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  1. Hello,

    My organization is recently started using your plugin to translate our site. We have used up our free automatic translations and are considering purchasing a higher amount of words. On your payment chart it details the amount of words that come with each payment, however I am a little unclear as to what is included with each level of payment. For example, is it an additional 5,000 words on top of the free 10,000 if we pay $2 a month?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi there i have pre-sale questions

    1- can we edit aur webaite manually like live or on the backend i check your demo there is no option to translate whole website like products heading ( name) and there is build in words in website can we translate whole website like google translate plugin do

    2- there is Rest json api for connect with our apps ?

    • Hello Jasam,

      1. You can translate your website using our machine translation. However, our machine does not work in the way you mention as we don’t have a front-end button which that functionality. Instead, you’ll have to sent your content into translation as explains the following tutorial:

      2. For some of its functionality, WPML relies on the WordPress REST API, thus you may find useful this link:


      • hi there i have one more question i add 2 language after i add customize button its showing in website but i can see only 1 default language i click on button but 2nd language not appear in backand there is option for both but on front i can see only one please guide me where is the issue thanks

        i translate my products and some button also still not showing

    • Hello Team,

      I would like to kindly ask if i purchase the WPML CMS version, do i need to renew it every year, or i can use it a life time without any problems? what happen if i don’t renew it?


      • Hi Deen
        If you don’t renew you will lose updates and support but you can keep using whatever is installed on your site.

        • Thank you very much for your reply Mercedes, and does the plugin have a limit number of words to translate or not?
          – and what if my annual subscription are expired then i added new pages to my website, will the plugin translate them or not (without the renewal)?.

          Thank you again for your cooperation.


        • Thank you very much Merceds,

          – what if my annual subscription expired then I added new pages or posts to my website, will the wpml plugin continue to translate any new page or post that I added on the future or not.

          Looking forward to hear from you soon.

          Regards .

          • Hello,
            I replied to your previous question which was related but let me add a few words here. If your WPML subscription expires, you can still use WPML plugins and provide your own translations.

  3. Hi
    I purchase WPML in 2017/2018

    Looks like I need to purchase again ?

    What if I don’t ?

    What if I do ?

  4. If I buy 500,000 words to do the translation of the site pages, I would then have my translator edit.

    Since then all those pages set, I may not need the service and free 10,000 words a month, and/or an additional lower subscription-like 15,000 words may work fine for me.

    So, I assume that can cancel after month one and then adjust as needed. Correct?



  5. you can upgrade from blog to CMS but can you also upgrade from CMS to agency?

    For now I’m setting up our first shop, but our schedule has many more to start. It by long doesn’t stop at 3 i’m afraid. We were so stupid to buy the Wopping $199 for the Woo multilingual and it sucks (sorry). Poly and lingo we also tested, so much you need to translate yourself, failed also!

    That leaves me with WPML but I’m not spending 159 big ones before e know it does as you say on the pages.

    Looking forward to your answer.


    • Hello,
      yes, you can upgrade from Blog to CMS and then (if needed) from CMS to Agency and in each case, our system will charge you only proportionally to what you have already paid. So feel free to start with the Blog.

  6. Hello,

    Can this app be used to display 2 languages simultaneously?

    I am creating a website where users can learn a new language so need to be able to display 2 languages on the same page.

    Thank you

    • Hello Ali,
      no, we don’t support it because such an approach for providing translated content is not recommended by Google. It also doesn’t help visitors.

    • Both Multilingual CMS ($79) and Multilingual Agency ($159) packages include all addons, Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual is also there.

      • Thanks, already purchased earlier. Assumed that they are free for the $79 based on discussions here, and it’s a relief that I was right.

      • Sorry for the multiple accounts used. That was my clients’ account, didn’t realize I am still logged in so appreciate if you could hide the reply from user – per-oddmundK

  7. Hi,

    I just bought WPML but i can only download “BuddyPress Multilingual” and i have nothing else in the download page.

    I urgently need the plugin.

    Can you help me now? Thank you.

    Best regards,

    • I cannot see any subscription set up with your email. This is why you cannot see any plugins in your WPML account. Has your order completed? Have you been charged? If not, you can try to purchase it again.

      • It’s been 5 days since the order and it’s still in “pending”.

