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March 1, 2023

By default, WordPress comes with two basic types of content: Posts and Pages. These are called post types. However, many sites also feature custom post types. For example, a site could have Tour, Article, or Book post types. WPML allows you to translate these custom post types easily.

Services custom post type with some posts

To be able to translate custom post types, you need to set them as Translatable in WPML. To do this, go to WPML → Settings and scroll to the Post Types Translation section. Choose one of the two Translatable options.

Setting custom post types as Translatable

Once you set them as Translatable, you can send your posts to be translated via the Translation Management Dashboard.

If you use the Translate Everything Automatically translation mode, be sure to choose Translatable – only show translated items, and switch the Translate Automatically toggle to Yes. Then, decide in the popup if you want to translate existing content in this post type or only posts you create after this point.

Setting a post type to be translated automatically using Translate Everything Automatically mode