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28,320 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Thanks for answering, Agnes. A static-site generator is a program that takes a WordPress site and outputs files which can be hosted on a server (e.g. Amazon S3) but are faster and more secure because they don’t require running WordPress software. Examples include: Simply Static, WP Static HTML Output, Really Static, Static Press, and more (see Please ask around WPML; maybe someone knows about WordPress static-sites. I would like to know before jumping into WPML, because I definitely want to run a static-site. Thanks again. — Bob

  2. Hello, We are a non-profit, educational foundation, and would love to use your plugin but cannot spare a dime, as we use all of our capital to give back to society in the areas we operate.

    Would you be willing to donate a single license for the cause? 🙂

    Thanks in advance, Asaf

  3. Hello,
    I am creating a website and would like to ask if I need to buy credits to translation for one month only, will this value be payed only in the month I use the credits or if there are any obligation to continue paying it?
    Thank you in advanced

    • Hello Flavia,
      Once the translation is made the content will remain on your site. You will not need to pay again unless you send new content to translate.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hello
    I have created a woocommerce eshop with 200 products.
    The language of the shop and the whole site is Greek.
    I am a freelance begginer in creating wordpress sites and I’d like to add a second language (English) to the site and e-shop as well.
    Before I purchase your WPML solution, I’d like to know how I will be able to connect the woocommerce pages such as “Cart”, ‘Wishlist”, “My Account” and reasure that every content will be translated.

  5. howdy,

    I’m referring to the explanations under:

    considering we had to implement different top level domains for each language (e.g.,, but DO NOT have access to the server configuration file, how could the setup be achieved?

    further assuming we do have access to the server config file, would each domain have its a-record pointing to the same ip address?


    best regards,


    • Hello Tomas,

      For getting this setup, you need to have access to the server or contact your hosting provider in order to do so. Thus, the idea is that all your domains point to the same WP installation and display the same content without any redirection. Once you achieve that, you can activate WPML and it would make the rest.


    • Hello,
      you can start yourself and in case of issues, you can open a ticket on our support forum and then we will help. If you need to hire a developer to do to assist you from the beginning to the end or do the whole job for you, you can ask our consultant at: but posting your job.

  6. Hello,

    Today I have purchased the wmpl Multilingual cms package. (payed with PayPal)
    I would like to add the Automatic Translation option, to increase the credits for the automatic translation. I need to add a creditcard number but I don’t have one, is there a other payment method possible to activate this option?

    • Hello Chad,
      since we cannot exchange sensitive data via comments, please contact us directly via this form: Please include as many details as you can to help us understand your case faster and track relevant data in our system. The best would be to get the email WPML was purchased with.

      I will also notify the person receiving the message from this form to expect an email from you.

      • I got confused. I received some replies saying “To create a multilingual site that is not just a simple blog you will need the \”Multilingual CMS\” package ($79).” and here your reply says that it won’t work. However, “resume manager” plugin, the plugin I am using to build my site, recommended you and even have a link on how to integrate WPML with “resume manager” here:

        • Hello Heba, sorry for causing confusion. I’m a bit confused myself. Let me explain and help you find the answers to what you are looking for. First, you asked about the “Resume Manager” and I didn’t find this plugin on our list of plugins compatible with WPML. That made me think that you might have issues with translating it with WPML. The page from your link covers the integration with the WP Job Manager plugin and it will work fine with WPML. You are adding that the plugin named “resume manager” is part of the WP Job Manager. But our documentation doesn’t cover this add-on/plugin and I’m still not sure how it will behave. If you don’t want to wait and purchase WPML today, please do, keeping our refund policy in mind. But if this is not urgent, please let me contact the developers from our Compatibility Team to check it out. We will keep you posted.

        • Heba, I consulted your questions with two developers from our team and here’s what they say. Resume Manager is an add-on for WP Job Manager but it has never been tested by our team for WPML compatibility. If you want, you can give it a try and if this plugin has issues with WPML, we can work with the author to get it resolved.

  7. Hello I purchased but never received the email with credentials. I used a different email for the purchase. The invoice # 8100359 I need my log in credentials.

  8. I am building a site using WP “resume manager” plugin. I want the site to be bilingual, both in Arabic and English. If I bought WPML “Multilingual CMS” from this link:
    Will I be able to have a fully bilingual website and I wouldn’t need anything else?

        • Hello,
          in your previous comment, you mentioned the Resume Manager plugin. Is this the plugin that allows you to add listings to your site via front-end forms? If so, I’m not sure if it will work with WPML because it wasn’t tested by our Compatibility Team. You can give it a try keeping our refund policy in mind. To create a multilingual site that is not just a simple blog you will need the “Multilingual CMS” package ($79).

      • Another question. Will WPML translate my site and make it bilingual even if it is not launched yet? I am still developing it on WordPress

        • Nothing will be translated fully automatically, I mean without your prior action. You can use machine translations but first, you need to manually select the pages you want to translate.