        I need it urgently, i can’t wait any longer. Can you please do something about that?

        INVOICE NUMBER: 6454801

        • Hi Christoph,
          I have contacted you via e-mail about this. Let me add the message here too: you need to click on the button “Pay” since the payment did not go through. This is why you see nothing in your Downloads page. Let me know?

  8. Hello,

    I need to contact the support for my client’s website. My client has installed the WPML on her website but it was built long time ago and she doesn’t know which email address is connected to her WPML account. Is it possible to figure it out through the website URL maybe?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  9. Hi. I made the purchase of the plugin in 2018 for a client. Now, I need the multilingual CMS plugin again for another client.

    When I go to buy it, the system tells me that I must renew my account and that I will be charged automatically within a year.

    My question is: can I buy the plugin without being charged automatically within a year?

    • Hello Emerson,
      yes, you can but you need to manually cancel your subscription after buying WPML. You can cancel it immediately after purchasing WPML or later (up to you) and you will still have access to everything you paid for (downloads with plugins + updates + support) for one year. You will find the cancel option in your WPML account.

    • Hello,
      you need to have an active subscription to see plugins in your download section. I can see that your WPML subscription expired in May. You would need to renew it.

      • I think you’re kidding me. What did I pay $ 159 for? If I do not renew again, you will will not withdraw support and update. You can not hide downloads from me?
        Can you explain FOR WHAT DID I PAY $159?

        • You can’t hide the wpml I paid for? Moreover, I did not use it even once. I never and never pay again. I bought wpml to use it all my life. I do not want technical support and updates. I want only my product.

        • Sure, let me explain.
          If you paid $159, you bought the Multilingual Agency package which allows you to use all WPML plugins on the unlimited number of sites. For the first year, you will have access to updates and support help. I’m emailing you to explain how you can get old WPML plugins but if you would like to get access to the newest versions, you would need to renew your subscription.

        • I shared the old plugins with you but I understand what made you upset and will share relevant feedback with our management.

  10. Hello, I would like to know if your economic solution for multilingual WordPress blogs (Multilingual Blog) with the cost of $29 is fully working with the Elementor. Thank you very much in advance


  11. Hello
    I’m from Turkey and I can’t pay via PayPal. And I tried 3 cards and it keeps telling me that
    The card was declined.

        • By second option I meant “Alternative payment processor ” Have you tried that?
          All our translations are going through normally so it looks like a specific issue with your card. Can you please tell me what message are you getting?

          You can also try the following:
          1. log into your WPML account. You can reset your password via this link: https://wpml.org/account/lost-my-password-reset/
          2. In the Account and Payments section select Payment history and invoices.
          3. on this page there is a list of your orders with the corresponding status displayed.
          4. Please check what you see there and if you can see the Pay button. Try to click on it.

          • For Alternative payment processor it keeps telling me “The card was declined. ” I tried a different card and it’s given me the same error.
            Is there any different way can I pay !!

            • This error comes from your credit card not authorizing the payment. Please contact them about this or try a different card.

  12. Is it possible to keep the same slug/url

    so lets say example.com/test-blog (english)
    and if someone from brazil visits example.com/test-blog (portugese)


  13. Hi,
    Which Version of WPML do I have to buy for support of the contact form 7 plugin? The economic (blog) or the complete (CMS) solution?
    How can I get Contact Form 7 Plugin with multilanguage support?

    • Hello,
      According to this article:

      the blog version would suffice if you don’t need to use our ATE editor and machine translations.

      But let me check with the author of the page.

      You can buy the Blog package and upgrade to the CMS later for the difference in the purchase price. Then you will get access to all WPML plugins (WPML String Translation and WPML Translation Management).

    • Sabine, it turns out that the Blog package includes only the WPML main plugin and all additional plugins are available only in the CMS (or Agency) packages. So if you already bought the Blog version, you will need to upgrade to the CMS version. If you haven’t bought yet, please buy the CMS package. Thank you.

  14. Hi,

    I´m trying to purchase WPML with a creditcard, but when I submit the details it keeps asking to fill in the fields for creating a PayPal-account. I tried to work around that clicking on login on top of the payment page (to login Paypal), filled in the e-mailadress of the paypal-account and landed on the payment page again, but the same thing keeps happening: Asking again to fill in the field to create a paypal-account.

