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  1. Hi, I use elementor pro in all of my sites and I would like to buy wpml but I read somewhere that WPML it can translate only the text that a page has. If I want to make a different in style translation page (changing sliders, templates, etc) does WPML support it? Can I do that? I am interested especially for woocommerce!
    For example in polylang I can redesign the page. Can WPML too?

    Thank you!

    • Hello,
      yes, that’s possible too. You can do the following: as the default option set your site to translate only the strings (so that you don’t need to recreate your complex layouts all over again for each of your languages) but if needed, you can “tell” your page/post to be translated totally independently meaning you recreate that page/post from scratch using a different design for a given language. That’s also possible.

  2. Hi there. Which plan should I use for the woocommerce. If I buy the Multilingual Agency plan I need to yearly renew the plan or it is one time payment?

    • If you want to have access to updates (new version of our plugins) and our support forum, yes, you need to pay each year but your plugins will work fine even if you cancel your subscription.

  3. Hi, I would like to know if with WPML I have the ability not only to translate text but redesign the entire page cause I use elementor pro. Can I e.g. change the slider the template of elementor and make a different style?

    Thank you

    • I am talking about automatic translation from arabic to english. there should be blogs & news in arabic so it need to be automatic translation in english.

      • If you need automatic translation, after installing WPML you need to set up our ATE editor and send your pages/posts to translations. You apply machine translation, which you can update if needed.

  4. When I buy the “Multilingual CMS” package, do I have to pay again the following year so that the plugins can still be used on my website?

    I’m still confused about “Account renewal per year”.

    Best Regards,


    • When you buy WPML, we are setting up a subscription, which you can cancel anytime (there is an option to so in your WPML account). Without an active subscription, your WPML plugins will continue working fine but you won’t have access to new versions and our support forum. The renewal pricing for the Multilingual CMS is $59.

  5. I also have plan to use BuddyPress wordpress social networking. is WPML is compatible to translate BuddyPress. user will post in arabic so it should be translate in english.

  6. Hi, we want install you plugin. We are interested in the
    Multiligual Plugin. But please explain what is meant by: Account renewal per year ?
    And Do we pay 79 $ one time or is this the amount for 1. year ?

    Regards from berlin 🙂

    • Hello Raoul,
      The amount of 79$ is the start-up fee. You will then need to pay a renewal fee of 59$/year to keep access to updates and support.

      Kind regards,

      • If I buy WPML versions for $ 98 with VAT, do I have to automatically renew after a year or can I cancel? Can I not renew or renew in 2 years? Then also cost $ 72 or again $ 98?

        • Hello,
          you can cancel anytime. Renewals are not mandatory and you can still use our plugins but if you cancel your subscription you won’t have access to updates and our support assistance. Yes, if you cancel, you can then renew in 2 years but in this case you won’t get the discount and you will need to pay $79 + VAT again.

  7. good day! today my colleague Hisham Jaber purchase a Multilingual CMS Package for 79$, unfortunately, the email was mistyped: h.jaber@medidserv.com.sa instead of h.jaber@mediserv.com.sa and due to this reason we are not going to receive any reply from you since the email entered is NOT EXISTING. can you please help to send the email to the correct email address: h.jaber@mediserv.com.sa so that we will able login into our WPML account. thank you for your kind support.

  8. I am going to convert my site on woocommerce platform and iam looking for multilanguage decision.
    Do any performance issues with your plugin on shops 3000+ products? Do you have any good cases? Some live examples? (links)

    Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    We would like to integrate a machine-translation tool to our existing website.

    We were considering using Multilingual CMS, but I saw the following clause for autotranslation “2000 words between any language pair every month”. How does this work when we want to have an entire webite translated? Other options?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML. Yes, you can use machine translate in your WPML-based site if you enable the ATE editor in your WPML settings. Now, we offer 10 000 for free very month without any further subscription to words. If you need more than 10 000 per month, you need to subscribe to words and you will get another 2000 for free and if you use more (so more than 12000 per month) you will be charged according to this table: https://wpml.org/documentation/automatic-translation/automatic-translation-pricing/

      • Hi,

        I have a bunch of questions ranging from “testing the quality of translation” to “calculating cost” to “possibility of sectionwise translation”. Can we arrange a phone call? Thank you

        • Hello, we cannot have a call but now I think you can test our automatic translations on one of our Toolset sites, please try the following:
          Go here:
          1. https://discover-wp.com/site-types/gyms-and-trainers/
          2. Create a test site – Make sure you are choosing the “The site will be multilingual” (without this you won’t see WPML plugins on your site)
          3. Log into your copy
          4. Go to WPML -> Settings
          5. Switch to our ATE editor (which provides machine translations) by selecting “Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor”
          6. Go to WPML -> Translation Management -> Translation Tools
          7. Click claim words
          8. Go to “The Fitness Trends That Changed the world” and click the + icon under your language. If you want to test it with a different language, please add your language first by going to WPML -> Languages -> Add/Remove Languages

  10. Morning Gentlemen, or Ladies,

    Just a quick presale question, does the plugin still support migrating from QTranslate X

    and more important will it work with the plugin AutoLisings?

    • Yes, we still support migrating from QTranslate X but we don’t have any data about compatibility with AutoLisings.