          • What do you mean by “without my prior action”? What is the action that I am supposed to do? Also, using machine translation will still require me to purchase this “Multilingual CMS” package ($79)? Also, will WPML translate a website that is still not public? As, I am still developing my website but I will need to try WPML translation on it while it is still not public because I will need to test it before launching the site.

              • I watched the video but it talks about pages that are statically or fully there. However, in my site the pages are done using “shortcodes” that a plugin named “resume manager” which is part from WP Job manager make. This means the pages aren’t there. They are generated automatically from the “shortcode”. In my situation, will WPML work on making my site bilingual (Arabic and English).

                • Thank you for providing more details. In that case, it won’t work I’m afraid because this kind of page builder would require a special integration. We are integrated with popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, etc. WPML also works fine with blocks too.

  9. Hello! The price is per year, or the renewal is only if I want to update or support? If i do not renew, does the site still works?

    • Hello Joman, when you buy WPML, our system sets up an auto-renewing subscription, which is fully under your control and you can cancel it anytime from your WPML account. If you don’t cancel it, we will try to auto-renew your subscription after the first year. If you cancel it, you can still use WPML plugins but yes, as you think – without access to our support and updates.

  10. My question is for a client I am working with. They want a multilingual solution but some products will be on both and some will be language exclusive. Is this possible with your plugin? An example would be an educational course. The educational course is translated into multiple languages so only the English course would be available on English and only the Spanish courses would be available on the Spanish version of the site. However, there would be other products like branded water bottles or t-shirts that would be available on both languages. Is this the right solution for me?

    • Hello Joey,
      in general, yes, because WPML allows you to have some pages/products only in one language (doesn’t matter whether it’s the primary language or secondary) or in both. But you mentioned educational courses and that’s not something WordPress supports out of the box so I assume you either use a plugin or some custom coding. If you are using a plugin, you would need to check if the plugin is compatible with WPML. You can use this page: and put your plugin name into the search (Plugin name field) or you can share the plugin name with me and I will check it for you.

  11. Hello,
    I have test eshop with just one product and some installed plugins for payments. I would like to test WPML on this site to see how it is working etc. It will be enough to by Multilingual Blog? I mean, at first I would like to download all 4 needed components to see how WPML is working and if it will be usefull for me (if all plugins and site and checkout page will be translated)
    Thank you

    • Hello, the Multilingual Blog includes only one WPML plugin (the main one) but if you want, yes, you can start with this package and upgrade to the CMS package later and install the rest of the WPML plugins later. Please note that if you plan to use machine translations the Blog package won’t suffice.

  12. Hello, i need create the same website( in wordpress.
    i want to know if your plugin can do the same that what i have in joomla.
    i want that when a person come in the website he arrive in, and when he click on the flag, he go on
    also when he is on a page , when he click on the flag, he dont go on the homepage with the translate but he go to another page ( another url ) with the translate
    thank you for your answer

    • Hello, yes, this is how WPML works – when a user is visiting a page and clicks on the flag, he gets a new page that looks almost identical but the text is in the other language. Please check the sites from our showcase to see some examples:

      If you are new to WordPress, please note that it’s also important to choose a theme that works well with WPML and plugins that are compatible with WPML. These two pages will help you decide: and

  13. The entire /account section of WPML is unreachable for me. I keep getting 404 errors. We just purchased the WPML CMS version but I am unable to actually download the plugins. Please help?


  14. Yesterday we purchased a wp theme that works with Elementor. The template doesn’t have a multi-language function, but we would like to use it on multiple languages. My question is that if we purchase your plugin, is it possible to translate posts, events, pages, menu, footer, seo-tag and any other content on our future site?

    • Hello,
      if your theme is WPML-ready, meaning was tested by our Compatibility Team and is on this list: then yes, you should be able to translate all the elements coming from your theme. Please put the name of your theme into the search on that page and check if you can see it or share the theme name with me and I’ll check it for you. WPML works with Elementor. If a theme is not on your list, it can also work with WPML but you might have issues with translating some theme-depenednt elements, elements that are special for this specific theme. To translate SEO meta tags you need to use one of the SEO plugins that are compatibly with WPML: but if SEO info is entered via your theme settings, to translate these elements your theme needs to be WPML compatible.

  15. Regarding the number of websites we can register – does this include sites on DEV and Staging servers, as well as a Production server? So if I wanted to support 3 different URLS, would I need 1 Multilingual CMS license or 3?

    • Using the Multilingual CMS package you will be able to have 3 sites registered at the same time. But registration is needed for quick access to updates and beside you can unregister a site and register a new in its place anytime. If you find this too inconvenient then you can consider buying the Agency account. But you can upgrade from CMS to Agency later, but paying the difference in the purchase price so you are welcome to start with the CMS package.

  16. Hi there,
    Can we upgrade between plans? (I would like to start with “Multilingual Blog” but if this is not covering my needs, i would like to purchase “Multilingual CMS” only paying the difference fee, not the exact price)

  17. I have purchased a WPML subscription but typed in my email address incorrectly so I never received the verification email. Would you please send it to the email address I included here? Thanks!

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