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  1. I recently purchased this and it wasn’t going to work for my application so I was refunded. My problem is the plugin left a bunch of translations in my databases. Is there a way to completely remove everything that this plugin has done to my site? I searched high and low on this site and cannot find anything…

    • You would have to enable the WPML core plugin and browse to WPML -> Support -> Troubleshooting page. At the bottom of the page you will find a checkbox and a button to “Reset WPML” completely, deleting any extra tables created.

      You will still find the translations you have added and will have to delete those manually.

  2. We are in the process of buying the plugin but were can we add the Tax exempt number so we won’t be charge for any taxes.

  3. How would I gain temporary access to start the removal process?
    How would I track down the translations manually? Every time I update other plugins it shows that i’m updating translations too and I have no clue where to find these…Really disappointed in this plugin making irreversible changes without looking for them line by line and deleting one by one.

  4. Hello. I wanted to ask about wpml complete solution. Does it include wpml string and wpml translation management? Or do need to buy them also, in order to use in woocommerce website.

  5. Hi,

    is it possible to use this plugin as redirection tool? We have just English language on our website and we want to redirect users to different content depending from which country they are visiting the site (e.g. Australia, UK, USA, Ireland etc)


    • Hello Perlock,
      You probably want ip based redirection … but the closest feature we have is a redirect based on the browser language.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Hi WPML,

    I am running multiple websites where I use articles from a cms passed to me via an xml. So basically I wrote an xml parser to publish posts on my website.

    Anyway, I am very interested in your plugin but my question is:
    Is there a function with your plugin I can call to translate these posts, in my script where I parse these articles from my xml?

    So basically that I translate the text right before I insert the wordpress post into wordpress.

    Thanks in advance!

    • No, there isn’t. Our plugin is more targeted towards helping you translate (keep track of which translations are missing, connect a post with their translations, etc). But the translation itself has to be done by an admin user or a translator.
      We do have machine translation available in our advanced translation editor, but you still have to create the translation job and click the button to have it automatically translated.

  7. we wish to have indonesian version of website

    this uses divi theme

    we are using preconfigured divi custom post type ‘projects’ to create pages for individual food items eg https://goo.gl/1JVBM2 – note the slug has been changed to ‘nusa dua restaurants’

    can wpml handle this situation so that a different slug is used for the indo language?


    • Hello,
      It’s not clear for me how exactly the slug was changed but in general, if you change either the slug of an individual post or a post based on a custom post type (eg. Portfolio) or a regular page, WPML can still handle it. So unless some non-standard tricks in the code have been done to change the slug, you should be fine. Yes, WPML works with Divi. Here’s the tutorial explaining how you translate your Divi-based pages. https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/divi-builder/

  8. Please, if I buy Multilingual Blog WPML version, will it work after one year or I need to renew licence for using it every year?

    • Hello, you can still use the WPML plugins that you have installed even if you don’t renew your subscription. An active subscription is needed for updates and our support help.

    • Hi Jelena,

      Yes, you can use Montenegrin. On your WordPress go to WPML->Languages and under Site Languages click Edit Languages. From there you can add the relevant details for any language you like.

      I hope this helps.

    • Hello Aleksandr,
      The renewal is required to keep access to updates and support. You can keep using the files you have installed on your site afterwards.

  9. We need to convert our site into French and Spanish….. will WPML work with The Event Calendar by Modern Tribe? The translation app we have now won’t convert the calendar entries.

  10. it seems this plugin provides a Google Translate type of translation on-the-fly. How much does it cost for translations ENG-FIN on a word count basis and can you specify/use the same translator (if you find a good partner?)

    • The main function of WPML is to allow you to translate your own content and run a WordPress site with multiple languages.

      WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor offers machine translation as a starting point for your translations, but it’s not intended to be one-click translation.

    • Hello,
      these themes haven’t been tested by our Compatibility Team for WPML compatibility. In general, even if a theme hasn’t been checked by our team can still work with WPML. Basically, you can translate pages, posts, menus, categories and other basic WordPress stuff with WPML and any theme but if a theme hasn’t been checked out our team you might have issues with some specific options provided only by that theme. Best would be to test it yourself. Our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk: https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

      You can see a list of all themes compatible with WPML here:

  11. Hi WPML Theam
    I am considering purchasing the wpml Multilingual CMS
    for my Multi vendors website, and I have been able to speak with differents wpml contractors listed on your website. I have chosen one among the listed contractors ( https://wpml.org/contractors/low-cost-web-agency ) precisely and I am considering working with them, but I have some few questions as follows.

    1: Why do almost all the wpml listed contractors always ask for a down payment before carrying out a task?

    2: I think that wpml should stand as a middleman between the listed contractors and the customers, so that every payment coming from a customer to a contractor should be paid to the wmpl, while the payment should be released to the contractor after completion of the same task paid for. e.g. just like (www.freelancer.com)

    3: What are the terms of guarantee and protection to your customers after making payment for a task to any of the listed wpml contractors?

    • Hello,
      thank you for your feedback. Maybe the name – Contractors – is a bit misleading but we don’t have any specific relation with the folks listed there. These are just freelancers and web agencies who have been using WPML for at least half a year and have built several sites using WPML and these websites have been reviewed by us so that we know they are following our standards. The specifics of a contract need to be agreed between you and a given contractor.

  12. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to install the purchased version of WPML on a localhost before placing the site online or is it mandatory to install WMPL on an online domain?
    I’m willing to develop the site completely offline and put it online only when the job is fully completed.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hello Javier,
      Yes you will need an active subscription to register a new site. I see your account has expired. Log in and you will see the renewal options.

      Kind regards,

  13. Hello
    We paid originally for single site on November 8th, 2018, not realizing that we need Multi lingual CMS. Today we upgraded to the Multi lingual CMS. (December 3rd, 2018).
    When does the 30 day trial period expire for us? Is there a single expiry date for the upgraded version or 2 separate expiry dates?
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      The refund period for the upgrade will end in January 3rd. The refund for the other one will be Dec 8th. Note we cannot refund the original purchase for the Blog subscription and leave the upgrade active, as it serves as base for the subscription.

      Hope this helps.

  14. Hello,
    I did a mistake I bought the Multilingual Blog (29$) twice…my 2nd order is pending but I want to cancel it, How can I do? Thanks for your answer.

  15. Hi,

    a web development company is handling our WPML license today. We feel that we are not getting enough support for some issues so we want to buy our own license to get support directly from you. Will this effect the translations which are already made at our website?

    • Hello,
      no, it won’t affect anything since you will be using the same set of plugins. You might need to update the license key but it’s easy. Generate one in your WPML account, then log into your site, go to plugins -> add new ->comercial.

  16. Hi,

    not sure if my previous comment has been submitted.
    I was wondering, if my website already has an active license (handled trough a web company) and I buy a new one (which we handle by our own), will this effect the translations which are already made?

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