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28,364 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,
    We plan to migrate our website to a WordPress on another server. We want to use WPML and then buy it. Unfortunately, we do not have any credit card or paypal account, so is that possible to pay you by bank transfer and send you proof of payment ? If the answer is “yes”, can you send me the way to do that ? (Bank account, Communication, …). You can use my e-mail address to send me those informations.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello, I am looking for a multilanguage solution for my website. Important to me is not only that the website is translated, but those translated versions are indexed by Google. Will your plugin create different language versions of my website that are indexable?

      If it will, what version should I buy?


      • >Will your plugin create different language versions of my website that are indexable?
        Yes, it will. If your site is not just a simple Blog, please buy the CMS package.

  2. Hello,
    my website is migrated to a WordPress and I want to use WPML and buy it. Unfortunately, I do not have any credit card or paypal account, so is that possible to pay you by bank transfer and send you proof of payment ? If the answer is “yes”, can you send me the way to do that ? (Bank account, Communication, …). You can use my e-mail address to send me those informations.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Guys.

    We are using WPML for more than a year and we are very happy.
    But an external content agency purchased the license we are using and now will transfer to us.

    My question is:
    I will like to buy a Multilingual Agency license first.
    And then transfer the licensed domain from the agency to us.

    Is that possible ?




    • Hello Matias,
      yes, the company can transfer account renewals to you as described here:
      But now, when you mentioned buying a Multilingual Agency license first, I’m a bit confused. Maybe you don’t need the agency to transfer renewals but you would like to have your own WPML account which you can use for many websites? If so, you are welcome to buy your own WPML subscription and generate a new key for your site (you don’t need to do anything with WPML plugins).

      • Hi Agnes.

        Yes, you understood properly.

        Because we have different environments (production-test-dev) that the reason why I will like to have an agency account.

        Ok I will proceed as you suggest.



  4. Hello, these are some question before pre-sale, accoding to your answer i will take decision.

    1-My website is created by bakery so in this case do i have to buy “Multilingual CMS”?

    2- I installed my website for example german languauge my domain name
    i want to choose german language domain as can i do? but i start first german language and i want to make may link and second language will be english and I will set up english version in root domain in order to do that, do i have to start first english? can i change url folder in setting?

    3- I see your price plan yearly. do we have to pay you every year to use this plugin? This is confusing.

    4- Is there any language switcher that we can easly implement our website? like drop down flag list.


    • Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Yes.
      2. How WPML works, the primary language is the one that will be associated with the main domain and your secondary language will be in subfolder (WPML will create it automatically, you don’t need to do it). You can change your primary language later but it’s better to have it set it up from the beginning.
      3. Yearly renewals are optional. If you want to have access to our support forum and future updates, you can renew your subscription. WPML plugins will work without changes even if you don’t renew.
      4. Yes, there is.

  5. Hi, is this a yearly subscription or a one time purchase? If it is the second one, what happens after the first year is over? Is it only a matter of support or will the plugin not work any more with new wordpress versions?

    • Hello, it’s a yearly subscription which you can cancel anytime from your WPML account. Plugins will work even if you cancel your WPML subscription but you won’t receive updates and won’t be able to open new threads on our support forum.

  6. Hi, Before purchasing, I wanted to know if your plugin supports currency switching for woocommerce. I basically want to be able to change my prices from Mexican pesos to US dollars. the change is considering the exchange rate?

  7. i want to ask about Multilingual Blog
    i need to translate my website to rtl language so is this package can i translate everything in front page and in all single pages in my website!

    • Hello,
      if you plan to create a website that uses RTL, please make sure your WordPress theme supports RTL. Best would be to choose a theme from a list of themes compatible with WPML.

      If you want to use machine translations, the Multilingual Blog won’t suffice. You can start with the Blog package and upgrade to the CMS package later for the difference in the purchase price.

  8. Hello, I have a website with over 380,000 words. If i read it correctly you guys translate the first 2000 words? For the other 378,000 words do i just use google translate and or real translators to upload the content ?

  9. Hello!

    Please advise how to buy your WPML plugin lifetime license (including all future updates) for one-time payment (without any recurring fees).


    • Hello, we don’t have lifetime subscriptions. You can buy WPML, cancel your subscription anytime and still use our plugins but without updates.

  10. Hi,

    I want to translate the title of the products(woo, of course)from one language to lets say english and the description of the products from another language to the same english. It is so weird simply because I had an xml not so well put together and after importing the products I ended up with 3 languages on the website.

    Can I set your plugin to do it automatically?


    • Hello Alexandru,
      WPML provides machine translations (please check this table: but you need to take an action to translate your WooCommerce products. It won’t happen automatically. You can translate the product title and description but WPML will ask you to set up the main language of your site and the secondary languages. You cannot mix these languages.

      • Hi Agnes and thanks for your quick reply. But what if I set the language to lets say english again, and try to translate only the strings?

        Will wpml let me set, only for strings, a from language and a to language?


        • I’m not sure I understand your question. What strings do you have in mind? What do you mean by “a from language and a to language?” If you would see how WPML works, please use this site: click Create test site and then don’t forget to check that the site needs to be mutilingual. The site doesn’t have any products but it uses custom post types and pages and the translation process for products is similar.

