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26,300 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. I currently have WPML for my blog, but I want to add Woocommerce to my site, so I need to upgrade my account in order to make my shop multilingual too. Do I need to upgrade my WPML before installing Woocommerce? And does WPML offer support on setting up a multilingual Woocommerce store? Also, I purchased my WPML blog subscription in February, so my other question is whether I have to pay the full price to upgrade, or simply the difference between the two packages? Thanks

  2. HI, i have a website with and old wpml version(4.0.5) and DIVI Theme. From time to time we have a problem that after creating a new translation for 2nd language, some pages reset back to original language. If i check those reseted pages, i can find the previous translated version in the revisions histiry.
    I wonder if by purchasing wpml again and updating my wpml plugins i can get rid of this error.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to buy WPML but I have still two questions:
    1) Is it possible to “automatically” create button (flag) for translating each post on webseit. So for exampe: I’am visitor and I have to translate (see) only one post to German?
    2) Is wpml compatibile now with JobRoller (AppThemes)?

    • Hello Radoslaw,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML>
      1. The flag is something we call a language switcher. WPML creates the language switcher automatically and it will include only the languages you have added to your site when configuring WPML. When used, the language switcher will show the content of the page/post in another language but you need to translate the posts/pages yourself. It won’t happen automatically. You can also use machine translation from our ATE editor or send your content to one of the professional translation services integrated with WPML. You can also leave some of your posts/pages untranslated (I’m not 100% sure I fully understand your question).
      2. The Job Roller hasn’t been tested by our COmpatibility Team so I’m not sure if you will be able to translate everything coming from this theme. Even if a theme is not listed on the list of WPML-ready themes you should be able to translate all basic elements such as posts, pages, menu, categories, tags… but you might have issues with translating extra features coming frm that specific theme.
      You would need to test it yourself and use our refund policy in case it turns out it doesn’t work as you expect.

  4. We are in the process of purchasing some of your services or products but legal & auditing restrictions we need authenticated invoice can we get them?

    • Hello Richard,
      the Listing Pro theme is not included in our list of themes compatible with WPML (please check here) and we don’t have any references with the theme either. But according to this thread from our support forum there is a way to translate the listings coming from the theme.
      Please note that our refund policy allows you to buy WPML and test it for 30 days without any risk.

  5. Hi there,

    I am new to WPML and not sure how WPML works exactly. There are two questions:

    1. In the admin page of the website, it says “You are running updated wpml-string-translation, but the following component is not updated: sitepress-multilingual-cms”. Then I realized I need to login WPML for the plugin update, but I am not sure should I purchase a package or our site should have an existing account?

    2. I want to embed video from Youku (Chinese video platform), could I do it once I purchase the package?

    If yes, could you please suggest which WPML should I buy?

    Thank you


    • Hello Katherine,

      1. You can update WPML plugins without purchasing it again if the site is registered with an active account. You can check it yourself by going to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab. If the site uses a key associated with an active subscription you will be able to upgrade the plugins from within that screen. Please note that in case of any issues you need to have credentials to the WPML account to ask for technical help.
      2. I don’t know much about your site and how the pages are translated. If you can embed the video in your page/post of your original language and that page/post has another version in other languages, you will be able to embed the video in pages for other languages as well.

  6. Hello,

    I am interested in purchasing WPML Multilingual CMS version.

    Here is my goal: To create a multilingual marketplace with one of the Woocommerce Multiple Vendors plugin compatible with WPML (Dokan Pro for instance). Each sub-store in the marketplace is run by a Vendor (the vendor user role a little above customer role).

    1) The Vendors on my website publish their products in English and the people who speak only Spanish or French can see these products description in their own language. Is it possible?

    2) Does WPML automatically translate the Vendor’ shop/text descriptions into Spanish and French -OR- does the Vendor need to manually translate his text for each language?

    3) Let’s say the store has 20 products in English and from these 20 products, only 10 products were translated into Spanish. If a Spanish speaking user visits the Spanish version of the site will he see all the 10 products in Spanish and 10 products in English -OR- will the user only see the 10 products that were translated in Spanish?

    4) Can the Vendor manage/edit his multilingual content from a frontend interface or does he need to access the admin area for that?

    Thanks in advance,
    — GM

    • Hello,
      thank you for your interest in WPML.
      1. Each user can use the backend language of their choice and this is set up in the user profile as explained here:
      2. I’m not sure which specific descriptions you mean by shop/text descriptions but all the content translations must be provided by the user, what gets translated automatically are strings provided by your plugin (e.g. messages etc) in the po/mo fiels.
      3. It depends on your setup. First of all, in WPML settings you will find a section called “Language switcher options” -> How to handle languages without translation, where you can skip the language entirely (it won’t appear in the switcher) or will link to home of language for missing translations. Second, you can decide whether to display the original language or to skip the post – please check the details here.
      4. If your plugin provides such a possibility it should work.

  7. Hello

    when we first purchased this plugin it was 79USD unlimited sites. now its limited to 3 sites. we would like to upgrade to next unlimited plan but we requesting the regular renewal fee (119$ insted of 159$) for this plan since we actually signed up for unlimited plan in 2018. please let us know what you can do for this matter?

    thank you

    • Hello,
      yes, we have changed the model last year and we notified customers in your situation explaining what you can do in this case (we sent a few emails about it and we offered some special options). You might have overlooked the emails. I’m not sure if our offer from last year is still valid. Could you please use this form and contact us directly? The person in charge will explain what are the options in your case. Thank you.

