WPML consists of several modules. The basic module turns WordPress sites multilingual. Other modules help with an enhanced translation process, string translation, media translation and other functions.

Configuring WPML

  • Languages – Determine the site’s languages and control how different language contents are organized.
  • Theme and plugins localization – Choose between the traditional .mo files or using WPML’s String Translation.

Translating Content

Translation dashboard

Translation dashboard

WPML creates different posts, pages and custom data types in – translating your content. You can also translate post categories and custom taxonomies.

Most WordPress sites contain texts outside of posts. WPML translates these texts using the String Translation module.

To display image galleries in translated content, you should use WPML Media. It will allow you to connect the same media files to content in different languages.

Advanced Translation

Once you’ve translated the site’s content and general strings, you might be interested in translating the site’s navigation and using localized permalinks.

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