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37,537 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hello,
    I have a question – I used WPML CMS so far, but I am not a developer/agency so I only need translation for my single page only and I find it too costly for what I need. I am thinking of downgrading to Multilingual Blog. My question is if that would be sufficient (I don’t need Woocommerce translation etc), because it says “Blog”, but I don’t use a Blog but just regular pages with some content. Would it work for that as well? Thanks!

    • Hello,
      if you don’t use the String Translation plugin and if you don’t use automatic translation, you can use the Multilingual Blog package. Otherwise, you must use the CMS package.

  2. Hello,
    I have created an online shop with a couple of products that I’m curently sending in Poland. I’d like to offer the same products to clients across Europe and I have a few questions to make sure your plugin would be able to help me to do – before I decide to buy it.
    1) I’d like to create a multi-lingual shop with a sort of language switcher in menu (or sidebar /popup thing) that would allow customers to pick their language. Language in Menu and all parts of the website should change accordingly to what’s being chosen.
    2) In the WooCommerce part – all products descriptions etc, and system pages such as cart, order summary and so on, should change depending on what language does the customer set.
    3) Changing the price depending on language – for example in Germany the price would be visible in Euros, in Poland in PLN or HUF for Hungary? Of course this should albo allow for the change of amount, not just the currency mark.
    4) Is it possible for the system to detect the user’s browser language and set to it? For example, if someone is using OS in French the system would switch fo French language on its own? That’d be great but not neccesary 🙂
    Plus a question: are there any limits to the number of languages? I need this to run on my one website but since I’d like to cover most of european countries the number of languages could be somewhere around 20.
    Do I need just one plugin to achieve what I described or something more?
    Is there any way to test the plugin before buying it? Some sort of demo page or something?
    Hoping to get some answers from you 🙂
    Regards, Olga

    • Hello Olga,
      The option you are looking for is the Multilingual CMS package, it should cover all the scenarios described (1,2,3 and 4). And no, there is not a language number limit.
      We don’t have testing licenses, however we do have a 30 days trial period. In that way, you can install and test WPML and check if that’s the solution you are looking for your project.

  3. Hi,
    thanks. I definitely don’t use the automatic translation; what’s exactly the purpose of the string translation/for what is it needed?

    • Sure, let me explain. Here’s what you can translate with the main WPML plugin (applies both to the Multilingual CMS and the Multilingual Blog packages):
      – content of your pages and posts
      – categories and tags
      – menu (navigation)
      If you have other text strings appearing on your site, for example, something in your footer, text strings coming from some other plugins, you will need to translate them via the String Translation plugin. If your site already uses the Multilingual CMS package, please go to your site and check if the String Translation plugin is enabled. If it is, you can temporarily disable it and see if some of your text strings are not appearing translated on the front-end. This is how you will know if your site uses and needs the String Translation plugin.

  4. Hello, our website was developed by an external agency and uses the WPML plugin. Now the agency no longer provides us service. We have moved the website to a and now the URL no longer includes www. When we try to update the WPML plugins to the latest version, we get the following message:

    “WPML plugin cannot connect to WPML needs to connect to its server to check for new releases and security updates. Something in the network or security settings is preventing this. Please allow outgoing communication to to remove this notice.”

    And when I look at the details, I see it says:

    “wpml: Site key does not match for

    How can we recover our WPML account to have access to support or to make changes to the configuration? I am unsure of the email address used to create the account associated with our URL. And no one at the company knows it either.

    Apologies for posting my query in this pre-sales forum, but I didn’t know how else to contact you since I don’t have access to our WPML account.

    • Hello Jordi,
      If you want, you can write us to as we may need to ask you some information. In that way, we will be able to identify the email associated, and if you have access to it, you will be able to buy a new license and associate it to this email.
      However, you can also consider just open a new account, buy a new license and link your new URL address.

  5. Thanks for your answer, Andres! Another question came to my mind:
    – $99 is a price for a yearly subscription or for a licence payment (wtih no time limit)?
    – how does the system work in terms of woocomerce payments if I set different currencies? for example: i usually sell in euros but customer sees price in US $ – does this somehow convert in woo payments?

  6. Hello WPML Team,

    I have a few questions regarding your services:

    Will my WooCommerce products and Elementor pages be translated, and will the currency also change accordingly?

    If a subscription is canceled, will my translated pages remain the same after one year of the subscription being canceled?

    On the pricing table, it shows 180,000 translation credits. What does this mean? Are unlimited credits not available?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  7. Hi,
    I have another question: if I downgrade from WPML CMS to WPML Blog, is there anything I have to obey? Shall I delete the plugin and everything related first and then install the WPML Blog plugin or what is the most efficient way to do the switch?

    • As soon as you have the new type of account, you will need to unregister WPML and then register it again with a new key. You don’t need to delete the plugin. If you register the plugin with a new key, WPML will recognise that now you have a different kind of account and it will hide some of the screens.

