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September 19, 2023

There are several reasons why it may appear like you are missing automatic translation credits. We’ll cover the most common reasons credits might not show and how to fix it.

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Reusing a Site Key

What happens: You install a site at a URL you previously registered with WPML. If you reuse the same site key you used before, any credits you previously assigned to that URL from won’t be visible on the site.

How to fix it: Re-register your site with a valid site key. Then, contact support and ask them to check the automatic translation connection.

How to prevent it from happening in the future: Always register a new WPML install with a new site key.

Migrating a Site

If you migrate a site to a new URL, you have the option to specify if you created a copy or changed the address of the site:

  • If you indicate that you have changed your site’s address, WPML automatically moves the translation information, including credits, to your new site URL.
  • If you select that you are running a copy of your site, WPML asks you what to do with your automatic translation credits.
The notice about moving or copying a site

Selecting the Copy Option

What happens: When you choose the copy option, WPML asks if you want to share the translation credits across both sites. If you select No, your credits are available for use on the original site only.

How to fix it: Remove the credits from the old URL. You can then reassign them to the new URL. Or, you can assign a separate set of credits or set up a pay-as-you-go subscription on the copy of your site.

How to prevent it from happening in the future: If you select the copy option, indicate that you want both sites to share credits. If you migrate your site to a new URL and won’t be using the old URL, select the option to move all your translation information to the new site address.

Migrating a Site to a URL that Already Has Credits Assigned

What happens: Migrating a site to a URL that already has credits assigned does not combine the credits assigned to both URLs. Instead, you only see the number of credits that were assigned to the URL you just migrated. Any credits belonging to the other URL are overwritten.

For example, if you assigned credits to Site A and Site B, then migrated Site B to Site A’s URL, only the credits originally assigned to Site B remain.

How to fix it: Contact our support team for assistance.

How to prevent it from happening in the future: Before migrating a site, connect the two sites together to share automatic translation credits. This way, all the credits belong to the same pool that either site has access to.

Disconnecting a Site

What happens: WPML gives you the option of sharing automatic translation credits across multiple sites. When you disconnect a site, that site no longer has access to the shared credits.

Disconnecting a site

How to fix it: You can reconnect the site anytime to share those credits again. Or, if you don’t want those sites to share credits, you can remove credits from the shared sites and assign them to the disconnected site.

How to prevent it from happening in the future: Only connect sites that you feel comfortable sharing automatic translation credits, translation memory, and glossary between.

Deleting a Site

Removing a Site’s Registration from

What happens: You can delete sites from your list of registered sites from your account. If you delete a site that still has credits assigned, these credits return to your account to use on other sites.

Deleting a site registration

How to fix it: If you want to add credits to the site again, re-register your site. If you are unable to, contact our support team for help.

How to prevent it from happening in the future: You should always have a valid site key for sites using WPML. This prevents any issues with credits, as well as protects your site from breaking changes in future WordPress releases. We do not recommend deleting a site from your list of registered sites unless you are no longer using WPML on it.

Deleting a Site From Your Server

What happens: If you delete your website from your server and no longer have access to it, you can unregister the site from your account. WPML immediately sends the credits back to your account to use on other sites.

Deleting the site key for a site you no longer have access to

Still Having Trouble?

Contact our support team for further investigation and assistance.