to translate their 200+ pages/65000 approx English words website. Is there a way for us to simply export ALL of the text from this website for translation in one of our CAT tools and then upload again into a single location via this plugin? Or, is the only way to enter translations to do one-by-one entries for each page, as shown in one of your sample photos?

    Thank you!

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