    This, while on top of the payment page there is the option to login Paypal OR to pay by credit card.

    How do we resolve this? And is there a way to pay with a credit card, without having to login with Paypal?

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Kitty,
      Yes, please choose Alternative payment method at checkount and you will be able to pay with your credit card directly, WITHOUT a PayPal account.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hi there,
    We have currently translated our website smarthomeline.se (built with Div) to English and would like to translate it into more languages: Danish, Norweigan & Finnish.

    We have recently bought the smarthomeline.dk as well as the smarthomeline.fi domain.

    Is it possible to get the translated version, which I guess would have the URL smarthomeline.SE/dk to smarthomeline.dk?

    This would be applied to .fi & .no as well.

    We currently use TranslatePress but since they do not offer this service we are looking for new providers.

    Many thanks,


    • Hello Adrian,

      Unfortunately when you use WPML, you can only one URL format per site: you can use either languages per domain or languages per directory, but you can’t mix them.

      In case I haven’t understood your question, don’t hesitate to provide me more details.


  16. Hello,
    I have purchased “WPML Multilingual CMS” plugin with a GPL license but the plugin doesn’t work as it should. When I translate in Elementor the Header, Footer, or WooCommerce pages and publish them, all headers, footers and WooCommerce pages disappear on every page / language (Front).

    I don’t get any support from the WPML support team because it’s a GPL license however purchasing a plugin with the knowledge that it doesn’t work anyways, feels kinda odd.

    Can the support team fix this without me having hours of work when I purchase a license ?

      • Hey Mercedes,
        I know when I purchase it that I get support. But I saw many issues on your forums with Elementor and WPML so the question is rather more if theses can be solved.

        I mean I am going to purchase a product that comes with issues straight out of the box just to get customer support. That is why I rather wanna know upfront if these issues that I am having can be solved.

      • Hey Mercedes,
        I know when I purchase it that I get support. But I saw many issues on your forums with Elementor and WPML so the question is rather more if theses can be solved.

        I mean I am going to purchase a product that comes with issues straight out of the box just to get support. That is why I rather wanna know upfront if these issues that I am having can be solved.

  17. Hello,
    we have a question about your integrated translation services. For example we have a page, that we want to have translated by a translation service, that uses WPBakery and only shows a shortcode on the page (in the backend) for an element, how is the translation realised.

    Best regards

  18. Hello
    my site is eCommerce website using word press,i want to translate all my site with contents to Arabic is it available and whats the required plan &pricing for this ?

  19. Hi

    How many words the translator can hold on the website? Also, the price is monthly or one time?
    Thank you!

  20. I have a requirement that the site should have English and chinese language and it can be changed from frontend. However, the translation should happen automatically of the page content and then if we need or feel, that the content automatically converted is incorrect, we should be able to manually correct that.

    Now does, this different language creates a different page for each language? I need to understand through some demo before purchasing.

    • Hello,
      by default, WPML doesn’t translate automatically. You can use our machine translations if you enable the ATE editor.
      You can read more about it here: https://wpml.org/documentation/translating-your-contents/advanced-translation-editor/

      We don’t provide a WPML demo but we use WPML plugin on a Toolset demo site and you can test it there:

      Please try the following:
      Go here:
      1. https://discover-wp.com/site-types/gyms-and-trainers/
      2. Create a test site – Make sure you are choosing the “The site will be multilingual” (without this you won’t see WPML plugins on your site)
      3. Log into your copy
      4. Go to WPML -> Settings
      5. Switch to our ATE editor (which provides machine translations) by selecting “Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor”
      6. Go to WPML -> Translation Management -> Translation Tools
      7. Click claim words
      8. Go to “The Fitness Trends That Changed the world” and click the + icon under your language. If you want to test it with a different language, please add your language first by going to WPML -> Languages -> Add/Remove Languages

  21. Hello, i have a doubt if i will purchase Multilingual CMS wich cost $79, its only for 1 year, if after one year i will not pay renewal my plugin will stop work?

    • Hello,
      No, it won’t stop working. You can still use WPML plugin(s) but you won’t be able to get new updates and our support help.

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