  8. Hi,
    I have two orders in my Orders. They both have invoices.
    I need to cancel one of the orders and get the WPML for the second order.

    I am trying to buy WPML Blog version

    • Hello Carlos,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      There is no subscription set up for you yet. Could you please use this contact form and send us the order numbers and please explain which one you would like to cancel.

  9. Hi
    I have installed WPML on my client website. I’m no longer paying for the service. The client are now going to pay for the service. What is the easiest way to do that?
    Best regards, Mikkel

    • Hi,
      Option #1
      they can purchase their own subscription (using their email and their card/PayPal) and after doing so they would need to log into their WPML account and register their site to generate the activation key. Then you (or they) would need to update the site with that key (Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab). There is no need to reinstall the plugin(s).

      Option #2
      You can change the email in your WPML account and then cancel your subscription (please check this link) and then start a new one (with your customer’s data). In case of any issues, please contact us directly via this form:

  10. HI. I’m trying to take advantage of the early renewal offer to get a discounted new Unlimited account, but I keep getting the error message “You have already activated this account.” Is that the expected result?
    Thanx for your help.

  11. I have used Gtranslate for Spanish and spent a lot of time correcting the translations. Is there a way I can transfer the translations from the gtanslation plugin to a new install of WPML? Or would I have to start again?

    • Hello,
      if your current translations sit in your post/page body (content), you can keep them after switching to WPML. But you might need to establish connections between translted posts anew after switching to WPML. In the worst case, you will need to do the copy-pasting manually.

  12. Order number: 4010349, status has been on-hold, downloaded
    BuddyPress Multilingual, WordPress prompts: “For BuddyPress Multilingual to work you must enable WPML and BuddyPress.” But there is no WPML Multilingual CMS in the download option.

    • Hello,
      Your translation has been canceled (probably because of PayPal issue) and no subscription has been established. You have tried to purchase the Multilingual Blog but if you need to translate BuddyPress-based site you will need the WPML CMS package.

      Could you please use this form to follow up? I’ll notify my colleague who gets these forms to expect an email from you.

  13. Hello,

    I am writing here because I cannot find any other way to contact you without logging in.

    For some weeks now, I am unable to log into my account. I am able to request a password reset and I receive the Password Reset mail – but when I click the reset link, I get an error message:

    Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid. If you forgot your credentials, please visit the Lost your password page and follow the instructions there.

    Any help is appreciated.


    • Hello,
      We can reset your current password and generate a new one and our system will send it your e-mail. We have a special option in our system to do so but before I use it, I need your approval. Please let me know if you want me to do this. I’ll also notify our developers to check why you cannot reset the password yourself. Thank you.

        • Thank you Rafael. Done. Could you please check your email?

          If you would like to reset your password again using our link, please try to reset your browser cache first and log in again – this is would our devs suggest.

    • Hello Veronica,
      I’m sorry but we no longer have any special offers for non-profits but thanks for checking.

  14. Our website was being handled by a web developer who said he obtained a non profit license for the WPML for the site. Currently he is no longer under contract with us. To make sure the plug in still works do we need to purchase the plugin from you. The plugin was left inactive by the developer.

    Any help in regards to this would be appreciated.

    • Hello Maria,
      we no longer provide free licenses for non-profits but maybe your site runs the lifetime license. Could you please use this form and send us the following information: the URL of your website, the email that was used to register your WPML account. I’ve checked your email and there is no WPML registered with your email, which was expected. Anyway, please use the form and we will follow up there. Thank you.

  15. Is it possible if each language page has its specific hreflang tag?
    I mean if I am creating any page in English and Hindi, then two different hreflang tag should be displayed only for specific language pages.
    1) hreflang=”en” should be displayed only for English language pages
    2) hreflang=”hi” should be displayed only for Hindi language pages

    Please advise.

  16. Hello i am interested in changing all of my website’s language to English,
    and all i need is your translation editor plugin.

    So i wanted to ask if i buy your plugin,
    and i translate all of my website (i will buy words for translation from the plugin)
    and then i will uninstall the plugin,
    will my translations be saved or they will be deleted too?

  17. Hi,

    I would like to try WPML or try a live demo before purchase for a client project.

    Can you come back to me?


    • Hello,
      thanks for your interest in WPML. We don’t have any free demos but our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk. During that trial, you can use our support forum as well.

  18. Good afternoon,
    i have on my ecommerce those plugins i must upgrade:
    – WPML Media
    – WPML Multilingual CMS
    – WPML String Translation
    – WPML Translation Management
    – WooCommerce Multilingual

    are all of those plugins included in the 79$ WPML pack? Sorry for my english, i’m waiting for your kind answer.

    Thank you,

    • Hello,
      yes, this is possible but if your site will have only one language, you don’t need WPML. WPML it for multilingual sites. You can use the LocoTranslate plugin for example.

  19. Hi!

    I’m looking forward to buy your plugin to use it with Jump Start theme.
    My question is, if i dont renew the license after an year, i just stop getting updates or the plugin stops working and all the translations data get lost?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello José.
      If you do not renew you will lose access to updates and support but you can keep using whatever you have installed.

      Kind regards,

  20. Hi!
    Is your plugin well compatible with WooCommerce? For example, is it possible to translate Checkout Page, Payment Gateways titles? Are there any issues with the payment process if site uses different domains per language?
    How your plugin works with Hreflang Tags?
    Is it possible not to publish translating page if translation is still in process. I mean some kind of sandbox.

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