Originally written
October 21, 2019
April 2, 2020

If you have several websites, you can connect them so that they share the same quota for automatic translation.

To connect and manage sites connected to your automatic translation subscription go to the WPML → Translation Management page. There, click the Translation Tools tab and then the My Websites sub-tab.

Connecting and managing sites connected to your automatic translation subscription
Connecting and managing sites connected to your automatic translation subscription

It’s important to understand how the merging of sites works:

  • You need to choose which site will be the “main” one. This is the site that has an active automatic translation subscription that you want to use for all sites.
  • When connecting two sites, you get a code on one site and paste it into the “main” site.
  • In other words, you merged one site into the “main” one and you can merge many sites into the “main” one.

When you’re ready, simply follow the user interface to connect or disconnect your other websites to the “main” one.

Unable to connect sites?

In some cases, the system might prevent you from connecting (merging) sites. Here is a list of rules that should help you understand when and why you cannot connect sites.

You cannot merge sites that both have active subscriptions

If both sites have active, separate subscriptions for automatic translation you need to:

  1. Cancel the subscription on one of these two sites.
  2. Wait for the charge to be triggered for the canceled subscription (usually takes about an hour).
  3. Make sure to pay for the charged words (if any).
  4. Get the connection code from the site where you canceled the subscription and enter it into the site with the still active subscription.

You cannot connect two “main” sites

You cannot connect add a “main” site to another one.

For example, you have three sites that are not connected: site A, B, and C. You can first connect any two of these sites. Let’s say you connect sites A and B, where A is the “main” site. After this, you can add site C to the main site A, but you cannot do it the other way around. You cannot add a “main” site A to another site, in this case, site C.

You cannot connect sites that have debt on the automatic translation subscription

If a site has unpaid words you will have to pay for them before being able to connect the site to another.