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26,300 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Good morning, I have an account and I renieuwd my plug in but I cannot see where I can download the plug in for a different website.

    • This theme hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team and in this case, I’d recommend you to start with the Block version. If needed you can upgrade to the Multilingual CMS package later for the difference in the purchase price. Basic functionality of themes not tested by our team should work but you won’t benefit much from the Multilingual CMS package in this case.

  2. Hello, I have *** and ***.com (2 different domains) – will I be able to use the plugin on dev and then on the official domain and will this count as 1 install or 2 installs (I’m planning on buying the “Multilingual CMS” package)?

    • Hello, if you want to keep both domains registered all the time, it counts as two, but registration is needed only to get new updates so you can unregister one of this site and register it only for the moment to update the plugins.

  3. Is it possible to change the logo of a website made with divi? Which product do I need? (The logo of a customer has different sublines in everly language.)

  4. Hello
    Does WPML support front-end submission ?

    I am creating a new theme with custom post submission from the front end
    can i use wpml to submit posts in two languages ?
    do you have a documents for that ?
    Is there a ready plugins that compatible with WPML ?

  5. Hello

    I am planning to purchase WPML in price 79USD, but I have a problem because the WPML option has disappeared from the WordPress dashboard from left bar. It was visable before but now it`s missing. How to recover this WPML option in wordpress dashboard? I want to purchase WPML Plugin and install it propperly, now there is even a sign from WMPL in WP.

    Please help me, I need to finnish the project and install multilanguage option for the companys website.

    Best regards

    • Hello Konrad,
      please log into your WordPress site and make sure:
      1. you are logged in with admin privileges (users with other roles won’t see the WPML option)
      2. WPML plugin is installed and activated (go to plugins)

      If you are the admin and you cannot see the WPML plugin in the list of your plugins, it means you will need to upload it again and activate. You can download your WPML from your WPML account but to do so you need to have an active WPML subscription (meaning you need to buy WPML).

      If you go to plugins -> add new -> Commercial tab you can also check if WPML is registered. If it’s not, you will be able to register WPML, once you have an active WPML account (subscription) and then you can update WPML from within that screen.

      I hope it helps.

  6. Lots of theme and plugin author (Including Envato) made a discount for Webdesigners day. Do you have any discount code for Web designers day?

  7. Hi,

    We recently purchased the 3 website pack $79. After signing up, the project manager could not recall her password and has tried numerous times to reset the password, each time we submit a password reset, the link we get doesnt work.

    We get this message : Return invalid key (see screenshot link below)

    I cant log a support ticket either because I need to log in.

    Please can you assist us to get this working.

    Kind regards

  8. Hi,
    I am thinking to use WPML for my woocommerce website, but I am a bit confused with the multi currency and multilingual features in WPML here, is this plugin is only a multilingual but supports the website with multi currency? What if I only looking for Multi currency switcher for my website (currently I am still not target to build multi language website), will WPML work? Or do I need to have another Multi currency switcher to work together with WPML multilingual plugin?

    • Hello,
      if you run a WooCommerce-based site, you can use WPML plugins only for your multi currency switcher but you will need to install the same plugins that are required to make your site (and store) multilingual. It might overcomplicate your site. So if you need a simple, one-language site with just the language switcher, better would be to find a dedicated plugin only for this purpose.

  9. Hi,

    We are thinking about installing this plugin to translate our site. However, we are not sure to install this plugin because we haven’t tried it before and we don’t know if it’s compatible with our site (other plugins have caused problems in our site).

    Can we install it and if it has any problem, will you refund our payment? Or do you have any free trial?

    Thank you.

  10. I have bought the WPML but it shows the subscription status- on Hold. Why is it so if i already paid for the plugin and how long it takes to activate the subscription and download the plugin?



    • hello Arshad,
      Thanks for your purchase. I see thee payment is being reviewed by PayPal, this is why it is on hold. When do you need to start using WPML?

  11. I needed to start to work since yesterday, the time i bought it. can you confirm the purchase and let me start work on my project?


    Best regards

    • Hello Arshad,
      I have activated the purchase in your account. Please log in and confirm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Kind regards,

  12. I have an expired multilingual version and I want to renew it, but ?I’d like to extend it to the Agency version, is it pobile ?, or do I have to pay the full agency price ($159)?, or I have a reduced price?


    • Hello Antonio,
      I see you already purchased an Agency subscription. Please let me know if you have any further question.

      Kind regards,

  13. I am developing a global site. I have purchased a theme. But, under monetization, the theme forces one currency. I have it set at US dollars presently. Whenever a person places an ad or post on my site, they put the amount they are selling something for in a price field. They do not put the currency sign, but when they enter an amount, say 25, it pops up on the site as $25 automatically. So, my theme is forcing one currency on every aspect of the site ($ always pops up only and people cannot insert another sign). I do not have woocommerce or shopify. It is just a regular wordpress theme. I am selling ad space, not products. I have not purchased WPML yet because: I don’t know how to fix this issue. Do I need coding? I can’t ask your tech support as I am locked out of support without making a purchase. I would need to send screenshots of the issue and I can’t do that here.

