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31,038 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

    • Hello,
      can I ask what exactly you would like to try before buying WPML? Does your site use the WooCommerce plugin? If so, we are compatible with WPML. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

  1. Hi dr wpml support Team

    I would like buy Multilingual CMS 99 $ and would like to know- if appear problem with translation / i couldnt find word in string or other issue / then will your support help me to speed up solution. ?
    Within how many hours generally answer your support ?
    Sincerely Armen

  2. Hi,

    We’re hoping to adopt automatic translations from English to UK English. From the looks of it, WPML doesn’t offer this solution just yet. Can you guys confirm that’s the case or point us in the right direction?


  3. Thanks, Mercedes.

    Seems like we wouldn’t be able to translate from one version of English to the next based on the supported languages. We would absolutely love to hear if you guys have a workaround for this. Let me know 🙂

    All the best,


  4. Hello there, I want to know, if I use a different language per domain for example: and and my main site were in FA languages.
    What will happen when a user changes the language? I mean it just redirects into URLs?
    Actually, I want to know does too make google recognize two different websites and helps us to gain from subdomain authority for the main domain or not, it is only redirected performance and there is no help for our SEO and it would be better for us to develop two different websites.

  5. Hi,
    I need to add a language which does not appear in the list of pre-configured languages in WPML such as Khmer, Lao, Burmese…
    On WPML document, I see it is possible to add a custom language.
    But is it possible automatic translation with the new languages I have just added?

  6. Hi WPML,

    we need a license for more than 3 WordPress websites.
    Are there any options to add single domains to the Multilingual CMS type?
    Or do we need a Multilingual Agency typen then?


    • Hello René,
      we have nothing in between these two: CMS and Agency but you can start with the CMS and upgrade to the Agency later for the difference in the purchase price.

    • To get updates (new versions with new features which are compatible with the recent version of WordPress) and access to our support forum.

  7. Hello,

    I plan to start a family blog for my French-Canadian/Vietnamese family. I would like to have 3 different domain name for each language. Example: for English, fro French and for Vietnamese. Is that something I can do with your plug-in? If, yes, can it be all linked to the English version SEO?

  8. Is it possible to have an entirely different page layout for each translation i.e. the English page would have one layout but the French one would be entirely different?

    Rather than translating strings, we often need entirely different content. Is this possible with WPML? All of your docs talk about translating individual strings so it’s not clear in your Howtos

    • Hello Tom,
      yes, it is possible to have an entirely different page layout for each translation but in this case (for such pages) you won’t be able to use automatic translations and translate these pages manually. Please don’t enable the “translate everything” option when setting up WPML and then, when creating translated pages disable the ATE editor for pages for which you need entirely different page layouts. If you use edit your pages using the block editor you need to open a page for editing, switch the sidebar to the Page view, save the draft and then you will see the toggle “Use WPML’s Translation Editor” Click on it to turn it off.

  9. Another question – in our area Google frequently gets specific words or phrases wrong, it there a tool/lway to do an override on specific words within phrases/paragraphs? or some kind of find/replace option?

    • You can edit automatic translations. WPML uses translation memory and will remember your translations when used again. Also, you can use the glossary feature to define how ceratin phrases on your site should be translated.

  10. Hi, I have an expired CMS license. I do not want to renew it, but I want to buy a new license for insallation on new websites.
    When I try to buy, the price goes from 99 to 74, which is the price for renewal. How do I get a new license (for 3 new sites)?

    • Hello, you want to register more than 3 websites, you can upgrade your existing subscription to the Agency package but first, you need to renew your existing subscription (then you will be able to upgrade to the Agency package for the difference in the purchase price). If you want to buy a completely new separate subscription, you can also do it but you would need to use a different email address.

    • Hello,
      I’m sorry but we don’t have any discount codes. If you are building a website for a commercial company you can explain to them that making a site multilingual costs money but it’s an investment that will pay off quickly. If you represent a non-profit organization, you can contact us directly here: since we have some good deals for non-profits.

  11. Hello,

    I’m used TranslatePress and I had some limitations there, I thought to try WPML but I have some questions before I moved to WPML:

    1. There a front-end editor for Elementor that I can translate the strings directly on the frontend website?

    2. If there is no translation yet for some pages, do you guys still duplicate these pages for all available languages I have on my website? or you create a relevant translated URL for each language only in case we have a translation for this page?

    3. There is DeepL Pro integration?

    4. How the free DeepL translation works? Do I need to enter DeepL API for this?

    5. Why does the free DeepL translation cost credits on WPML? on DeepL same translation is available for free.

    6. What can I do in case some buttons or elements require custom CSS for specific language on my Elementor pages? for example, when the string is too long and the button is too short cause in English the original string is short but the translation in German makes it long, do I have a solution for this to customize it in a specific language?

    Thank you!

  12. About the translation management, if I assign a translation for a translator from my team, they will get a notification on email? or there is any other way they will notify about it?

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