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  1. Translation services have an additional cost if I want to translate my entire site? or translation service is part of the Multilingual CMS version?

  2. If I purchase Multilingual Blog ( 1 site license), can this is installed in different folders on the same site? I have a website that has two languages, and each of the languages is created in different folders on the same site.

    • Hello,
      yes, you can set up WPML to display languages in folders (please check our site, wpml.org) and yes, it will work for the Block package too but please note that these are not physical folders. Consider them virtual folders WPML creates on the fly. So you have only one WordPress installation and let WPML do the rest.

  3. Hi there.
    I’d like your help with something. Here it goes. A developer I hired online built a WP multi language site, as I asked him to. Two languages to be exact. I see he did install and use WPML Multilingual CMS 4.2.5.
    All works sort of fine, although very often I’m unable to edit pages because the page builder won’t open. It seems to be a problem related to the WPML plugin. I’m using XPro by ThemeCo as theme.
    First question would be if you’re aware of any issues between WPML and XPro?
    Second. I wasn’t provided with any key/license from this developer to use WPML. I see the plugin is not registered. What does this mean as far as functionality goes?

    • Hello Giuseppe,
      Are we talking about the Cornerstone page builder? We are compatible with it and we are compatible with the X theme as well. I’ll check with our compatibility team if we are also compatible with the Pro version and if there are any known issues.

      Best would be to open a ticket in our support forum where our supporters could investigate your issue. You need to have an active WPML account to do so. You don’t need a key for WPML plugins to work but you would need one to be able to update WPML plugins to the recent versions and use our support forum.

      • Hi Agnes. Thanks for getting back to me.
        Yes we are talking about the Cornerstone page builder, although in the XPro theme is called Pro page builder https://theme.co/pro/. And I’m not sure they’re built same way.
        Please when you hear back about compatibility I’d be happy to know. Cause all my themes are currently Pro. And I want to be 100% sure before purchasing WPML.

    • Hello,
      Adding and editing translations manually it’s WPML’s default functionality.

      If you are interested in machine translations, you can use our ATE editor and then, yes, you can also edit those machine translations manually.

  4. Hello,

    I’m looking to set up a E-Commerce site for a client (using WooCommerce) who offers products in both the UK and USA. Both the UK and USA sides of the company have different Stripe accounts.

    Would Multilingual E-Commerce solution offer this as an option. Would this be the solution – https://wpml.org/documentation/related-projects/woocommerce-multilingual/multi-currency-support-woocommerce/#payment-gateways-settings? Am I able to add in different Stripe publishable & Secret keys depending on the store the customer is buying from?

    Many thanks

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