  8. hi, i want to choose between automatic translation and manual translation only for my woocomerce products. Is that possible or must be the entire page to be translated ? wich package should i buy, can i buy more credits? its early renewal how does it work ?

    • Hello,
      it’s good to see you renewing WPML again. We offer discounts only for clients who use WPML continuously. Our system applies discounts automatically if you renew on time (after a year). In your case the break was too long (your subscription expired more than 2 years ago), I’m sorry but we don’t have a way to provide individual and manual discounts.

  9. je veux acheter WPML mais je veux bénéficier de quelque jours de test ou acces au démo pour voir la possibilité de création des pages traduites avec la même architecture des pages principales (page et sous-page)

  10. Hi, I have around 5000 products in my Woocommerce-based store with around 200 words in description each. All in all, around 1000000 words. With the package Multilingual CMS can I count on auto-translation without going out of the limit this package offers?

    • Hello,
      when you buy the Multilingual CMS you will get 90 000 credits which allows you to translate 45 000 words (1 word = 2 credits) with DeepL or Google Translate. DeepL is the default translation engine and it provides the best quality. To translate 1 million of words you will need to buy extra credits and it will cost you around 600 euros with the Pay-As-You-Go option. Please check this calculator: (make sure you put 1 for the ‘Number of languages to translate into’ filter). It would be around 300 euros with the Microsoft engine, which is also fine but considered not that good as DeepL.

  11. Hello,

    My objective is to have my blog, currently in French, also be in English. For your information, I use Divi.

    I don’t want to fully copy-paste the French version to English. I want to keep some posts only for French readers and also be able to create later posts only for English readers. Is that possible with WPML?

    Is it possible to show the language switcher in the menu only for the posts that are bilingual?


    • Hello,
      yes, you can translate only the posts you choose. When setting up WPML, please make sure to select “Translate What You Choose”. Now let me explain how the language switcher (the flags) works. By default it’s added to your site’s footer but you can also add it to your navigation (menu) and a few other places. When you do so, the language switcher will be available for all of your pages and posts. If a post/page is not translated, the language switcher will show (include) only the original language instead of two languages. WPML is compatible with Divi.

  12. Hello,

    Another question: I’m the only one to write and manage my website. Can I avoid translating all strings in that case? Or should I do it?

    Same question for media?


    • Yes, you decide what to translate. Simply make sure you select “Translate What You Choose” (instead of “Translate Everything Automatically”).

  13. Hi,
    Does the multilingual Blog Package translate the menu, footers and every element in the front end Page ?
    (I don’t need automatic translation)

    • Hello Nicola, yes, you can translate the menu with the Blog package but I’m not sure about your footer. It depends on how the footer has been built on your specific website. Sometimes footers include text strings that can be translated only with the String Translation plugin (which is included in the Multilingual CMS package). Can you please share the link to your site or/and provide me with more details on how your built the footer.

  14. Bonjour

    Est-ce qu’il fait l’autocréation des pages correspondantes ?

    Aussi, est-il fait la création des pages dans la partie administration?


    • Oui, si vous utilisez les fonctionnalités « traduire automatiquement », WPML crée automatiquement des pages. Vous pouvez modifier les traductions automatiques si vous le souhaitez. Si vous souhaitez traduire manuellement, WPML créera également les pages de traduction, mais vous devrez les remplir vous-même avec du contenu ou des traductions.

    • Thank you for the link and for providing the name of the theme. I can see that this theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team and that’s why we cannot guarantee that it will work 100 percent. However you plan to use the Blog package, you need to translate everything manually anyway. You might have issues with translating the footer without the String Translation plugin but the footer seems to be flexible and it will depend on you what you will insert into the footer. Try to keep it as simple as possible to have fewer texts to translate.

  15. Merci pour la réponse
    j’ai besoin d’une démo de test pouvez me donner la procédure de faire démo de 30jours ou bien où je peux créer un compte de test s’il vous plait.

    • Nous n’avons pas de démo, vous devrez acheter WPML pour le tester mais notre politique de remboursement vous permet de tester WPML pendant 30 jours. Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait de WPML, vous devrez remplir le formulaire de remboursement sur cette page et nous vous rembourserons votre argent.
      Après avoir acheté WPML, nous pouvons vous proposer une session Zoom individuelle avec un expert francophone de WPML.

  16. Hello,

    I’m a EU business, the subscription costs 99€, after I enter my VAT number the price is still 99€. VAT percentage is shown nowhere.

    Please clarify how this works please. I assume you have

    Kind regards Fabio

  17. Hello –

    We are looking for automatic translation for Simplified Chinese and we also want to make sure that if a Chinese user views our website hosted in the US, the translation would work.

    Are you able to confirm WPML is not blocked from working when viewing from China?

    • Hello,
      WPML works with Simplified Chinese and it’s just a plugin (or actually a set of plugins) for a WordPress site. If your site is not blocked now, adding WPML won’t make any difference. If your site is for any reason blocked, it’s not because of using WPML.

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