    • Hello Jan,
      Thanks for your interest in WPML. Years ago, yes, we did have this offer but no longer have it. You would need to buy WPML as any other user. We don’t have any discounts for non-profits either.

  14. Hello,

    I wanted to ask if your Multilingual Blog package support WP Bakery Page Builder. Also, do I need to buy a higher package if I want to upgrade from Multilingual Blog to Multilingual CMS?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Sam,
      WPML works with the WP Bakery Builder and you need the Multilingual CMS package. You will learn more here:

      You can upgrade from Multilingual Blog to Multilingual CMS later but if you want to translate pages created with the WP Bakery Builder you will need two additional plugins (WPML Translation Management and WPML String Translation) that are not available in the Block package.

      • Hello Agnes,

        I informed my client of your response and he bought the Multilingual CMS package along with the additional plugins you recommended.

        Our problem now is that the layout gets messed up whenever we try and access the WPML-generated version of the translated pages.

        For some reason, the contents seem to gain huge left paddings or a huge blank section on the left.

        I have typed in the website URL along with this form.

        Please try accessing the page URL and click on the other language version to see what happens with the layout.

        Is there a patch we can download to fix this?

        We are using WP Bakery Page Builder and Crework theme.

        Thank you in advance.

        All the best,

  15. Hi,

    I’m interested in purchasing WPLM just for multi-currency support, and I need the following outcome:

    * currencies work on custom products (not just simple/advanced products)
    * able to force use of a currency based on location
    * able to fix the price in each currency (will be higher price in some countries than the standard currency exchange rate)
    * customer not able to select the currency manually, they must pay in the currency I nominate for their detected country
    * Customer not able to see prices in other currencies

    Will this plugin support my goal? I’ve tried some other plugins and they seem to fail some of my requirements or just plain buggy and unreliable.



    • Hello Chris,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.

      * currencies work on custom products (not just simple/advanced products) – you would need to test it yourself. you can consider buying WPML with our refund policy in mind, which allows you to test WPML for 30 days
      * able to force use of a currency based on location – not possible, the only thing you can do is to redirect the user to his/her language according to what they have set in the browser preferences for the languages.
      * able to fix the price in each currency (will be higher price in some countries than the standard currency exchange rate) – yes
      * customer not able to select the currency manually, they must pay in the currency I nominate for their detected country – not really, even if you hide the currency switcher they will be able to buy it in a different currency if they change the language (when they find the product in other languages)
      * Customer not able to see prices in other currencies – same note as above

  16. Hello, I have a question relating to the limitation of both CMS and Agency subscriptions to 2.000 words of automatic translation. I have only one site and this limitation makes this product much less desirable. If applied to one site only I would have expected full site translation, especially if you are looking for more than one additional language. If looking to implement say 4 languages I gather that limits each language to 500 words only. Please advise if I’m wrong….

    • Hello Stuart,
      that’s correct. If you want to get more machine translations, you can buy tiny, medium or large chunks of quota:

      Personal: $0.99 – 1500 words ($0.667 / 1000 words)
      Business: $9.99 – 20000 words ($0.5 / 1000 words)
      Publisher: $49.99 – 150000 words ($0.333 / 1000 words)

  17. Hello,

    Is it possible to buy WPML support and updates for 2 years insted of just 1 year?

    Kind Regards
    – Thomas

    • Hello Thomas,
      our subscription system is based on yearly renewals. Unless you cancel your subscription and have funds on your credit card it will renew automatically after the first year.

  18. Hello,

    my account let me have 3 websites. I added 3 but removed the 3rd one to replace with my other website. But now the systems says my account doesn’t let me add key. (even if my license is expired, shouldn’t I be able to use what I already paid for?)


    • Hello,
      you can use WPML plugins (the once you have installed or downloaded) even without an active subscription (registration key). But if your subscription expired, you won’t be able to register it again or generate a new key.

  19. Hi, have purchased last year CMS package and my account just expired and need a renewal. But need to downgrade to BLOG package only as having just 1 website (registered 2 last year by mistake – same website, but with and without www prefix). Can you, please, advise? To renewal can pay only the CMS price.


  20. I bought the basic package and installed onto my WordPress account. Now it constantly blocks me from making it work. It requests the key and when I add the key I get the answer I need to register. When I try to register it tells me I am already? What should I do? I’m going in circles…..

  21. Hey I’m interested in your product. Aside from the subscription fee and the subsequent yearly fee, how much do you charge for translation if any? And is it per word, per language or both?

  22. Hi,
    A client has a WordPress Multisite installation with 5 subsites (venues of the client), how is the licensing handlet? Is it count as one registered site, as it is only one Plugin that updates?
    Best regards,

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