  11. Hi,

    If I purchase the CMS version of your plugin, and in the future I want to upgrade to the Agency version, what would be the cost of the upgrade ?


  12. Pourquoi WPML n’est pas directement proposés dans les recherches sur WORDPRESS ?
    Lorsqu’on veut installer une extensions?

    Il faut donc le télécharger sur votre site après l’avoir acheter et ensuite l’upload sur notre site?

    • Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      In WordPress search, you can see only free plugins. These are the plugins from the WordPress repository https://wordpress.org/plugins/

      WPML is a paid plugin and to use WPML you need to do the following:
      1. Buy one of our packages: https://wpml.org/purchase/
      2. You will get an email how to log into your WPML account
      3. You log in
      4. You go to the Downloads section
      5. You download the WPML main plugin as a zip file
      6. You go to your WordPress site, Plugins, Add new and upload your zip.

      I hope it helps.

  13. Hi there,

    I just wanted to check one thing before I make the purchase 🙂 There are three pages from my website that are ‘template’ pages and not REAL pages, found in the pages section. Is there a way I would still be able to translate these pages with WPML? Is there a front end editor or another way around it?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML. I don’t know much about these templates and which of their elements are translatable. I assume they come from your theme. If your theme is compatible with WPML (please check this list: https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/) – you should be able to translate the templates and all strings coming from those templates. If your site uses page builders, please check this list: https://wpml.org/documentation/translating-your-contents/page-builders/

      • Hi Agnes,

        Thanks so much for your reply.

        It’s a theme I’ve made myself, so, unfortunately, there’s no sense checking it! And the page builder is by Udesly – which isn’t on your list. However I think there’s an option to add shortcodes to the theme, which I could try.

        If I buy WPML and it doesn’t work for me, can I get a refund at all?

        Many thanks,

  14. Hi there,

    I just wanted to check one thing before I make the purchase 🙂 There are three pages from my website that are ‘template’ pages and not REAL pages, found in the pages section. Is there a way I would still be able to translate these pages with WPML? Is there a front end editor or another way around it?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    • Hello Chris, I’m not sure what you mean by “perpetual license”. We don’t have “lifetime” licenses. All our 3 packages are yearly renewable (please check the pricing at https://wpml.org/purchase/ in the Account renewal per year row). Of course, you can cancel it anytime and still use our plugins (an active subscription is required for updates and our support forum).

      To answer your question.
      By default, WPML doesn’t translate your content automatically so you can always add your custom translation. If you would like to speed up your translation process by using machine translations (which are editable), you need to enable our ATE editor in WPML settings and you will get 10 000 words per month for free if you “claim the words” as explained here: https://wpml.org/documentation/automatic-translation/automatic-translation-pricing/free-words-per-month/

  15. Hi there,

    (Apologies if this is a duplicate! After I sent the reply it gave me an error message, but I couldn’t see if my reply sent.)

    I created the theme myself, using the UDESLY adaptor, so, unfortunately, I cannot check if it’s compatible. The page builder is also by Udesly but isn’t on your list. I just found an article mentioning the use of shortcodes which I know I can add to the theme, so will try this.

    However, if it doesn’t work for me, would I be able to get a refund?

    Many thanks,

  16. Hi. I bought the 29$ version of WPML but now I/m not sure it works for my project. I just activated the Woocommerce Multilingual plugin and now it says to install WPML Translation Management and WPML String Translation in order to work.
    Those are not included with my plan? Do I need to upgrade it? :O

    • You need to upgrade to the CMS version. Please log into your WPML account and then upgrade so that you can use the same account.

  17. I read about the partner program and I am a user of Astra + Elementor. However, I am not yet buying WPML meaning I can not login WPML to have the discount code.

    Is there any misunderstanding or it is just for renewal plan ?. Thanks.

    • Hi Ron,
      Do you mean you want to buy WPML with the discount or Elementor/Astra? The discount we offer on our site is for our paying clients to buy the other plugins/themes.

      Let me know?

  18. Hello, I wanted to know if I purchase the option for $80 to translate my website to French & Spanish how do I implement that ? DO I need to do translations myself ? or is it automatically done ?

  19. Hi,

    I want to make a multilingual site, using 3 different domains (.com, .nl and .de), but the german version of the domain (.de) is on a different server than the .nl and .de domain. Will there be no problem using WPML or do we need to change the server of the .de domain?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Kitty,
      domains and servers are separate things and I need to understand your setup better because it’s not clear to me what you mean by “german version of the domain (.de) is on a different server”. You mean, you have more than one WordPress sites now? Please help me understand your current setup. Please let me know how many WordPresses you have now – one or more than one?

      In general, you can configure WPML to use each language with a different domain (instead of using “folders” for languages) but it requires a special setup to be done on your server: https://wpml.org/tutorials/2016/04/use-wpml-different-domains-per-language/

    • Hello Kitty,

      I’m afraid yes, when you use our different domains per language option, you need that all your domains are hosted in the same server.
      I hope you can migrate it. 🙂


  20. Hello,
    I have recently bought the monthly translation quota and i would like to know,this words that i bought do they every month be refreshed as the 10,000 words that i have for free or i have to buy again a new monthly translation quota with the words that i need?

    Thank You!

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