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32,832 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,

    We were interested in purchasing the $99 Multilingual CMS license for a client’s website. We were wondering if you have a terms of service agreement that we could look over? Looking forward to hearing back from you regarding this.

    Thank you.

  2. Al tener un Blog en español, y querer traducirlo al francés, inglés y portugués, Mi BLOG o sitio Web ¿Tendrá las 4 versiones en forma simultánea?

    ¿Podré publicar para cada país (ejemplo: España, Francia, Estados Unidos, Brasil) en su idioma de origen, simultáneamente? o tengo que crear un Blog por país, para que dichas publicaciones queden en el idioma de tales países? Si así fuera el procedimiento, es un trabajo a realizar para cuatro Blogs o sitios Web (cuádruple trabajo a realizar), cuya única diferencia sería el idioma, espero no sea muy tonta la pregunta que he hecho aquí, pero mejor preguntar todo de una vez, para tener las cosas bien claras.

    Es muy importante para mí tener claro esto por favor.

    Al tener mi sitio Web con el SEO Rank Math, este SEO será compatible con WPML ?

    Muchas gracias.

    Quedo atenta a sus aclaraciones.


    • Hola Ana María:
      Con WPML solo tienes que instalar nuestro plugin en tu web, y se encarga de generar las nuevas versiones de idioma dentro del mismo WordPress. No hace falta crear los sitios para los otros idiomas de forma separada.
      WPML funciona bien con SEO Rank Math. Para ello necesitas adquirir la versión CMS


  3. Hi friends, I just saw your plugin and i would like to buy it but the only thing I care about is that disable the automatic translation. I have an english course for spanish speakers, so when they are taking the test the see the exams in spanish becaus of google chrome translation. I do not want that. I want to block that. from my end. no translation at all. So once that you know what i am looking for, is it your plugin able to disable automatic translation. and just keep it in the language I want. ? because imagine if I have an english exam online, whay should I HAVE TRANSLATION, please waiting for answers thank you

  4. Hello,

    My client would like me to translate the Woocommerce products page,

    but he has already a set of english products and a set of french products already and the are slightly different.

    Does WPML help switch between 2 products pages/languages?

    • Hello Djaouida,
      As you have already translated your content, you can manually set with WPML which page or product is the original and its translation.
      In that way, users can switch languages in every page.

    • Hello Saskia,
      WooCommerce products comes with a stock management feature by default. Thus, when you use our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin, it synchronises your stocks across the whole multilingual webshop.

    • As WPML works with multi-sites, you only need to register it for your network. Thus our Multilingual CMS license seems like the right option.

  5. Hi There,

    We have been searching for a solution to allow us to permanently translate an entire wordpress website permanently. We have come across a few cloud based solutions however this won’t work for us as we need backend access to each website which we translate as some content won’t be available to some countries.

    Using this service: will this find and replace the text within Elementor/WordPress including custom post types and translate from a language of our choice to a different language by replacing the text so it saves in the backend rather than loading from fresh every time the site has loaded?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,

  6. We have taken over development of this website, and are migrating to a new server and host. However the previous developer has gone out of business and we don’t have Admin access to the current WordPress install.

    Is it possible to re-download the WPML plugin and continue to use our clients license credentials?

    • Hello Tony,
      If the account on WPML is registered with your client’s details you are wlcome to log in and re-register the site with a new subscription key.
      I am afrais we cannot share login details without the account owner’s consent.

      Let me know?

    • Hi!
      We don’t have free trials of WPML but you are welcometo to try it for 30 days and if it doesn’t suit your needs we will refund you.

  7. Thanks for your message Mercedes,

    I’ve checked with my client and unfortunately they don’t have any of the account details as all of the website development was handled by the developer that is no longer in business.

    Would it be helpful if I had my client contact you directly to verify their credentials?

    • Hello Tony,
      we can check the status of your client’s subscription if we know their email address (the one they used why buying WPML) or their invoice/order number. You can also buy WPML again, and unregister the current site (Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab) and register it again with a new you will generate on your WPML account.

  8. Thanks for your message Mercedes,

    Unfortunately my client doesn’t have any of the account details as all of the website development was handled by the developer that is no longer in business.

    Would it be helpful if I had my client contact you directly to verify their credentials?

  9. I want to use another service than paypla to pay ( My paypal account at the momoent is not usable)and I need to buy the 199 plan

    • Hello. Please use a card. On the checkout page click “Use a different payment processor” instead of clicking on the Place order button.

    • Yes, it is and you will pay only the difference in the purchase price. You can do it at any time but you need to be log into your WPML.

  10. Hello,
    we want to renew our subscription (WPML Multilingual Agency) but we don´t have a paypal account. Do you offer other payment methods? We have only a credit card.
    Yours sincerely
    Yu-Ying Chen

    • Yes, you can pay by using a credit card. At the checkout page, we provide the “Use a different payment processor” link at the button of the page.

  11. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    My name is Frederik and I would be interested in getting the WPML Plugin.

    I would appreciate if you could let me know if it is possible with the WPML Plugin to have two different Instagram Accounts linked to my site. One Instagram Account in English linked to the website in English and another Instagram Account in Portuguese linked to the website in Portuguese.

    Thank you very much in advance for letting me know.

    Best regards


    • Hello Frederik,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. Could you please provide more details on what you mean by linking Instagram Accounts? Do you mean inserting a link? If so, where would you like to add this link? Into your page body, your site footer, somewhere else? If it’s something else than just a simple link, can you please explain how it works on your site?

    • Hello,
      I’m not sure if I and you understand renewals in the same way. You can have only one WPML subscription (= WPML account) and you can have many sites registered there. Could you please describe what you did that worked and what you do that doesn’t work?

  12. Dear Agnes,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    My website is and I would plan to have on the top of the page, on the right side next to the main menu of the website, some social media links (social media iccons with links). One of the links would be for Instagram. So, the website in English should have the link to the English Instagram Account and the Portuguese version of the website to the Portuguese Instagram Account.

    Would this be possible with WPML?

    Thank you very much again.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards


  13. Hi,
    we found the icon to refresh/re-connect the membership in the second site.
    So problem solved.
    Thank you!
    Best regards,

  14. Hey, i have a question if i bought Multilingual CMS and then i got more than 3 websites, and wanted to upgrade to Multilingual Agency how much it will cost ? 100 or 199

    • Hello, when upgrading from the Multilingual CMS to the Multilingual Agency package you will pay only the difference in the purchase price. Just remember to be logged into your WPML account and when doing so (to use the same WPML account).

  15. Hi,
    I have some domains that have either a website or an educational platform, so if I choose the “Multilingual Agency” will I be able to put the plugin in all domains?
    What you mean “180000 free credits between any language”?
    And finally, if I create the translations for all these websites, after a year I will have to renew although I will not make any changes in the translations;

    Thank you so much

    • Hello,
      thank you for your questions.

      Yes, when you buy the Multilingual Agency you can install WPML plugins on all of your websites.
      In WPML, you can translate your content yourself or use automatic translations. WPML is integrated with 3 translations engines (Google, DeepL and Azure from Microsoft). To use automatic translations you need credits. 1 word = 1, 2 or 3 credits, depending on the engine you choose. We give 180 000 words for free but if you need more credits you need to pay extra. Please check the pricing here:
      If you need to translate your content just once, you will be charged only once and yes, you can cancel your WPML subscription after the first year and your site will still work and you won’t lose your translations.

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