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32,098 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. we wish to buy wpml plug inn, we need to know following details

    (1) Do wpml plug inn supports Hindi language, as our default currency is Indian rupees

    (2) We are using Wpml plug inn for support in Ctx feed, as we want to generate feed in multi currency

    (3) Hope these things wont work we can ask for refund within 30 days.

  2. I have WordPress multisite network installed,

    The main URL is, with the WordPress Multisite domain mapping feature, I have custom domains for every individual website, these are:

    All websites content is in English.

    My question is could I use WPML on all websites(across the multisite network)? and automatically translate all websites from English to other languages?


  3. We are interested in this plugin and are wondering how it works with Elementor. Is it possible to show us a demo of this plugin in action using the Elementor Page Builder?



  4. Hi,

    Is it correct that I can only install the String Translation add-on if I have the Multilingual CMS and not the Multilingual Blog version?

  5. I’m working for a company, and we are planning to start translating our website into multiple different languages.

    Would it be possible to have a trial test of this plugin, basically to see if it fits our needs and to look around how it works ? We don’t need the translation feature enabled.


    • Hello Sebastian,
      we don’t have any official demo. If you want to test WPML on your site (with your set of plugins and themes) you can buy it keeping our refund policy in mind that allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk. I can also add your user to my test site but you won’t be able to install your plugins and choose your theme on that site. If that works for you, please let me know which language(s) to add to this site and I will arrange it for you.

    • The CMS package allows you to register 3 production domains (and 9 testing ones). If you need more, you need to buy the Agency package.

    • Hello Marek, no you cannot but you don’t need to because we are already integrated with DeepL. You just need to change the order and put DeepLfirst because Google is the deafult. You do it in WPML settings for Automatic Translation.

  6. Hello,

    I need to create an article on my site which sometimes may have different versions, for each language. One version is the original/primary, and the others are translations inserted manually by the authors. Every article may be written in different languages.

    For example:
    – Article A, has the primary version in Italian. Then, it has also 2 more versions: German and French.
    – Article B, has the primary version in English. Then, it has also 4 more versions: Romanian, Portuguese, French and Chinese.
    – Article C, has only the primary version, in Spanish.

    I need to be able to create multiple versions of an article (different slugs, authors, etc) and to link them together. Writing a single article and adding another language version in the editor, at the article level, is also acceptable, although it will generate only one slug.

    But what is more important, I need to see the language switcher at the article level (not on the main menu), and only for the languages in that the particular article is written.

    Would that be possible with WPML?


    • Hello Lucian,
      yes, this is possible.
      1. WPML allows you to create posts/pages in non-primary languages
      2. WPML allows you to keep some of your posts/pages in only a few languages
      3. You can add the language switcher for the article body instead of adding it to the header/menu of your site.

      I didn’t understand this part of your question:

      I need to be able to create multiple versions of an article (different slugs, authors, etc) and to link them together. Writing a single article and adding another language version in the editor, at the article level, is also acceptable, although it will generate only one slug.

      Not sure what you mean by one slug for multiple versions of an article. Examples would help.

  7. Hello again dear support; sorry but Ican see any more my question. I want to know if WPML is compatible with Site Origin page buider.
    Thank you in advance and sorry if I create two topics, even for my laks in Ehglish

  8. i’m trying to pay, and i wanted to contact support but it wont let me on the forum because my subscription expired, and it keeps saying card declined even though i know there is money in the card. so please help, my email is

  9. Hey Agnes & thanks for support. Unfortunately, I cannot answer to the same topic, so I continue here with the requested example:

    – Article A is written in English. => It will have its own URL.
    – Article B has the same content as Article A, but it is written in German. So it will have it’s own URL as well.

    1. Is there any way I can link them, so they can be both visible in the language switcher from article body, but when I switch the language to jump to the other URL as well?
    2. Is there any way to create both articles under the same URL?


    • Hello Lucian,
      thank you for your extra comments. They help a lot.
      Here’s how WPML works:
      You set up the languages of your site. You need to make one of them your primary language (say it’s English). Then, when you want an article to appear in other languages you just translate it to this language. You click “Translate” and WPML creates a new post with its own URL and cross-links it with the article in the primary language.

      For example, your article in English has this title: Why people like challenges
      Its default URL will be:
      After translating it to German, the title of the article can be: “Warum Menschen Herausforderungen mögen” and the slug:ögen
      By default, WPML creates the slug based on the title. If you want to manually control the slug, you can also do it but first you would need to change the setting in WPML to say its Translation Editor to display the post slug for you. In this case, your URL of the German version could be:

      Now, to answer your questions:
      1. Yes, WPML creates the language switcher automatically
      2. Nope, because your language code is part of the URL (in my example is “de”). But you can change the slug of your German article to anything, it can be an English word too.

  10. Hi,
    I need the plugin for one website (using the7 theme with Elementor). Will Multilingual Blog be enough or should I choose Multilingual CMS? I know that Multilingual Blog doesn’t support page builders, but wouldn’t it be possible to translate Elementor pages the same way you translate ordinary pages or blog posts – two versions of every page?

  11. Hello at WPML,

    I have taken on the job of maintaining a company’s WordPress website. It uses WPML for translating content. The previous agency owner, who purchased the subscription in his name, has passed away. There is no registration info for WPML available anymore. In your FAQs you state:

    Finally, without a valid account, you cannot register or re-register sites with WPML.

    If I have no registration-info available for above reason, how can we purchase a new subscription and keep the already translated content?

    Thank you for your help,


    • Hello Olaf,
      In this case you will need to register the site again through the new account.
      Everything will keep working normally on the site while you do this.

  12. Hi Team,

    Is there a way i can make the payment via a credit card, currently do not see the option while making the payment.


    • Hello, yes, there is a way. On your check out page please use the “Use a different payment processor” option (you will see it down below the orange “Place order” button).

    • Hello,
      I can see by your IP that you are from India and Stripe is blocked for India and in this case, using PayPal is your only option.

  13. I do not want my website or questions visible, can I ask my questions privately?
    I have a question about the price of an entire website


  14. I want to use your solution to translate our multi-vendor site made with Dokan and I have questions for you?
    1. Which subscription should I buy?
    2. I did not understand the concept of credit can you tell me more?

    • Hello there,
      Let my try to answer your questions in order:
      1. For a WooCommerce site with Dokan, you will need our Multilingual CMS license.
      2. For translating your site using our Automatic translation, the cost will depend on the number of words to translate and the machine selected for it. Furthermore, you can select a pre-paid plan when you buy what you will use or, alternatively, you can have a monthly subscription. You can find more information here.

  15. Hi,

    I have a wpml licence that it is expired, I want to renew this license, but I dont know how to do it, I have searched in your forum, but the info is confused for me. Please Can you guide me in this process ?

    Thanks in advance,

    Regards !!!

    • Hello Jordi,
      I see you have a CMS subscription valid until June 23rd.
      Are you logging into your WPML account with this email address?

  16. I have questions on “Pricing”. We would just have 2 languages so we would translate by ourselves. Then should we buy just Multilingual Blog? Also what do you mean by “x production” and “x development”? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello – It depends on the type of content and the number of sites you need to translate. If you only have one site and only need to translate pages and posts, the Multilingual Blog account will be enough for you. If you need to translate widgets, e-commerce products, page builder content, and other text in addition to pages and posts, you will need either a Multilingual CMS or Agency account. You can read more about the different site keys here:

    • Hi Daniel,
      You will see a link to cancel it from your Subscription details>>> from your Order history page.
      You will also find a link to do it from your Account page>>> Modify subscription details link.

      Let me know?

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