  11. Hi,

    I have a question regarding WPML Blog, too. Is it possible to use the WPML Blog license for a small company website? The features are sufficient. I am just not sure, if this modell is exclusively for blogs.

    • If the features we have listed in this table: look fine for you, you can give it a try. You can always upgrade from the Blog package to the CMS later for the difference in the purchase price. I cannot provide you a Yes/No answer because sometimes you will need the CMS package to translate some extra strings from your theme.

    • Hello Ahmed,
      I can see that your order hasn’t completed (it’s on hold) and that’s the reason you cannot see anything on your download page. Let me check with our admins what might be the reason and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

  12. 1) When i install WPML do i get instand translations for the languages that i need?
    2) Can i make my own, or replace specific words or expressions ?
    3) When i upgrade wordpress do i lose any ”manual” translation i made myself?
    4) Do i need a special backup routine for WPML plugin?
    5) If i purchase WPML ”CMS”, can i upgrade to ”Agency” later paying the difference?

    Thank you

  13. I am interested in your product to use automated translation. Can you clarify how the monthly charges work? For example, when I develop the new site and translate all of the content, I will probably be over the 2000 free word limit, so assume I would then be charged for translating more than the 2000 words in that month.

    However, once I have finished the initial translation of all content, I won’t be translating much after that, so do I get charged a monthly fee or not, if I am under the 2000 words per month limit from then on?


    • Hello Richard,
      >I will probably be over the 2000 free word limit, so assume I would then be charged for translating more than the 2000 words in that month.
      Yes, you will but if you have chosen the option to 1-2000 (free quota) our system will tell you so and you will need to change the plan to 2001-5000 (or higher) and then proceed.
      >I have finished the initial translation of all content, I won’t be translating much after that, so do I get charged a monthly fee or not
      You will be charged only if your new translations (or updates) require using more than 2000 credits. But you can again switch back to 0-2000 in your settings.

      • Okay, thanks for your reply.

        So just to confirm – once my new site is developed, I will pay for my whole site translation initially. But then, I won’t be charged for ongoing months, unless I develop new page content over the 2000 word free limit. Correct?

  14. Hello
    I am interested in your product.
    A couple of pre-sales questions please:

    1. Regarding the URL structure – for instance – is the “es” or designated country 2 letters added automatically to each language except the default?

    2. With the URL for instance – – is there a way to transalte the domain name also, particularly if it is in chinese or arabic etc that do not use the modern English/Latin alphabet?

    3. In your available languages, do you have both Spanish and Hispanic/Mexican/Central American Spanish? If so, what flag do you use to represent? If not, can the flag for spanish be changed to a Mexican flag?

    4. Realistically, how hard is this to get installed and working for a newbie?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hello,
      1. yes
      2. WPML cannot translate the domain name
      3. you would need to add those manually by following this tutorial:
      4. Depends on your skills and general experience with WordPress. For an average WordPress user who knows how to install WordPress plugins, it shouldn’t be a big deal. You download the WPML plugin, you upload it to your WordPress, activate and then you will a WPML wizard will guide you through the next steps. If you get stuck, you can open a ticket on our support forum and we will help you.

  15. Dear Support,
    1) I want to use this plugin for my Elementor based WordPress page. Can I translate it with the basic Multilingual Blog bundle or should I pay for the Multilingual CMS bundle.
    2) What mean the account renewal? If I don’t renew it then can I use the plugin after 1 year without updates or the plugin will be blocked?

    Thanks for the answer!

    Have a great day,

    • Hello, thank you for your interest with WPML.
      1. You need the CMS package if you want to use WPML with Elementor.
      2. You can cancel your WPML subscription anytime (it’s a few clicks from your WPML account) and if you do it, we won’t try to auto-renew it after the first year. You can still use WPML but you won’t get updates. So only updates will be blocked. Your site will work.

  16. Hello, my page is only visited by Spanish speakers. So I am looking for a plugin that does not give me the option to switch between several languages but that translates to Spanish permanently. This means that the client does not have to select anything to translate. is this possible with wpml?

  17. Hey There,
    I have a couple of pre-purchase doubts which I had like to clarify before going on and purchasing your plugin.

    1. Is there a maximum amount of languages that the plugin translates too?
    2. Is it possible to index the same page for different languages in Google?
    3. If yes, is it also possible to translate alt text and descriptions of pictures on my website to the appropriate language?
    4. Is it the plugin compatible with rankmath seo?

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Hello
    If my website with WPML, with German, Chinese, English.
    My question is , my main language is English, then someone from Germany and use German to search on Google and open my site, what language will show him directly for his first eye on my site.
    Best Regards

    • Hello,
      it would be German because Google tries to find the best match between the user’s language and the language of the page.

  19. Hello,
    Is it possible to try a demo for a couple of days?
    Our website is in: English
    We like to add:
    – Dutch
    – German
    – Swedish
    – Spanish
    At the moment we are doing a demo through WegLot, but I think the WPML plugin is a better fit. The theme of my website recommended your plugin.
    ” Please install and active WPML Multilingual CMS plugin if you use WP Hotel Booking WPML Support add-on.”
    Can we arrange a short demo before we purchase this plugin?
    Thank you, Lisa from

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